Bedroom Makeover (The Before & Design Plan)

I hope your week is off to a great start! I had a super productive Monday, kicked off with a killer workout, which always feels amazing.  But then, at 8:30 last night I realized we hadn’t gotten Valentine’s cards for the class exchange which is happening this morning, so off to Walgreens!  As much as I like to be on top of things, there are still days when I run around feeling like a chicken that lost its head!  It’s especially at those times that we have to give ourselves GRACE! Am I right? I’m really loving the positive feedback on yesterday’s Daily Affirmations post.  Affirmations are new to me, but with practice, I do feel like they are helping reprogram my mind in a very beneficial way.

I mentioned recently that I was ready to give our master bedroom a little refresh and I’m excited that the project is underway! I reached out to my friend Aryn of Oyster Creek Studios to get her expertise in helping me pull the design together since I was feeling stuck. You know when you’ve been living with the same space for years and you get used seeing it how it is, but you know you want to change and sometimes you need fresh eyes to help give you some new ideas. I’m super thankful to have such a talented friend whose design aesthetic I really admire. I hired Aryn to help come up with a new plan for the room and I love the direction we’re headed!

But first, here’s a peek at how my bedroom has looked since the last update two years ago.

neutral master bedroom, love the Restoration Hardware leaning mirror and white bedding with neutral rug

Annabelle Rug • BedSimilar BeddingSimilar X-Benches • Restoration Hardware Mirror

neutral master bedroom, white bedding with neutral rug grey accents, abstract art

neutral master bedroom, white and gray bedding mirrors, lamp, night stand and pillows

 Mirrored Nightstand • MirrorSimilar Lamp

The two things that have changed are the rug and mattress. We have a Serta iComfort TempTouch memory foam bed and we looove it! But the mattress and box spring are super tall, drawfing our current bed.

OMG- baby legs!!

The rug is a really pretty with a thick braided design and it’s nice and soft. The website description says “white”, but it’s more creamy/ivory. I’ve had mine for about 8 months and haven’t had any problems with shedding or unraveling.


I wanted to share the process with you of working with a designer and take you step by step through our plans and how the ultimate design comes together.

First, Aryn came over so she could see the room in person and we could talk through what was working for me and what wasn’t.  I told her I liked the neutral, calming feel, but wanted to make some tweaks.  I wanted her expert advice since I know she can pull things together way better than I can!

Here are the design challenges I presented to her:

1.  Ever since we got our new mattress and tall box spring, our bed has been too short for the room. We have 9 or 10 foot ceilings and the room could really take a taller bed.

2.  Although I love these pretty mirrored nightstands, they are also too small for the space, so I want something larger.

3.  Similarly, the mirrors above the nightstands could be taller.

4. I’ve been wanting to wallpaper the back wall for a while now and I’m having the hardest time narrowing down all of the choices.

5. I’ve always wanted an African juju hat over the bed, so hopefully we can incorporate that here. I just love the texture and femininity of that piece.

6.  I also wanted to style the sitting room a little bit better, mostly the bookshelves, which definitely need a refresh.

Home Styling Tips for creating a cozy reading nook in your home

Many years ago, I affixed fabric to the back wall of the bookshelf with fabric softener, but I’m over that look now and want to remove that and paint it solid.


After our initial consultation, Aryn got to work sourcing new pieces for the room and brought several design boards to look through.  I loved that she printed out large photos of everything so I could see the detail better.
She also brought a few real things as inspiration points and for ideas on how to style the bookshelves in the sitting room.
Neutral Master Bedroom Design Plan
Neutral Master Bedroom Design Plan (1)
Below is a large abstract watercolor with a gorgeous gold frame that might replace my current painting.
Abstract Art for Neutral Master Bedroom Design Plan
Once I was presented with the design options, I was pretty quick to be able to choose my favorites because I trust my gut reaction and know what I like.  BUT, it’s invaluable having someone you trust to discuss the options with and to talk them through with you! Also, I was just looking at printouts of the pieces and she had seen some of them in person and could give me more explanation of the detail.
Ultimately, the final design should look something like this:
Neutral Master Bedroom design board Oyster Creek Studio & Honey We're Home
The wallpaper we’re looking at is from Anthropologie and is so gorgeous! I can’t wait to see if we can get a sample so I can see how it looks in person! We’ll just be wallpapering the back wall.
Anthropologie Logan Wallpaper
I’m also super excited to replace our ceiling fan with a gorgeous light fixture!  We rarely use the fan, so I don’t think we’ll miss it!
And below are some ideas for styling the bookshelves in the sitting room.
How to style a bookshelf
Aryn confirmed that Homegoods often has the best accessories like the blue and white urns at a great price.  And you can cover your ugly books with white textured paper from Paper Source! I guess you know where you might bump into me next!
I’ll keep you posted as it comes along! What do you think of the design so far??
I don’t have the sources to everything yet, but I’ll share as soon as I do! 

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  1. Okay, loved that you shared having to run out and buy Valentine’s cards at 8:30 after having such a productive day, I can so relate! I often feel like I am killing it in one area of life only to finish patting myself on the back and. realize I dropped the ball somewhere else! But like you said, I have learned to give myself grace!
    I love the direction you feel are heading with your bedroom, so calm and peaceful! When you say you are adding wallpaper to the back wall, do you mean the wall behind your bed? I love doing an accent wall in a room, such a wow factor! Even though I am an interior decorator and am obsessed with design, I too was stuck on a room in our house and just like you said, I needed fresh eyes. I ended up doing an e-consult with the lovely Michaela Noelle from Bloom. It was the best decision ever, as she totally gave me some great ideas which moved me forward and helped me finish off the room, which I now LOVE! Can’t wait to see your finished space! Hugs ?

  2. I loved your “before” bedroom so much, but the “after” colors and designs look phenomenal as well. I would love to know what you do with the “old” stuff, as I would love to purchase several of the pieces you are getting rid of. What do you do with them? Can I have first dibs?

  3. You have suck great taste. The print though gives me an Aztec vibe – is that a look you are trying to incorporate?

  4. I had the same problem with our bed for years. I just found out a few months ago you can get a box spring that is about 1/2 the size of a regular. We actually have a mattress factory just a short distance from us and we called and they had it made within a few hours. Brought the bed down about 7 inches. Made a huge difference!

  5. LOVED the old look, couldn’t imagine it getting any better!!!
    I am crazy about the taller new bed. Would you mid sharing your source?

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