Mid Year Life Reset

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Good morning friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I’m back from a quick girls’ trip to San Antonio and cannot wait to share the trip recap with you.  We ate, drank, shopped and most importantly laughed til we cried!  James mentioned to me yesterday that kids laugh 400 times a day and adults just 15!  Isn’t that wild?!  Bring on the FUN!

It’s so crazy to look back and remember how s l o w January felt and now we’re looking up and are already halfway through the year!

In July, I can’t help but start looking forward to August and back to school because our school festivities start early with meet the teacher and then school starts August 14.  Jordan will be starting Pre-K3 and I can hardly believe it!  After school starts, it always feels a hop, skip and a jump to Christmas.  Did the word Christmas  already spark a bit of panic?

If we want to be intentional about the way we live, it’s critical to stop now and then to think about how we want our lives to go.

We can easily get lost in the daily grind, but when we take the time to plan and prepare, we starting running our lives, instead of being run over by life!

So let’s look at the rest of the year and make a plan!  But, before we plan, we need to clean out the cobwebs- both physically (in our home and bodies) and mentally (in our brain).


Mid-Year Reset

Start with a Clean Space

Doesn’t it feel amazing to wake up in the morning to a clean house? Last Sunday night, my house was a wreck, and even though I was dog tired, I put on a cleaning video and made myself do my nightly cleaning routine.  I also finished the laundry and quickly tidied up the pantry.

When I woke up in the morning, I had forgotten about getting all the cleaning done and immediately felt dread about starting Monday with everything a mess.  But, when I went downstairs and saw everything all sparkly clean, my mood immediately improved!

night time cleaning routine

Even though I didn’t feel like doing it in the moment, I was so happy I did later.

I call that LISTENING TO YOUR SMART SELF.  Your smart self says, “I should clean up tonight so I can hit the ground running tomorrow.  Then, I’ll be productive and motivated and #winatlife!”

Your saboteur says, do it later.  He always wants you to fail.  Don’t let the saboteur win!

For the mid-year reset, it’s a good time to deep clean and organize those hot spots around your house – your fridge and freezer, the pantry, mudroom, linen closet, and bathroom drawers.

organization of kitchen pantry

Maybe take part of a weekend to do it – there’s usually a bit more downtime in the summer while sports are taking a break and kids are home.  Speaking of kids, get them involved too.  You shouldn’t have to do it all alone.  I give my kids age-appropriate tasks, and even if it’s not done “my way” I’m happy to have the help!  I also invest in a housekeeper twice a month, and I often clean and organize right alongside Anna while she’s here.

Make Fitness a Priority

We all KNOW how important it is to take care of our bodies, but we don’t always make the choices that will support our health.

Daily exercise is critical for our insides and outsides and it doesn’t have to be for an hour.

I’m a huge advocate of moving 20-minutes a day and doing it first thing in the morning.  If you don’t know what to do or where to start, my Get Fit Done Guide has 4-weeks of workouts with detailed photos and instructions for what to do.  With the Guide, you won’t get bored or run out of exercises you can do at home.  I also have lots of free fitness posts here.

Mid Year Reset

TankForever Fit BraCapri Leggings

Mid Year Reset

TankForever Fit BraCapri Leggings

After I workout in the morning, I’m so motivated to tackle the day with energy and focus.  It also keeps my eating on track because I don’t want to “blow my workout” on food that’s bad for me.

After I shower, I’m feeling energized and alive and ready to take on the day.

Mid-Year Reset - pink waffle knit robe


Mid Year Reset

Forever Fit BraCapri Leggings

I’m super particular about my bras.  After so many years of coming home after a long day at work and wanting to rip my bra off, I refuse to now wear anything that doesn’t feel comfortable.  But, it also has to be supportive and keep the girls looking good in clothes.  This Forever Fit Bra by Jockey is the first one I’ve tried in this style and I love it!

The fabric is incredibly soft and silky and smooth under even your thinnest tops. The underband is nice and thick, but also stretchy so it doesn’t pull or lose it’s shape.  I also appreciate that there’s lots of support without any wires.

Mid Year Reset

Forever Fit BraCapri Leggings

Of course, you can adjust the shoulder straps and there’s a 4-hook back closure.  I found the Forever Fit Bra to fit true to size. This bra is one I can work all day in and be super comfortable in.

