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Hi friend! I almost cried while I was reading all of your comments on my I Quit Sugar post.  You get me and I get you!!  I’ve always known that we are connected and drawn to each other in so many ways, but this sugar issue isn’t something I’ve really ever opened up about before.

I appreciate you holding a safe space for me to share.  Love you so big!

Today’s post is way more in my comfort zone – I’m sharing some of my fitness faves!  Since I was in my early 20’s I’ve exercised regularly. Back then, it was mostly because I wanted to look hot in a bikini.

I still want to look good and feel confident in my own skin, but exercise is more survival for me now.  It’s how I blow off steam, feel strong and it helps my sleep stay on track.

When school is in session, it’s easy for me to keep a gym routine because I usually go right after I drop the kids off at school.

When summer hits, my fitness tends to wane because there is less structure to our day.  I’m hoping to keep up with consistent exercise this summer because I know it will be good for me, and therefore, good for my family.


Fitness Favorites


1 • My daughter and I have started going on evening bike rides and we enjoy it so much!  I was so impressed the first time we went 3 miles.  She did so good!  I lead the way and constantly check in on her, and it’s a great way to get outside instead of lounging on the couch all evening.

I saw this beautiful cruiser bike at Walmart and had to have it! I love the color, but also the handy basket, cup holder! and phone holder.  I’m also glad it has a kickstand, my old bike didn’t have one.   The seat is really comfortable too.

Walmart cruiser bike blue

2 • I’d never seen a bike helmet like this, one with a little brim- so cute and helpful for shielding a little bit of the sun from my face.

3 • Where were these cooling towels when I was training for a half marathon in the Houston heat and humidity?  You soak the towels in cold water and they stay chilly for three hours.  Perfect for taking to the pool, beach, golfing or sporting events.  They come with individual pouches and a ring clip.

4 • These low socks have been my go-to lately and they are very cushiony with a little lip at the ankle to protect against rubbing.  Lots of colors to choose from and you get a pack of 5 for under $19!

5 • A big YES to the apple watch.  I like using the fitness app to track my workouts, tell me how many steps I’ve walked, and it’s also a little boost when you get those fitness awards and words of encouragment.  I have to thank my girlfriends for gifting me an apple watch for my birthday two years ago.

6 • This fitness belt is what I use when going on walks or doing longer runs.  It’s super comfortable to wear around your waist and you can adjust the size.  It comes with two small water bottles and pockets for them, plus a larger front zip pocket that can hold your phone, keys, credit card and money.

I usually freeze water in the bottom 1/4 of the water bottles, then fill the rest with water.  That keeps my water cold while I’m running.

7 • I’m so happy I found this tank sports bra from Amazon.  It’s a perfect shape and comes with removable soft padded cups.  I have it in several colors and wear size Small.

8GET THESE LEGGINGS!! They are my preferred leggings when I want to wear leggings, but it’s getting hot out.  They are a thinner material, but still squat proof.  They feel nearly identical to Lululemon, but at a fraction of the cost!  They have a lovely high waist and feel buttery soft on!  You’ll love them, promise! I wear size XS.

9 • If I want a loose fitting tank for workouts, this is the one I’ve been reaching for. It feels great on with lots of stretch, and also has a high neck.  It looks great with the leggings above.

10 • I’m so picky about the sneakers I run and workout in, and this pair by Nike have been tested and passed with flying colors.  They’re aptly named the Flyknit, a Nike running shoe I’ve been wearing since Jordan was born.  I have the “black/metallic silver/white” but there’s lots of fun colors- the ‘colbalt’ are sharp! They fit TTS.

11 • You’ve probably heard me raving about this timed water bottle in the past.  Yes, those little timer marks do actually help you to get your water intake in throughout the day.  It’s like a little challenge that you can feel good about winning each day.

12 • I’ve had this compact, foldable treadmill since 202o and it’s the perfect size for a small space.  Or just if you want to be able to slide it under a bed to tuck away when not in use.  It goes up to 5 mph, but doesn’t incline.  I like that it has a holder for your phone or ipad so you can watch videos while walking/jogging.  I set mine up in the dining room and even getting on for 20 minutes helps me get more steps in.

13 • I don’t usually do yoga, but if I’m working out at home, I like to use a yoga mat.  I use it for ab work, pushups or just under my feet while I’m lifting weights. This one has a comfortable 1/2 inch thickness with a elastic straps to keep it rolled up and a carrying handle for easy transport.

14 • We must keep our strength up as we get older.  Do not fear lifting weights.  And if you’re ever wondering, “should I do cardio or weights?” I always opt for the weights.  It’s what I feel like shapes my body the most.  It keeps us strong and helps prevent falls and accidents.

These are the set of weights that my gym has and you get 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 pounds in this set.  I use from 10-25 lb, even 30 lb weights if I’m doing a lat dumbell row.  I’ve built up to heavier weights over the years, but don’t be afraid to start small.

And if you keep a set of weights at home, you don’t have to leave your house to exercise!  You can YouTube an exercise video for 20 minutes and call it good!

I also have a digital fitness book you can download and it has a full week of workouts for every body part!

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Have a fantastic day friend!

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  1. I purchased those ankle socks at your recommendation, and I absolutely love them. Even went back for a second set.

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