How to Stay Healthy & Sane at Home

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Hello friends and happy Friday! How was your week?  It was a long one here.  But, I have some good news to report!

I’m so thrilled and thankful to share that we raised $2,395 to provide meals to healthcare workers and staff.  While most of us remain in the comfort and safety of our homes, our frontline heroes are working hard and risking their own lives caring for patients.  We wanted to bless them and show our appreciation with hot, delicious meals so they had one less thing to think about while selflessly doing their jobs.

Y’all were quick to respond with your loving donations and we were able to provide 185 meals so far!  The food was prepared and individually packaged by Teo’s Mexican Cafe and delivered to Houston Methodist Hospital on Monday and Tuesday this week.  We fed 2 ICU departments and 1 ER department.

I have to thank Abbey at ScrubGrub for helping coordinate this meal delivery!  Abbey was instrumental in the logistics.  And Zulma at Teo’s made sure the deliveries went off without a hitch!

With the remaining funds, we will be coordinating another delivery soon! #frontlineheroshouston Go HERE to give or learn more!



I’ve learned over the years that a few basic things I do daily help me be healthier and feel more at peace throughout the day.  These essentials are: 1) wake up before the kids for some quiet, alone time; 2) exercise & eat healthy; and 3) get enough sleep.  I’m definitely not perfect in any of these areas and I do believe in being flexible, but for the most part, when I do these things, I feel SO much better.

Long Sleeved Lounge Top, Joggers

JoggersCozy Top


I’ve mentioned this several times in the past, but if there’s one thing that I look forward to everyday, it’s my quiet, alone time.

During this stay-at-home order, we are together 24/7.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and being with them, but we all need some space where no one is pulling at us or needing something. My 10 year-old son is pretty independent and enjoys his own privacy sometimes, but Jordan would be most content to be playing with me nonstop the whole day.

Waking up at least 30 minutes before them gives me that breathing room that helps me be a better mom.

Pink Long Sleeved Lounge Top, Grey Joggers

Long Sleeve TopJoggers

I’ll come downstairs, make my coffee and then sit on the couch with my journal and pour my thoughts, worries, anxieties, gratitude all out on the pages.  I try to write for at least one page or just 10 minutes.  It’s amazing to look back at where you were at certain points in your life and how your feelings and emotions change over time.

Pink Long Sleeved Lounge Top, Grey Joggers, Pink Mug

I’m one of those people that looks forward to my morning coffee as I’m falling asleep the night before. Do you do that?

I love to be in my cozies, cuddled up on the couch in the safety and comfort of my home.  These joggers are a soft, French terry fabric with banded cuffs, a drawstring waist and pockets.  They are perfect for lounging or taking a walk in.

I got a size XS and they were a bit loose, so I’d recommend sizing down if you’re between sizes.

The top is super cozy too.  Both the top and bottoms are listed as pajamas on the JCPenney website, but I’d feel comfortable taking them out of the house when we can head out.  The top would even look great with leggings or jeans.  I’m partial to the soft pink, but it comes in other colors.

Like the joggers, the top runs large.  I’m wearing an XS.

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I admit, it’s harder to get that exercise in when we are stuck at home. It’s not that it’s physically harder to exercise, it’s just that we tend to feel lazier without gyms to go or workout partners or just the general routine of the day.

I’ve also found it hard to get motivated to get moving and I love exercising!  Well, I don’t necessarily love it while I’m doing it, but I love it AFTER and how it makes me feel!

Even with the fitness guide I co-wrote, I still prefer to take it to the gym and exercise there.  But, you gotta make do.  I’ve just been grabbing my yoga mat and weights and taking the workouts outdoors.

Adidas Tank, Adidas Workout Pants, Yoga mat, Adidas Sneakers

Adidas Tank •  Adidas Leggings • Adidas Sneakers

If I tell myself, I’m just gonna do 20 minutes, I can usually muster up the gumption to get it done.  Add in music and it makes it even better.  Often, I’ll end up going longer than the 20 minutes because I’m in the groove.

Adidas Tank, Adidas Workout Pants, Yoga mat, Adidas Sneakers

Adidas is one of my go to brands for athletic wear and sneakers, and JCPenney has a great selection at really good prices.  I picked up this classic tank and love the cut and skinny racerback style.

Tank Fit : runs large, I’m wearing XS and it’s long on me, can easily be knotted

I like the leggings too with the three stripe detail.  They have a comfortable banded elastic waist and aren’t constricting at all. They’re mostly made of cotton (92%) so they feel like a soft knit.  Order your true size, I’m in XS.

Adidas Sneakers, Yoga Mat, Dumbells, Get Fit Done Guide

I’m all about these new Adidas Sneakers.  I liked them so much that I have one pair I wear strictly for indoor workouts so I don’t bring any dirt and germs in from outside and one pair for outdoors.

