Our Family Trip to Waco | Magnolia Market

Hi guys! How was your weekend? Never enough weekend time before Monday rolls again around, right?! Well, might as well embrace it and the fact that we’re officially in April!  Hopefully, the April showers we’ve been getting will lead to lots of May flowers! 

Today, I’m excited to share our trip to Waco, Texas and Magnolia Market with you.  This was part of our Spring Break mini vacation and it did not disappoint!  I’ve been wanting to go forever, especially since Waco is only about a 3 hour drive from Houston.  After spending a few days in Galveston, we came home for a day, then packed up for an overnight trip to Waco.  
Below are the details of our trip, what we did and where we stayed, as well as good places to eat, and what to pack for your trip.  One thing to note if you’re making the visit to Magnolia Market, is that they’re closed Sundays.  I’d hate for you to go all the way there on a Sunday and be disappointed!

I enjoyed going with my family for sure, but am already scheming when I can go back with some girlfriends!  It would be such a fun girls’ trip!  This post is also in collaboration with my favorite fashion store, Nordstrom, so I’ll be pointing out what we wore with a special shout out to my hubby, who was a great sport and made the trip without complaint, even though I’m sure visiting Magnolia Market at the Silos wasn’t on his short list of places he wanted to visit!  James was game for the trip because he watches Fixer Upper with me, but was probably just as excited and looking forward to eating at Ihop in a new city!  #hisfavoriterestaurant

Magnolia Market was celebrating “Spring at the Silos” while we were there, which meant that for three days, over 100 artisans from across the country gathered at the Silos for a huge vendor fair featuring their unique goods.  There was no entry free and they were set up along tents as you made your way to the Silos.  

Magnolia Market at the Silos is open from 9am – 6pm, and we got a late start, so we didn’t arrive until about 3pm.  One of the things I was most nervous about were the potential crowds and whether or not it would be too packed to even enjoy.
I will say that I was pleasantly surprised and that, while there were a lot of people there, we didn’t feel overwhelmed.  And the crowds really thinned out about 4pm and three hours was a good amount of time to spend there, although I could’ve stayed longer!
Unfortunately, the line for the bakery was really long and we didn’t want to wait, so we didn’t get to go inside.   The outside was super cute and quaint though.  Did you catch that episode where they renovated the bakery?! They have a large outdoor patio where you can sit and enjoy your snacks in bistro chairs at a table under umbrellas that offer some shade. 

The silos are a sight to see in person and it’s wonderful to see how Chip & Jo and their team took something so unsightly and turned it into a lovely playground and place to hang out and enjoy.  They had music playing from the big speakers on stage and it looked like a wonderful place to have an outdoor concert.
James and I waited in line for Magnolia Market, but it moved really quickly and we got in within 10 minutes.

Magnolia Market is such a fun place to shop at.  Even if you don’t buy anything (of course I did pick up a few things), it’s inspiring to see how everything is displayed and styled.  I was trying to snap pics and shop and not lose James at the same time, but let me show you a peek inside: 

There is a big showroom divided into several sections and individual vignettes which is what you’re seeing in this first group of pictures.  

There’s a dedicated kitchen section with classic long subway tile and dark grout.

Lots of plants.

Several gorgeous tablescapes with an abundance of realistic looking (and to the touch) flowers.

Then, you go downstairs into a huge warehouse with more shopping and goods from some of the local businesses that have been featured on Fixer Upper (metal signs, woodwork, paint from Joanna’s paint line, etc.).  This place was really packed, but we still got to see everything.

We spent a good amount of time inside, but since we left my husband and daughter out on the lawn, I was kinda anxious to get back to them.  That’s one reason why this would be such a fun trip to take with the girls or other people who also wanted to shop.
Since I’m a huge fan of the show, Fixer Upper, sitting on the faux lawn felt a little surreal to me.  I loved just taking it in that we were really there. 
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They have balls and cute black and white striped lawn chairs to sit back and relax in.  Everything is done first class and it’s on the honor system to return the balls instead of taking them with you when you leave.  I didn’t know they’d have stuff to play with, so I brought a small football anticipating keeping the kids (and hubby) occupied while I shopped! 