Have a Life Admin Day

A life admin day is where you make a big master list of all the things that you need to do, but never get to – specifically regarding your online and office space.   Take a couple hours to ‘clean up’ your email, pay bills and make a budget, file away receipts, clean out your purse and wallet.  Just like the feeling you get from house tidying, cleaning up those business aspects will have the same cleansing effect on your mind and energy!

Instead of a daily planner, I use a notebook from Walgreens as a daily To Do list.  On the right side, I list work things and on the left side, I list home/parenting/life admin tasks.  Each day I cross off the things I’ve accomplished and move to the next day what didn’t get done.  The list is continually growing and as the day goes on, if something pops into my mind, I write it on the list.

On my life admin day, I set aside time to do the things on the home side that have been getting rewritten over and over.  The funny thing is, once you set out do do them, they usually don’t end up taking that long to do.

Mid Life Reset


This is my favorite topic!  Now it’s time to dream and create the life you LOVE.  Every January, when the year ahead is all shiny and new, we say, “this year I’m gonna be a better parent, lose 10 pounds, be more organized, dive deeper into my spirituality, save money.”  I hope you are carrying out those intentions!  If not, that’s why the mid-year reset is so important.

Dream baby dream, and then plan and take action!

What often holds us back is that we don’t know where we’re going, so we can never take the steps to get there!


Assess your goals – what you’ve accomplished so far, what you still want to achieve.  You can take some time to consider these key areas and what you want them to look like.

  • relationships
  • spirituality
  • education
  • adventure
  • finances
  • fitness
  • career

If travel is something you’re passionate, clear some time to think about where you want to go, who will come, how you’ll pay for it, when you can schedule it, and what you’ll do while you’re there. The more specific you can be, the more likely the dream is to become reality.

Miami Beach Florida

Are you ready to reset your life?  The hardest part is sitting down and making the time for it, but it’s so worth it! 


Have a great week friends!

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  1. I love this post! Such good ideas! I am definitely going to implement more list making into my life! It feels so good to cross things off and gets all.the.things out of my head! 😉

  2. You mentioned a cleaning video – did I miss which one? Great ideas overall – love all of this! Need to do the mid year life reset! And, yes that is crazy the number of kids laughs versus adults – bring.on.the.fun!! ❤️

  3. My to-do list always feels impossible so I started keeping a “Done Today” list and it’s made such a huge difference in my productivity and is even better than crossing things off of a revolving list! 🙂

    1. Oh I’m ALL about a great list and crossing things off of it! Isn’t it wild to look back and realize everything you’ve done?! No wonder we’re so tired! 😉

  4. You are very inspirational. I really like the way you express your thoughts on each subject. It is gently introduced and not shoved down our throats to be MORE all the time. It feels like a much better approach to a busy life. Thanks Megan!

    1. Aww, I really appreciate your comment. GRACE is my favorite word! Seems like we need to give that to ourselves and each other more.

  5. Great post! What if you didn’t have to write your undone projects/tasks over and over again? I’m asking because I made an iPhone app that makes daily planning so easy. The Arena App: Daily Planner helps you think through big and small projects, set recurring tasks (which helps with building good habits!), and make your own checklists that you can use over and over again. I would be happy to share a promo code and a personal, 15-minute walk-through if you’re interested.

  6. I love these kinds of posts. Such a great reminder and great tips. I will be implementing some for sure. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  7. I like the idea of an admin day or even an admin hour at this point. You look gorgeous in these photos as always!

  8. I love this post so much and I really needed this encouragement today so thank you! After two longs trips this summer and generally being unmotivated to clean/cook/finish home DIY…it’s time to reset and get back on track! We have two weekends before school starts and I’d love to GSD by then! You’re always such an inspiration to live a healthy, mindful life…have a wonderful day! 🙂

  9. I needed this one so bad! Thank you for taking a most away from the #nsale and giving some life perspective!!

  10. I loved this post! I’m a school counselor, so I have always felt like I get two “New Years”…one in January and one right before school starts. Thank you for consistently providing great content!

  11. Excellent and very much needed. I think I’ll print this one and refer to it monthly! Why is it that we know these things but need a regular reminder to keep ourselves motivated? Thanks for being our cheerleader – we appreciate you!

  12. This is something that I really needed for this week, not only today. Only being Tuesday, and it’s already a struggle.
    Thank you for continually inspiring me with your blog, posts and everything else!

  13. Loved this post- using it to give me the push I need to keep focused! Love your outlook & kindness! Thank you!

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