Top 10 Tuesday Goodies

Hi friends!  I hope your week is off to a great start!  Yesterday, as soon as Jordan woke up she said, “time to wake up, I don’t wanna be late to school on the first day back!”  It’s so funny because we got there before the doors even opened! Along with several other cars!  I guess we were all excited to get back!


If you follow me on Stories, you know I’ve been doing a series every Tuesday where I pop on and share a few little goodies!  I’ve been doing this since August and I look forward to it every week!  I love to hear that y’all like it too.

I looked back to see what some of the most popular items were.  Guess what the number one thing was?!


1 | Perfect V-Neck Tees • I feel like I’m always on the hunt for the perfect v-neck t-shirt and these check all the boxes.  They’re nice and thick with just the right amount of stretch.  The shape is perfect and they’re not too long or too short.  They fit TTS and even the white is nice and opaque.

2 | Feather Earrings • Aren’t these so cute?!  I love the shape of them and they are super lightweight, so you can comfortably wear them all day.  Plus, they’re so easy to take on and off your ears. A minor thing, but I like it!

3 | Tongue Scraper • Kinda gross, but also very cool.  The tongue scraper gets all that bacteria and build up off your tongue, leaving you with fresher breath, better sense of taste, and better overall health.  Friendly tip : you may not want to look at what comes off :/

4 | Cork Pops Wine Opener • My favorite thing of 2020! See my girlfriends’ FAVE THINGS of 2020 here.  Brian and I use this every week!

5 | Digital Thermometer • We use this daily as we have to take our kids temperature before they can be cleared for school.  And the school faculty takes it again before they can enter the building.  It’s so much easier to use than any other thermometer I’ve tried.  You just point it at your forehead, press the button, and it buzzes in a couple seconds with the temperature displayed on the screen.  It’s easy to read and you don’t have to worry about a wiggly kid! Over 104,000 positive reviews!

6 | Gelous Nail Coat • If you struggle to get a salon-quality manicure at home, try this gel nail coat.  It makes your nails strong and shiny smooth, giving your polish a perfect surface for painting.  My nails always look so much better when I use this gel coat before polish.  And for a ‘gel manicure’ at home, try these steps.

7 | Steel Soap • This is a nearly daily use item for me because it totally eliminates any food smell from your hands- fish, onions, garlic, all of it!  You simply rub your hands with the bar under water like you would with a regular bar of soap.  It instantly eliminates any odors.  And unlike a bar of soap, there’s no residue! So genius!

8 | No Touch Key • Brian was the one that showed me this nifty little gadget.  He’s obsessive about not touching anything ‘germy’ and always uses this little key at the gas station, grocery store, etc.  It comes in a set of 2, so I gave the second one to my mom.

9 | Theraplex Barrier Balm • My son struggles with dry feet, and we apply this to his feet every night to keep them from cracking.  If he misses a few days, the problem flares up again, but as long as he uses this nightly (then wears socks to bed), it keeps the moisture in.  It’s formulated to penetrate deep into the cracks and fissures of the skin, but can also be used as a daily moisturizer or for chronic conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and other severe dry skin conditions.  It’s dermatologist recommended for over 20 years.  It even has the National Eczema Association’s (NEA) Seal of Acceptance with the highest possible rating of 5 out of 5.

10 | Cerave AM Moisturizing Lotion with SPF • The only two sunscreens I’ve used that don’t break out my skin are Supergoop and Cerave.  This is actually a moisturizing lotion that contains micro-fine zinc oxide sunscreen for UVA/UVB protection, SPF 30. It takes a few seconds to totally absorb, and doesn’t leave your skin looking or feeling greasy.  I apply my makeup as usual after this.  Over 25,000 positive reviews & a 15% off coupon now. 

Have you been watching the Tuesday Goodies series on Stories?  I think it’s so fun to get to interact via video and DMs.  I work really hard to keep up with those because I so appreciate you taking the time to watch and write!

If you have a product you want me to try out for you, let me know!  I’ll be happy to report back with my honest opinion!

Have a fantastic day friends!

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  1. Thanks for the rec on the balm, I’ll have to check it out since we are dealing with eczema here. ? Since you like Cerave try the balm in the blue jar. It has really helped and our new favorite! Love your blog and glad you guys are ok!

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