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Good morning friends!  I’m so happy it’s Friday, but I swear all day yesterday I kept thinking it was already Friday!  We’re heading out to Lost Pines tomorrow for two days and can’t wait to chill out at the intimate and quaint resort.  This year, we’re bringing James’ friend and our neighbors are coming too, so it should be extra fun.

We had a fun week on the blog, starting with my everyday makeup tutorial, followed by what to pack for a beach vacation and what’s in my travel case.

Today, I’m turning my attention to decor, something I’m still obsessed with!  If you’re new here, I have an entire section of my blog dedicated to decor, including a home tour.


One of the most asked decor related questions I get is related to my bed!  Y’all want to know how I like it, what color grey did I choose, what size mattress and bedframe do I have, and how has it held up.

Today, I’m answering all your questions about my upholstered bed and sharing the new lighter duvet insert I just switched to for summer.

master bedroom ideas logan wallpaper

Upholstered BedPillowsDuvet InsertPink BenchSimilar ChandelierSimilar MirrorSimilar Duvet

I can assure you I’m very passionate about my bedroom and especially the bed! I look forward to climbing into my bed every night.  It’s where Jordan and I read bedtime stories, and where I like to retreat to on weekends for a little quiet time when the kids are occupied.  I’m also not above taking a nap here when Jordan naps.  Sometimes there’s nothing better!


Last year I redecorated my master bedroom, taking it from a pretty neutral color scheme to a feminine and exciting pink palette.

We changed the paint color, added wallpaper, got new chests, mirrors, lamps, and a new bed, specifically the Monroe Upholstered King Bed.

I was looking for an upholstered bed (I love the softness they add) but with a taller headboard since our previous bed was too short for the tall ceilings.  This one is 68 inches high, so it makes quite a statement in the room.  The overall dimensions are 84”W x 90”D x 68”H.

I was a little nervous making such a big decor purchase online without ever having seen it in person, but I’m so happy with it!  And best of all, it’s only $499 during Macy’s Memorial Day Sale. Macy’s is honoring Memorial Day with 20% off using promo code MEMDAY and free shipping when you spend $75.

I updated my master bathroom during their last big sale, you can check that post out here if you missed it.

master bedroom bedding ideas

What color is your bed, the Light Grey or Charcoal? 

My bed is the light grey.  As the name suggests, it’s a true grey that isn’t super light, more mid-toned, but definitely lighter than the alternative, charcoal.

There’s a little bit of texture to the material, which I really like.  It looks so much more expensive in person than it is!

Master Bedroom ideas Wisteria Chest

I bought the same bed, but it doesn’t look the same next to our nightstands.  What size mattress and bedframe do you have?

You do need a box spring with this bed.  I started with one box spring and the mattress was too low, so I added another.  Now, I have a 9-inch box spring on top of a 4 1/2 inch box spring with our mattress so that the bed is more even with the height of the chests.

This helps it not look so low and is more functional for when you want to reach for a drink or something on the nightstand.

Now that you’ve had the bed for over a year, can you speak to the quality?

Yes, this bed is really well made and doesn’t skimp on details. First of all, the tufted headboard is sharp!  My little monkey daughter loves to climb on it, and it still looks brand new.
Monroe Upholstered Bed review
Monroe Upholstered Bed review
Also, when I was looking online at other beds, some of the headboards don’t come all the way to the floor.  They stop right where your nightstand would begin.  I always thought that looked a little odd, and I liked that this one went all the way to the bottom.
Master Bedroom (3)

The material is fabulous and all of the tufts are still taut and in tack.  The seaming is tight too.  Overall, I can’t tell the difference between this bed and the more expensive options I considered.

No matter what size duvet I buy, it never covers the mattress on both sides?  How do you get your mattress covered?

I don’t either!  😉 I pull the duvet longer on the side that is reflected on the mirror, but then it’s shorter on the other side.
I also put a fitted sheet over the large box spring to cover it.
Master Bedroom bedding ideas

How do you style your bed?  I never know how many pillows to use or what to do with them when I go to sleep!

