Tuesday Goodies

Hi friends!  I hope your week is going really well!  I can hardly believe Brian and I leave for Mexico on Thursday.  It was a trip we gifted to each other for Christmas and we’re finally making it happen!


If you read yesterday’s Dressing Room post, you saw that hackers tried to gain access to my Instagram.

I responded to an email that allowed them access to my account before I realized the email address was suspicious.  I also acted quickly and was able to change my password.  A REAL email from Instagram is : security@mail.instagram.com

BUT, then I got locked out of my account and couldn’t receive the SMS text message that Instagram was sending me so that I could log back in.  This went on for four days!  And despite my attempts to reach out to Instagram, I never heard back from them.

My friend Lindsey had heard of this happening before and recommended that I download the Verizon Message+ app so I could receive SMS messages- then I FINALLY got the code that let me back in!!!  If you’re not following me on Instagram already, you can follow me here!

I’m so relieved and grateful for your support and encouragement!  What a stressful few days that was! Now I’ve been going in and making sure all my accounts are secure and changing passwords and also keeping them in a safe place.


You can also follow me on Facebook and Amazon.  Here’s the link to my Amazon shop.

My blog is ‘home base’ and where I keep you most up to date.  Subscribe here for all the latest updates!  If something goes wrong in the future, that’s how you’ll be sure to hear about it directly from me!

I appreciate y’all more than you know!


Tuesday Goodies is a series I created last year to share little things that make life a bit sweeter.  Hence the title! ? These are things I find useful in my day-to-day life, and you might too.  I usually share these “goodies” on Stories every Tuesday, but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to this week!

All of my previous Goodies are on my blog here, so you can reference them every week.   I’ve also saved them to a Story Highlight called “Goodies”.

Here are the Top 10 Goodies I’ve shared in the past and today, I have new Goodies to share with you!

Tuesday Goodies 3.29.21

Stretchy BraceletsCover UpBook DecorClocheTravel Case

Stretchy Bracelets • These color stretchy bracelets are back in action now that the weather is heating up.  You can stack them for day, or just wear a couple.  They’re super inexpensive and a fun pop of color!

Packing Essentials, Cut Off Shorts, Tank, Tee, Sandals, Bracelets

Amazon Tank • Abercrombie Tee • Shorts • Sandals • Stretch Bracelets

stretchy bracelets

Stretch BraceletsBeach Tote

Cover Up • This one’s on the list of things to pack for Mexico!  I like how easy it is to pull on over your head and the crochet detail is just enough!  You can see more Amazon swimsuits and coverups here.

Book Decor • Have y’all seen this before? There’s different versions with other sayings, but I like the Home Sweet Home message.  It makes a nice decoration for your bookshelf, lending a comfy modern farmhouse vibe.  They are actual, real books with blank pages you can write in.  So charming!

Cloche • There’s a funny story about this cloche.  I originally bought it a couple years ago, then gave it to my mom because she kept commenting how much she liked it.  Usually when I ‘declutter’ something, I never miss it.  But this little cutie . . . when I saw it again on Amazon, I really wanted it back!

It’s about 9 inches high (but also comes in large) and perfect for filling with all kinds of things throughout the seasons.  I’ve had it on my coffee table, in my kitchen, and now on my Spring dining table.

Spring Decor, Cloche

Travel Case • I just ordered this!  It’s a great size for organizing all your cosmetics and toiletries when you travel and it holds a ton! It’s got four compartments and a sturdy hook so you can hang it and easily access all of your things.  And over 1,000 people have given it 5 star ratings on Amazon!

I hope you enjoy these goodies, I have so much fun sharing them with you!

Have a fantastic day friends! 

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  1. Hi Megan – I’m pretty new to your blog and I’m loving what you share. I’m curious about the Mady Jean shorts you show above. Do you know if they are true to size? I’m not familiar with that brand and I’m not sure what size to order. It seems we are the same height/size so any guidance you can share before I order would be so helpful. Thank you –

  2. Megan. I’ve tried to get to your storefront from Amazon ( or any of the choices with your name) and when I type in your name, it doesn’t have any of your things. I could only see your things from today’s post long. Do I need to be on a laptop vs my phone?

  3. Omg ! Sunday my Facebook Instagram Poshmark got hacked.
    I was not able to recover and no help from Facebook. They tried to purchase on Poshmark but luckily I was able to get that reversed and fixed. I am going to lose everything on Facebook.
    Changing every password also

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