They have a breathable seamless upper construction and ultrasoft cloudfoam cushioning. I’m picky about my sneakers, and this pair I highly recommend for the quality and price! Bonus points because they’re cute!

Sneakers Fit : I sized down half in these sneakers.  Adidas tend to run big.

Adidas Tank, Adidas Workout Pants, Yoga mat, Adidas Sneakers

Also, you might remember that Cari & I donated all proceeds from sales of the Get Fit Done Guide starting in March.  To date, we have donated $900 to the Houston Food Bank.

Adidas Tank, Adidas Workout Pants, Yoga mat, Adidas Sneakers


Honestly, my eating was all over the place when this all started.  I just got thrown completely off my game.  It happens to the best of us, but I started feeling yucky and also noticed my skin started breaking out.  I’m sure the combo of too much chocolate, salty snacks and not drinking enough water contributed to that.

Now, I’ve cleaned things up and work to incorporate a good bit of greens into my day and have gotten back into my water habit.  I’m also using my Nutribullet more to make smoothies.  I’ve had my Nutribullet for months and love it so much!

It’s nice and compact and so easy to use and clean.  It makes amazing smoothies in a jiffy and James loves making vanilla frappuccinos in it!

My go to Green Protein Smoothie recipe is below:


1 cup packed spinach

5 strawberries

1/2 banana

1 scoop protein powder

1 scoop green superfood

1/3 cup almond milk

Silk Almond Milk, Green Superfood Powder, Vega Protein Powder

Silk Almond Milk, Nutribullet, Vega Protein Powder, Superfood Powder


Adidas Workout top, Nutribullet

Silk Almond Milk, Vega Protein Powder

You can get protein powder and the green superfood at most grocery stores. I like adding protein because that is the building blocks of our muscles and I want to stay strong!

The green superfood combines alkalizing farm fresh greens (organic: wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa grass, spinach, spirulina, chlorella, and broccoli)  and wholesome fruits and veggies with antioxidant, nutrient-rich superfood.  It’s also said to aid in digestion and help support immunity.

You could mix just the powder with water or juice, but I enjoy adding whole fruit and spinach to mine.  I also feel like it fills me up more.

Adidas Workout Top, Nutribullet

You start by adding your ingredients to the plastic cup.  Then, you twist the lid on, turn it upside down and place it on top of the Nutribullet.

Next, turn it upside down and push down to blend.  It’s really powerful and blends into velvety liquid in about 30 seconds.

Nutribullet, Adidas Workout top

Adidas Workout top

Adidas Workout top

Adidas Workout Tank

I feel good knowing I’m getting a good bit of healthy veggies and fruits and protein in one little drink.

Adidas Tank, Adidas Workout Pants, Yoga mat, Adidas Sneakers



If I want to wake up before my kids, I have to get to bed relatively early.  I definitely prefer eight hours of sleep, but I don’t always get it.  I’m usually good on 7, but six or less makes me so cranky!

I’m already limiting my news intake to twice a day and opt for a book before bed.  It’s my favorite time to read and lately I’ve been obsessed with this book, Younger Next Year for Women.

Pajama Top, Pajama Bottoms, Humidifier

PJ Top • PJ BottomsHumidifier

Younger Next Year book, Pajama Bottoms

I’ve highlighted the heck out of it and now I want to go back and reread some of the important parts.

Younger Next Year Book

You might have noticed my humidifier in my mirror pics and in this post.

Last winter, I bought two humidifiers for our house after getting a bad sinus infection too many times.  I’d read that having a humidifier can help with that because it keeps a dry climate from irritating your nostrils.

And now I’m even happier to have it because it can also help control viruses and bacteria because it’s more difficult for viruses and bacteria to move around and multiply in humid air.


Other benefits of a humidifier include protecting your skin from accelerated aging because it helps keep it from drying out, helps your houseplants by keeping moisture in the leaves, and improves sleep, and may help reduce snoring.

In the winter, I kept one humidifier on the table next to the couch, and the second on my nightstand for during sleep.  Now, I just have the nightstand one is use.

Younger Next Year Book, Grey Pajamas, Humidifier

PJ Top • PJ Bottoms

I got these soft, loungy pajamas at JCPenney also and they are lovely.  I like the relaxed feel and how they drape like a your favorite old worn college tee, but still look nice and neat.  I’m wearing XS and they run big.

Grey Pajamas, Younger Next Year Book

With more time to read, what books are you loving lately?  I have a slew of a few others on my nightstand to start next!  And, I recently watched Tiger King.  I thought the whole thing was so tragic and sad.  Have you seen it yet?  Thoughts?

Although the JCPenney retail stores are currently closed, you can still shop online with FREE shipping on orders over $49.  And,  there is no time limit on returns, you can return items whenever it is convenient for you when the stores reopen. Or, you can return items by mail.

And remember, until April 12, you’ll save an extra 25% on orders over $75, and save an extra 20% on orders under $75.  Use code: BASKET8

you can click the photos below to shop

Have a fantastic day friends!


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