Fall Bucket List

Hi friend! I’m so excited for the changing seasons! The first day of Fall officially begins this Saturday and I’m here for it! I love enjoying each season as it comes, but there’s something so special about Autumn.

It’s the weather (finally!) cooling off after a brutally hot summer, the beautiful changing leaves, the opportunity to switch out shorts and flip flops for sweaters and boots, getting cozy with a good book and a warm drink, and all the Fall comfort foods.

Fall Bucket List

I’ve been ‘burned’ one too many times by my overly ambitious bucket lists of years’ past that I haven’t done one in forever.

I used to have all these big ideas about how we’d spend our summer and all the things we’d do at Christmas, but the truth is, there just wasn’t the time or energy to do them.

At the end of summer or Christmas, I would tend to feel like a failure when I realized not half of what I wanted to do got done, so I let the ‘bucket list’ ideas go in favor or just one or two things to do each season.

So, why the Fall Bucket list today? Because I want to embrace the season with open arms.

This list isn’t a checklist for all the things I have to get done just so I can check them off.

It’s not a quest to do all.the.things.

It’s a chance to be imaginative and playful and think about the things that matter and how I want to spend my time.

Endless scrolling can be replaced with reading a Fall book or watching a Fall movie. Bonus if you’re cuddled up in a soft, cozy blanket with the doors open.

The list is my reminder to savor the current season. I’ll use this list as inspiration to remind myself what is important.

I hope to slow down and truly enjoy the ambiance of an autumn scented candle. I’ll savor the chili and cornbread and let the scent of a simmer pot fill the house.

We just made a date with my family to go to a Fall festival (it’s become an annual tradition for the last 5 years).

Let’s find our favorite things to wear and wear them on repeat. We can paint our nails a Fall color.

These are some of the simple joys in life that are brought forth in the way we live and how we spend our time.

One of my favorite seasonal things to do is to build a puzzle. We’ve been doing this since the Summer, and I love picking out a new puzzle that speaks to the current season. Here’s the one we’re currently working on.

Many of the things on this list are things you can do with the kids in your life.

My teen isn’t as into most of them as my 7 year-old is. He’ll be all about the football games, but could care less about decor and food or crafts.

But, now that I have firsthand experience that they won’t always want to do these things with me, it makes me want to do them even more while they still want to!

My daughter will LOVE most of these things and more importantly, she’ll love doing them with me while she has my undivided attention.

Here are the things on my Fall Bucket List and if you want to print it for your own inspiration, click here.

How do you like to celebrate the Fall season? Do you have a favorite book or movie? I’d love to hear in the comments. Of course, Gilmore Girls will be playing on repeat here;)

Click here for a PRINTABLE VERSION of the Fall Bucket List that you can use for your own personal use!

*In my last dressing room haul, Bloomingdale’s links were opening to an app, instead of going straight to the item linked. The issue is now fixed, so you can check it out here!

Have a fantastic day friend!

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  1. All great suggestions! This really helped boost my mood. My end-of-summer sadness kicked in while I wait for my fave season of Christmas. But this is a good reminder to find enjoyment in the quiet times too.

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