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What’s Easter without a new Easter dress?!  Of course, I kid, although even as a little girl, I remember  going shopping for a new dress to wear to church on Easter Sunday.  And then of course we had to get a new pair of fancy flat sandals to go with it.  It was a special event since we didn’t go shopping often or usually dress up for church.  Now, as an adult, I still like to wear a special dress on Easter and I’m seeing the cutest bright, floral dresses which are a departure from the typical white dress I wore as a girl.  What do you think of these colorful dresses?  

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Hope you have a great day friends! 

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  1. Gorgeous dress! It's a very flattering cut, and a great length. I find so many cute dresses are just way too short (and I'm not tall so I can't imagine how short they would be on someone with a bit more height!)

    Sweet Spontaneity

  2. I love spring and spring dresses! I woke up this morning to a really cloudy and rainy day. Super grey. And I log on to read this beautiful and colourful post to get me inspired to go SHOPPING! excellent. My favourite dress is the one you are wearing, it looks so similar to one I wanted to buy for myself last summer… but I was still a few months postpartum and didn't. There's always this year!


  3. Loved several of these dresses, so wish you had the links connected. I am really digging the floral prints this year. Thanks for posting.

    1. Kim, the links are connected under the graphic in the <> scroll area. All the ones I clicked on were from Nordstrom's website, so if you can't find the link spot, that's where I would start! 🙂

      Visiting from LorimerLiving.Com
      XO, Jaclyn

  4. We have always dressed up for church. And I totally grew up with a new outfit for Easter too and Christmas Sunday. And now, as a mama of four, I have always kept it up with my children. It represents the new life we now have and how we shake off that old man of the flesh and put on new garments of salvation because of the resurrection! Fun and meaningful tradition for my family!

    You look so good. I LOOOOVE the colors!

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