This alluded me for years too, but my friend Aryn at Oyster Creek Studios helped me with this!  She suggested three large Euro pillows across the back.  Fluff them up, then give them a karate chop in the middle for a chic look.
Then, add two regular pillows with cases that match your sheets in front of them.  These are the pillows I actually sleep with! Then, add two more pillowcases in the same pattern as your duvet or comforter.
Finally, add a long bolster pillow in a fun fabric to tie it all together.
Obviously, you can mix up this scheme, and the colors/patterns, but this is a no fail formula for making your bed look grown up and styled!
Granted, I have to pull the three pillows off every night to go to sleep, but I leave the Euros on the bed because they are heavy and I’m lazy!
*I also make my bed almost every single day.  I love how it looks and it starts my day off right!

plush pink slippers

Plush Pink Slippers


We have a duvet on our bed and a second one that’s purely decorative at the foot of the bed.  I like to feel the weight of a duvet when I sleep, but our current one was feeling too hot as our weather is starting to heat up.

I searched and searched for a new lightweight duvet insert and found one at Macy’s.  I just looked and it seems mine might be sold out, so this is another duvet insert that got great reviews for being lightweight.

I’ve got a very cute helper that wants to be involved in everything!


Okay guys, not gonna lie, I’m not sure there is an “easy” way to insert your duvet insert into the cover, and it’s not my favorite chore. BUT, I do have a little trick that my beloved Grandma Nola shared with me and I think it helps!


Turn your duvet inside out and lay it flat on your bed.


Lay the duvet insert on top of the duvet.  If your duvet has ties, then tie the corners of the insert to the duvet so they stay put.


Reach inside the duvet and grab the right corner with your right hand and the left corner with your left hand.


Then pull your hands forward, while shaking the duvet right side out.


Continue to shake out the duvet until the insert is fully inside.


Pull the duvet from the opposite side to get any lumps out.

That’s it!  Good news is, you can count this mini workout towards your 20 minutes! 😉

Like I said, Jordan loves to be involved in everything and she sure loved getting her picture taken during this photo shoot! I can’t believe how big she’s getting- she’s starting preschool this Fall!

She’s my fun and feisty girl and I’m so proud to be her mama.  She’s also the number one reason I need to be highly caffeinated everyday!

But she’s also incredibly loving and cuddly when she wants to be.

Gimme all the kisses!

I hope that answered all your questions about my bed, but if you have any other, just leave a comment or shoot me a message and I’m happy to answer.

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$25 straw tote bag, perfect for Summer.

Convertible crossbody bag for $35.

I can’t end this post without acknowledging all the brave men and women who have sacrificed for our country.  My words are inadequate, but my gratitude is deeply heartfelt.  I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend. 

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  1. I would love to know how your white bedding has held up and how you maintain/care for it! I currently have a white duvet, but after 4 years and an almost-5-year-old, it has not held up it’s bright white quality!

    1. That’s a good question! I wash it in the washing machine but other than that, I don’t do anything special. But, I’ve only had mine about one year!

  2. Love your bed! Do you have the source for your side dressers? I love using my dresser as a side table.

  3. I love the soft color palette of your bedroom, but I don’t think my husband would be up for the blush pinks (even though he totally lets me decorate our home however I like). I was just curious if your husband minds the feminine, pink touches or is he fine with it? It’s so pretty! Side note: love your blog and Instagram stories – Jordan is a riot! Thanks for keeping us entertained! 🙂

    1. Thank you Jojo. He didn’t mind the pink but said the wallpaper was a little “busy”. 😉 Jordan definitely keeps me on my toes.

  4. Hi there! I’m in the market for a new bed frame and was eyeing up your post! Can you tell me where you got your duvet cover as well as your leopard pillow?


  5. Hi! I just got this bed in a Queen…love yours!! What is the height of your mattress? Also, height of base, I want to tuck my sheets in and not see the box spring but still have good height on bed? Any thoughts? ? thank you

  6. Hi! I am looking at ordering this been in a king size. You mentioned having 2 box springs to get it to height you have it at??

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