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Hi friend!  I hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready for a fresh, new week!  Today, I’m sharing the things I do on Sunday to help my Monday, and week, run smoother.



I always start by planning my week.  I look at kids appointments, sports, etc. and write those in, then plan for my workouts.  I’ll go through my email to see if there’s anything I need to follow up on, and make a note of it in my planner.  I usually do a big brain dump in two columns, “home” and “work”.  Anything personal, home or family related goes in the Home category and anything for my blog and social media goes into the Work category.  From there, I can pick out the high priority items and plan my week around them.  And it always feels great to cross things of a list!

TopShortsSimilar Desk


While I’m at my computer clearing out email, I’ll take a look at my finances.  I have personal and business accounts and I make sure everything looks correct and I take a few minutes to categorize my business expenses for future tax filing.  It makes things so much easier each quarter. Lately, I’ve had to make sure that all my accounts had my up to date billing address since I recently moved.


I’m usually so busy during the week with the kids, work stuff and workouts that I try to get any errands run on afternoon Friday or Sunday late morning.  Things like picking up alterations, returning items, fueling up the car.

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I always fill all the way up so I don’t have to stop as often.  Then, while I’m at Walmart, I can quickly run inside if there’s something I need right away.  Recently, Jordan had some “money” ie. a bag full of coins and she wanted to shop at Walmart.  This is what she ended up getting.  And yes, you can pay with only coins at the self checkout station. 😉


I think her new short hair suits her so well and most importantly, she LOVES it!  She’s gotten tons of compliments on it and many from y’all!  Thank you!


I usually start laundry on Saturday mornings, but if there’s anything else that needs to be folded and put away, I like to make sure it’s in the right place by Sunday evening.

Wanna know my secret for doing less laundry?  I examine all the kids clothes and if they’re still clean (lots usually are!) I fold them and put them right back in the drawer (James puts his own laundry away).

At least in my house, kids tend to wear things for a short period of time and then instead of putting them away, they end up in the laundry room, still relatively clean and not worth washing.  My kindergarten daughter is notorious for changing outfits several times in one day.

And I hardly ever wash my jeans.  Our biggest laundry items are towels (once a week), kids school/sports uniforms, and my workout clothes.

You get bonus points if you lay your outfits out ahead of time too.  I just started laying out my workout outfits for the week and that helps too.

Meal Prep

If you’ve been here awhile, you know I rely heavily on meal prep as both a time saver and to help me eating healthy.  When you decide ahead of time what you’ll be eating for the week, it lessons the chances that you’ll end up binging on something you feel bad about later.  I always prep meals I enjoy eating and having them ready to go is such a time saver.  Especially on busy weeknights.

Glass Meal Prep Containers

If you’re new to meal prepping, don’t overthink it!  The easiest thing to do is think: protein, carb, veggie.  Each of those you can easily prep in advance and portion out into meals.

Lately, I’ve been buying all kinds of colorful veggies and then stir frying them, adding a teriyaki/sesame dressing for an Asian flair.

Meal prep is also a great way to make sure you use up all the food in your fridge before it goes bad.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally bought groceries I didn’t need because I didn’t have a plan. Now, my fridge is nearly empty before I reorder groceries.


My house gets messy just like anyone else’s, but I do tend to keep it pretty tidy with 15 minute evening cleans and I ALWAYS make my bed in the morning and shine my sink before I go to bed.

On Sunday, I make sure the stair bin (the one that holds all the things that need to go upstairs) is emptied into the correct rooms, the living room is picked up, my office desk is neat and the floors are vacuumed.

Another “trick” to keeping things tidy is to own less.  I’ve decluttered my heart out over the last few years and it’s made it really easy to clean up when things get messy.  Also, everything has a specific place where it belongs.

I still love decor and enjoy things that are useful or just pretty, but I try to limit the excess.


Self care

This isn’t just for Sundays, but I consider self care the selfish act of going to bed early and getting a good night’s sleep.  I know I function best on a good 8 hours of sleep and since I like to be up around 5:30 a.m., I’m in bed by about 9:00 p.m. most nights.  I usually read or listen to a podcast before I fall asleep and I consider that “me time.”

Sunday is the day I like to do a deeper facial cleanse though, typically with a clay detox mask.  Your face feels SO GOOD after one of those!


I may not get all of these things done every Sunday, but my Monday sure goes smoother when I do!  If you don’t have the Walmart+ membership yet, you start a free trial here and see if you like it.  I’ve always enjoyed the free grocery delivery ($35 order min. Restrictions apply.)  and the new fuel savings is even more reason to join!

I’d love to hear what you do to prep for a new week.  Share in the comments!


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Now let’s go kick Monday’s booty!


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  1. I love these kinds of posts. You are a very organized lady and I love all the tips. An inspiration for sure.
    Fav. blog by far! Have a super week.

  2. It’s always fun to get a peek into the lives of others and see how they do things. We’ve had some big projects going on but I’m itching to do a big clean out of my house. If I can get through May, it’ll happen. Right now I couldn’t survive without my brain dump and planning sessions.

  3. Do you have a post about your planner? If not, I’d love to learn more about the brand you chose and share the pages you’ve created that help you the most.

  4. Great Job!!
    “She remembered who she was and the game changed!!”
    Keep up the good work! Running is so invigorating

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