NYC Trip Recap via the Camera Roll

Hi friend!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I took advantage of it and relaxed as much as possible since last week was so jam packed.  Jordan’s first soccer game was Saturday and of course it was the cutest.  All those little babes running after the ball in a heap is so innocently sweet.

We also celebrated Brian’s daughter’s 12th birthday at his parents house and that was fun too.  They have a little lake off the back of their house, and it’s wonderful to just sit outside and enjoy each other’s company.  Our weather has been glorious and it puts us in the best mood.


You may remember I went to New York about a week ago.  My boyfriend, Brian had business there early in the week and it was his birthday on that Friday, so I flew in and met him.  The last time I was in NY was for an Amazon event and before that for a BHG event, but there haven’t been any blog conferences for me to attend the last couple of years.

It was great to explore the city with Brian and get to celebrate his birthday at one of his favorite restaurants.  I really enjoy traveling with him.  He’s great to be with we like the same kinds of things.

I took pics with my iPhone and lots with my little digital camera.  I love this camera because, even on the auto setting, it takes fantastic pictures.  The pics are even better than the iPhone, and then you can send them to your phone over wifi.  It also takes videos and has a flip screen, perfect if you like taking videos too.

*At the bottom of the post, I linked where we stayed, all the restaurants we ate at, plus, my travel essentials and helpful tips so you could have them in one spot.


I got into town on Thursday afternoon and we had just about an hour to walk around Soho before it was time to meet Brian’s coworker and client for dinner.

TopLeggingsSneakersCrossbody Bag

I wore leggings and a tunic top on the plane and kept the same thing on for walking around.  Best to be comfy when traveling!

We stayed at The Dominic hotel in Soho and it was really nice.  I was surprised how roomy it was since lots of New York hotel rooms are tiny.  This room had a desk area, large bathroom and a little cafe area with a big ‘foyer’.

Of course I packed with my travel cubes, they make everything fit so compact inside your suitcase and they keep you organized.

We were on the 23rd floor and had a nice view of the city.  From the bedroom window, we could see the Freedom Tower.

View from The Dominic Soho NYC

That bathroom was perfectly big enough for two people to get ready in.  I brought my new makeup case and toiletry bag and I liked how chic they look together, plus how functional they are.  I’d definitely recommend them if you travel often.

Makeup Case

Makeup Case

Toiletry Bag


After a quick refresh, we were off to dinner.  We started out walking, but then realized the restaurant was actually further than we thought!

In my packing post, you helped me decide on this outfit for dinner.  I felt really comfortable and classy in it.



The next morning, we slept in a bit and took our time getting out the door.  We didn’t really have a plan, just decided to start walking and see what was around.


We quickly ended up in Little Italy and popped into Ruby’s Cafe for brunch.  It’s a super small restaurant in Soho (but they have other locations) and we got there right before a big line formed outside.

Ruby's Cafe NYC

Ruby's Cafe NYC

I ordered a BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato) and it was extra good!  One of the best I’ve ever had, in fact.

Little Italy NYC

Little Italy happened to be having a festival where vendors lined the street and you could taste different bites of food.  I didn’t get one because I was full from brunch, but the funnel cakes looked so good!

Bloomingdale's NYC

We popped inside Bloomingdale’s since we don’t have one in Houston and I bought these lipsticks.

Brian had never been to Eataly, and I think it’s a fun place to stop.  It’s a huge marketplace with different restaurants and counters you can sit and eat at.  It was nice to take a load off after walking for miles and grab a coffee and dessert.

The tiramisu in the little cup on the right was our fave!

Leggings • SneakersCrossbody

At Zara, I bought the tee I’m wearing because I started to get hot in my tunic.  The weather was mild, but lots of walking got me sweating.  Then, later on, I was chilly.  Go figure!

Standing in front of the One World Trade Center/Freedom Tower is incredibly moving and sobering.

Seeing and feeling the names of those who lost their lives on 9/11 makes my heart ache.  We took our time here, just taking in the magnitude of it all.

It was kind of fitting that our next stop was at St. Patrick’s cathedral.  We went inside, gave a donation and just took in the beauty.  It’s really stunning up close and inside.


We also went inside Grand Central Station and that is a hub of busy activity.  But it’s also beautify inside, especially the architecture and ceiling.

Radio City Music Hall was also nearby and we tried to go to the Top of the Rock (Brian had never been), but it was closed for a private event.


Rockefeller Center is always a sight to see, even though it was under construction while we were here.

We were getting kinda pooped by this point, it was early evening, so we stopped in Oceana and sat at the bar and had some wine and appetizers.

By the time we got back to our hotel before dinner, we had walked over 7 miles and 16,000 steps!


It was time to treat the birthday boy for dinner and he chose one of his favorite restaurants, Balthazar.  It really was so good and we got the hostess to snap our picture before heading being seated.


We at the most delicious ceviche and I ordered steak frites for dinner and Brian had the halibut.  We also got a creme brulee for dessert.

After dinner, we went to Minetta Tavern and had a drink at the bar.  One of my all-time favorite shows is Mad Men, and Minetta Tavern is where Peggy’s boyfriend didn’t propose, but asked to move in together.


We knew we wanted to go explore Central park on Saturday, so we took a subway from Soho and walked from there.

Using the subway app made traveling via subway a no brainer.  It’s only $3 a ride or $9 for a day pass.  The app is so user friendly- you just type in where you want to go, and then you can choose quickest route or fewest stops and it tells you what subway to get on.  There’s also a map and it shows you what stops are on your route.

