Good morning friends!  I hope your week is going so well.  My morning started off rough yesterday and I’m so thankful that I had y’all to talk to on Stories. Your messages and heartfelt comments really brightened my day.  I pulled it together, got ready and headed to Nordstrom with Shannon and Miranda (my summer intern) to get a sneak peek of the items included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that launches this week.
We got to the store at 9am and didn’t leave until 6!  Today, I’m heading back with our favorite friend Ali-Shaun to try on things with her!  I also need to go back and get a better look at bags, pajamas, accessories and dresses.


I can’t wait to share everything with you starting tomorrow!  It was a little confusing how they opened the shopping days earlier to some people this year- but here’s the schedule:


11:30 CT – Icon & Ambassador cardholders (the big daddy shoppers!) can shop online

My first Anniversary Sale post will go live.


11:30 CT – all cardmembers can shop online

I’ll be GIVING AWAY a $500 Nordstrom Gift Card

July 19 – Everyone gets to shop online

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 shopping dates


Having shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for several years now, I’ve learned a few things and wanted to share them with you before the big day.

You probably know by now that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale features brand new items for Fall that are on sale now.

The prices go up to full price when the sale is over.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale favorites Pro Shopping Tips

As the sale continues, you can visit my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 Guide, where you’ll find all my posts about the sale and my favorite finds!  I’ll keep the page updated with restocks when things sell out, because they always do.

If you have any questions about sizing, quality, fit, or how to style something, let me know! I love hearing from you!  You can email me at: honeywerehomeblog@gmail.com and I always respond. ♥

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018


Shop responsibly.  Shopping is fun, clothes and accessories are fun.  Debt and financial burdens are not.  Spend what you can comfortably afford.  Nothing more.  All of the below tips assume Tip #1.


Think about what you have in your closet, what you like to wear, feel fantastic in, and reach for most often.

What could you use more of or where is your wardrobe lacking? Are all of your jeans out of style or lost their shape?  Are you a different size now and need clothes to fit your current body?  Has your job changed or you want to start looking more polished at work?  Do you need something you can instantly grab when you want to look cute, but still comfy?

Go into your closet and make a list of few things you want to keep an eye out for.  Having an idea of what you need before you go to the store or online will save you time and money.

If you don’t know what you need or just want some inspiration, come back to my blog tomorrow and Friday and I’ll share my recommendations!


If you see something you have to have, buy it immediately because things do sell out quite quickly.  This year Nordstrom has bought more inventory on fewer items, so hopefully the sellouts won’t be as massive, but you never know.  Definitely beeline for anything Barefoot Dreams you want – it always goes so fast!

You have to HAVE and USE a Nordstrom credit card to shop during Early Access (before July 19).  The Early Access period is the best chance of getting what you want before things sell out.  You can get the Nordstrom card here and $60 in Nordstrom notes (to be used like cash).

I only recommend getting the card if you pay it in full each month.


Start with shoes.  Your Fall wardrobe can easily be updated with a new pair of boots.  They are also one of the quickest things to sell out.  Tan shades tend to go with everything in your closet, but grey is my second favorite color.

There are Uggs, Hunter Rainboots, Vince Camuto booties, Nike and Adidas sneakers in the sale this year!


The Anniversary Sale is known for having great Fall basics like cardigans, sweaters, tees, plaid button downs.  You can also find budget friendly jeans around $40 and designer denim for around $100.


You can replace your worn out bras/undies/loungewear during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  My favorite strapless bra is included, along with Hanky Panky thongs and the most comfortable seamless undies.


If you live somewhere cold, The North Face and Patagonia is on sale.

Zella, Nike and Alo athletic wear is also included in the sale.


Don’t forget about accessories, beauty, home decor, kids and men’s. All of that is on sale too!


You can shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale online and pick up in store.  They even offer curbside pickup where you park, stay in your car and call, and a sales associate will bring you your items.

I find that option super convenient most of the time, but during the Sale, the store is usually so crowded and the parking lot so packed, that I prefer to order online and have the packages sent directly to my house.


I’ve gotten lost of questions lately about how I earn credit when you shop from the links in my post, so let me be transparent and explain how it works.

Just like salespeople in stores earn commission when you shop with them, I earn a commision when you shop through my links.  If you click on one of my links, then make a purchase, I’ll earn a small commission – even if you buy something different than the link you originally clicked.

If you return the purchase, I lose the commission.  Using the Nordstrom app also cancels the credit.

That’s the easiest way I know how to explain it, but if you have any other questions, I’m happy to answer them.  I think it’s the sweetest compliment when y’all message me and say, “I want to make sure you get credit for my purchase.”  It honestly floors me that you even consider that!

Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful hearts!


And if the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale isn’t your thing- don’t worry – I’ll still be sharing other things with you!  EVERYONE can shop these sales right now!

Get Fit Done Guide

It’s the LAST CHANCE to get the entire 128-page fitness guide for $39 (normally $79) before the sale ends at midnight!

Use code : freedom39 to get the instant digital download

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Cardigan

Floral Print Wrap Dress

Silver Studded Slide Sandal

Lace Trim Cami

Distressed V-Neck T-Shirt

Halter Tank Top

Tie Hem Linen Tee

Cold Shoulder Top

Long Sleeve Striped Tee

My Blue & White Dinner Plates

Knot Front Tee Shirt

Faux Potted Plant

It’s currently almost 11pm on Tuesday that I’m writing this, so I better get going.  I also want to read your DMs and respond to those before I hit the sheets!  You can follow along with me and Ali-Shaun on Stories– it’s always loads of fun with her!


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  1. It’s so important to tell how you get credit for purchases! Lots of times I’ll click a link and add it to my basket, then buy later…do you get credit still? We all should support the bloggers we love and have followed for years!

    1. That’s really sweet of you to consider that Heather. As long as my link is the last one you click before you checkout, I still get credit. So, if you’ve added things to your cart, when you are ready to checkout, go to my blog and click a Nordstrom link to get to your cart to checkout. That ensures I receive credit for your purchases. Does that make sense? I can’t wait to hear what you got and think of the sale this year!

  2. I love your comments about shopping responsibly and within your budget! I feel like you are trustworthy and honest in your posts and transparency, it’s one of my favorite things about you!

  3. I can’t wait to see your recommendations! Thank you for putting the hours in and have fun with Ali-Shaun!

  4. I love that you included the first tip about spending only what you can afford. I put aside a little extra each month over the whole year so I can do a little extra splurging for the N sale, and even though there are so many enticing items, they’re definitely not worth debt and financial burdens. Thank you for all your work this week – you make it look easy and I’m sure it’s a lot of hard work.

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