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But everyone had fun being outside and throwing balls around.

Oh hi, little friend!

On the grounds are also an inspiring Garden that made me want to come home and plant everything.

photo via Magnolia Market

And on the way out, we stopped and visited with some of the vendors there for Spring at the Silos.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to visit them all.

I think everyone was feeling the love from this trip! I saw James leaning in to get a smooch from sissy! #sosweet

We tried to go to nearby Ninfa’s for dinner, but the line was out the door.  It looked like most people from Magnolia Market had the same idea, so we went to Twisted Root, a great burger joint with delicious shakes and cold beer.  Just what the doctor ordered after a long day!

Other good places to eat include:
Barnett’s Pub
Cheddar Box
Torchy’s Taco’s 
Jake’s Tea House
Alpha Omega
Common Grounds
Buzzard Billy’s
George’s Restaurant & Bar 
Papa Rollo’s Pizza
Rudy’s Country Store & BBQ
Let me know if you recommend somewhere else and I’ll add it to the list!

We stayed at the Hilton Waco and it was a perfectly nice, clean hotel with a friendly staff.  It’s also walking distance to Magnolia Market (and we walked with Jordan in the stroller). 
Other hotels I’ve heard are good are Hotel Indigo, TownPlace Suites by Mariott, Courtyard and the Residence Inn, but a quick google search will give you lots of options.

You definitely want to be comfortable and wear shoes that won’t kill your feet for lots of walking and exploring.  Waco weather is similar to Houston and can be really windy and rainy in Spring and super hot in the summer.  You definitely have to check the weather report before going because it can be chilly one day and then sweltering the next.

Lots of the same things I packed for the kids for Galveston worked well in Waco too and you can see our complete Family Packing Guide here.

When I travel I always bring my jean jacket, athletic shoes (on sale) and flip flops.  Waco is a super casual town, so you don’t need to get all fancy, but if you want to and that’s your personal style, go for it!  I found jeans and jean shorts to be perfectly appropriate. 

My husband is the lightest packer and will live in shorts, jeans, and a baseball tee and be a perfectly happy camper.  I have to admit I love a baseball tee on a man or woman, so that’s fine by me.  I know what he likes to wear, so I’ll just add things to my cart at Nordstrom when I’m shopping for me and the kids.  Super convenient for us both! 

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I can’t wait to show you the few things I picked up at Magnolia Market, but I’ll save that for another post so I can share a few more peeks around our house lately too! 😉 It was such a fun trip and I can’t wait to go back!

 Have a great week, friends! ?

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keep in touch! 

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  1. great post! I am itching to visit as well, but it is a long trip for us(from Long Island). Loved seeing all of the goodies inside the stores.Looking forward to the second part, can't wait to see what you bought!

  2. Megan, I'm so jealous…..I'm retired and would love to go and see what Chip and Jo have done to the silos. Thank you so much for sharing eateries, hotels etc. It will help when planning my trip there. Years ago I had the pleasure of living in a bedroom town of Houston. Loved it and look forward to going back (to Texas). Glad you all went and enjoyed your trip.

    1. I hope you get to make the trip someday. The town has a friendly feel to it and it seems a lot slower paced than our busy Houston. I want to go again!

  3. So fun! I'm going back to Waco in May for my sister in laws' graduation from Baylor, so can't wait to go to Magnolia again (went last year for my brothers' grad!) It looks like they added a new structure in the downstairs warehouse part of the shop. So cool! I'm hoping the line for the bakery isn't insane, because I really want to try their sweets 😉

    Also, we loved Twisted Root! Went there last time we were in town!

    1. I didn't realize that part was new! I definitely missed getting to go to the bakery- next time! Y'all will have so much fun! Thanks for stopping by Michaela!

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