I’ve been to NY several times, but still saw new parts of the park that I’ve never seen before.  I always love to see everyone out and about and the weather was lovely, so it was really enjoyable.

We ate a delicious brunch at Sarabeth’s.  I had the farro breakfast bowl with greens and poached eggs and it was so good!  I actually ordered farro with my groceries when I got back home because I want to try to recreate this dish!

Then, we walked around and explored.  We went inside The Plaza where downstairs they sell the famous black and white cookie and you can visit Eloise’s – but sadly, downstairs was closed. 🙁

It was interesting to see these outdoor dining huts pop up all over the city.  Many were decorated quite nicely.  They offer outdoor seating and you don’t need proof of vaccination to dine there.

I love visiting bookstores, and while we were strolling on our way to Levain Bakery, we passed by Shakespeare’s and headed inside.  It’s a very quaint, old school style bookstore and I bought a book while we were there.

The walk to Levain Bakery was 100% worth it!  Those cookies made me drool they were so good!


Saturday night we met Brian’s friend and fiancee at Avra, a super chic restaurant that is absolutely stunning inside!  I didn’t get a pic, but wore this outfit and felt great in it.

Faux Leather Pants (ended up sizing up 1) • BodysuitHeels

After dinner, we went to the Peninsula Rooftop and had a drink.  The view is amazing from up there and the vibe is nice and relaxed.


Last morning in the city and we enjoyed a leisurely walk from our hotel to Le Pain Quotidien for breakfast.  It was so cute and quaint inside and the service was really good.

It’s traditional French style and the coffee is even served in a bowl like they do in France.  I ordered another breakfast bowl and it was good, but the one at Sarabeth’s was even better.

We took an Uber to the airport, and ended up getting delayed so we hung out in the airport for awhile.  I made sure to order groceries so I’d have them on hand when I got home.

SuitcasePacking Cubes

And doing laundry isn’t my fave after a trip, but I put all my dirties in a packing cube, which makes unpacking easier.

It was a great trip, but I did come home exhausted.  It’s one of those fast trips where you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation! Am I right?!


Here’s a little recap, so you can have everything in one place:

Where We Stayed

Travel Essentials

Restaurants We Ate At

  • Il Mulino Prime – old school Italian and the waiters are like family
  • Ruby’s Cafe – vegan, healthy options and delicious
  • Eataly’s Pasty Counter – tiny, beautiful pastries and the tiramisu hit the spot
  • Oceana – near Times Square, great to pop into for a glass of wine and apps at the bar
  • Balthazar – our fave & where we celebrated Brian’s birthday
  • Minetta Tavern – Mad Men spot
  • Sarabeth’s – across from Central Park, delicious brunch
  • Levain Bakery – worth walking a million miles for their world famous cookies
  • Avra– stunning inside, ‘see and be seen’ vibe
  • Peninsula Rooftop Bar – very cool view of the city
  • Le Pain Quotidien – French style cafe with lovely service, they serve coffee in a bowl, tres chic!

Helpful Tips

  • Currently, restaurants are requiring proof of vaccination if you want to sit indoors, but most restaurants offer comfortable outdoor seating.  You can show a photo of your card, not the real paper copy.  Some restaurants required photo ID too.
  • The subway app makes traveling via subway foolproof and you can pay from your phone or credit card right at the turnstyle
  • For safety reasons, it’s not recommended to take the subway at night

Do you live in NYC or have been recently?  I’d love to hear your favorite spots and restaurants.  Y’all always have such good insider info!

Now let’s go kick Monday’s booty!

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  1. Thanks for the tip on the Subway app. I’ve always gone to NYC with my husband who knows the subway system and I am going with my sister in November. This looks easy enough for us to navigate!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a wonderful time. NYC never disappoints! I love Brooklyn Chop House and Nancy Lee’s. Add them to your list for dining. Awesome pics as always!! Glad you’re home safe and sound. HBD again to Brian!

  3. Looks like a wonderful trip- I really appreciate all of the information you included, even on what to expect with vaccination cards and dining- you really covered it all. You two are a stunning couple- glad you had a wonderful time! Thanks again

  4. Thanks for the tips and the subway app. Love going to NYC…but have not been there in a few years. Your trip looked like a wonderful time. We are heading to the Library Hotel for our anniversary in January. Each floor is a category of the Dewey Decimal System and each room is a Dewey number and decorated with books for that subject. Great restaurant, rooftop bar, and before covid – breakfast. Hoping for not too cold weather to enjoy the city in January!

  5. Sounds like a marvelous time! You should’ve went up in the Freedom Tower. It’s an experience to do the tour that you’ll never forget the rest of your life. At the end, it is VERY breathtaking and will make you cry. At least it did me. Go next time you’re in NYC. Get tix in advance.

  6. What a great trip! I feel like I’ve travelled vicariously through you ?
    Great photos! HBD to Brian! You look so happy. Thanks for explaining the vaccine passport in NYC. Hate the idea of it personally but it is what it is.

  7. I’m going to NYC next month for a girl’s trip; it’s my first time & I’m super excited! I went ahead & bought the leopard Adidas kicks… I’ve had my eye on them for a long time so I pulled the trigger since they seem to be both cute & comfy! I also got the luggage cubes so thank you for the suggestions! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

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