Wardrobe Wednesday | Workout Wear Beyond the Gym

I used to be a purest when it came to workout clothes: they are for the gym or during workouts only.    Kinda like some people have strong opinions about no tv in the bedroom.  I’m okay with that actually, even though we can’t see the tv in our sitting room from our bed.  My favorite reason for having a tv in that room is because I watch it while folding all. the. laundry.  But, I digress.

Lots of my friends run around in yoga pants or workout clothes, but I just felt like I wanted to be in “real clothes” outside the gym.  Now that I’ve invested in some better quality workout wear and have seen the styles that go “beyond the gym”, I’m rethinking my former position.

I think it started with my Zella Move pants (they have capri too).  They are those pants you can workout in, but also find yourself reaching for on the weekend because they are so dang comfy and easy to run errands or lounge around the house in.  Also, I find myself sometimes going straight from the gym to the grocery store or wherever else I need to be, so I want to have some gym clothes that do double duty.  So, whether you’re actually working out and then running errands or just want to be cute and comfy sans workout, lots of athletic brands give you that option.

For example, this outfit I put together includes a Zella athletic top, but it could easily work for the weekend, right?

top | jeans | bag | booties | watch | bracelets | earrings sunglasses 

Here’s the same top in aqua so you can see it larger- it also comes in pink and white.
Zella Dolman Tee (also pink, grey, white)
Love the v-neck on this one. 
Zella Salutation Long Sleeve Tee (also in mint and silver) 
This grey top is cute with the slit-back detail.  Showing a little skin, but not too much.
This cowl neck top looks so cozy. And I actually love the whole look, topknot and all. 
All Shirred Up Pullover (also in grey & black)
I could see myself working out with a sports bra and tank and then having one of these t-shirts in my gym bag to replace the sweaty tank after a workout.  

I admit I’m a little unsure about this top, but so many reviewers raved about it that I felt it was worth including.  I’m not sure it would work on me since I’m so short, but what do you think of for you?  Yay or not so much? 
And for bottoms, how about these cozy things? 
Now I am convinced I need a good pair of “yoga” pants, even though I don’t do yoga. 
Zella Balance Pants (also in navy)
Under Armour makes this style too and they come in regular, short or tall. 
Here’s an alternative to the Zella Move Pants. 

What do you think: yoga and gym clothes beyond the gym or no way?
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  1. I used to feel just like you- keep gym clothes at the gym. When I began staying home with my kids, however, I changed my tune. Workout clothes are so comfy and often perfect for running around doing "mom" stuff- carpool, errands, soccer games, etc. I do think it helps to have a stash of cute workout clothes for these occasions, and I am in love with Zella right now. I actually just posted about my favorite running gear today, and the Zella Live In Leggings made the list. They're so great that I often wear them all day 🙂

  2. I have the Zella booty pants and love them! Also, I love the live in leggings from zella! Clearly I need one of their dolman tops for throwing on over a tank though after leaving the gym 🙂

  3. Love the styling on the first outfit! I just bought a sweater from Nordstrom yesterday in the same color. As for gym clothes and even shoes, the line is definitely blurring between the gym and outside of the gym. That being said, I guess I don't like the idea of people not showering and walking around in their gym clothes, kind of gross, lol. The only other thing I don't like is when women wear gym clothes/leggings/bottoms that reveal too much meaning you can see the entire outline of the hips, legs and privates with their workout clothes "outside the gym". I don't mind leggings as long as there is a longer tunic. I wear yoga pants at home since I am pretty physical lifting my son and while I have worn them outside of my house (never wore them in a gym, lol), I prefer to wear something else when running errands. Most of the time I just wear a straight leg denim jegging in different neutrals. In terms of the bottoms above, I like the look of the wider bottoms that you showed above. The cuffed ones look like boys pajamas and the leggings look a little too revealing.

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