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Good Monday Morning!  Did y’all have a good weekend??  It’s been nonstop over here with so many things going on at once that I just had to stop for a second, breathe, and pull myself together. Does that happen to you too, when you feel like your brain is going to explode with all the things swimming around in it?!

A good sit down to brain dump everything that’s on my mind onto paper always helps.  I often use Evernote, but this time I just sat down with a good old fashion piece of paper and my favorite sharpie and put on paper my giant list of to-dos and all those little things that I’m afraid I’m going to forget and everything will fall apart. It took just 10 minutes, but was definitely therapeutic.  And I’ve been adding to the list all weekend, but that’s how life goes!  If you read, How to Plan Your Entire Year in Advance, you know that helps keep you more organized throughout the year, but of course it’s important to keep adding things to the calendar as they pop up! And things are always popping up!

So today is a perfect day to share with you a This and That post, random bits and pieces of life lately that I can casually chit chat with you about!  Buckle your seatbelts- it’s a long one!

Change Your Life Coffee/Tea Warmer

I can’t remember the last time I got so many DM‘s about something on Insta Stories! Are you following along?  I love to chat with you there! When I shared my coffee/tea warmer last week, y’all went crazy for it! I shouldn’t be surprised though, I am crazy for it too! If you are a mom or a slow coffee or tea drinker, the struggle is real! It’s hard to finish your cup of coffee without it getting cold!

I don’t like to reheat my coffee in the microwave because I use my favorite creamer and I feel like reheating it makes it taste funny. I finally found this cute and stylish marble coffee warmer on Amazon and it works like a charm! It plugs into the wall and there is an on off switch on the cord right near the base of the warmer. A red light in front lets you know the coffee warmer is on and you just switch it off when you are done with it. It keeps your coffee warm, without the handle getting hot. Seriously, genius!

coffee warmer

Coffee/Tea Warmer • Hello Gorgeous Mug

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I have lot of ideas for things he can get us!! but I’m not as good at coming up with things to get for him!  My hubby has a knack for giving us hints of what guys like, but I saw these things as stand outs on Amazon and think they would make pretty darn good Valentine’s day gifts for men! Let’s see how I do!

Love & Happiness Top

Love & Happiness Top XSP

Okay, here goes, and please be forewarned, they aren’t things that WE will get excited about, but things that HE will! And that’s the point, right?!  All of these things have a ton of positive customer reviews and are around 20 bucks!

Peeps Lens Cleaner for Sunglasses and Eyeglasses – apparently this little gadget, and men have a thing for gadgets like we have a thing for bags!, has a revolutionary carbon microfiber technology that cleans your lenses better than any spray or wipes can and it’s good for 500 uses.  And comes in lots of cool colors.

Ladies, again think of your men here, when I tell you about this tactical pen for under $16 that can be used as a self-defense tool, tactical flashlight, glass/window breaker, ball point pen, multi tool with two ink cartridges and three batteries and a gift box. Apparently this thing will make your man feel like a badass!

Have y’all heard of the smart key? If your guy carries around a bunch of jingling keys that make his pockets bulge, he needs the sleek, pocket-sized smart key system! It accommodates up to 14 standard size keys and includes a loop attachment for a larger tea or fob remote. You can get it in different colors too. Very cool!

5 Things About Me

I was tagged to share five things about me that you may not know by my friends Natasha and Marnie.  I haven’t done one of these for years, and it takes some courage to share!

  1. I had terrible buck teeth with a huge gap in the middle and fangs until I finally got braces at age 15! It wasn’t pretty!  I was really embarrassed about my teeth before that, and I’m so thankful to my Grandma for getting be braces!

loose hair curling tutorial

See how I curl my hair here.

2. I was the first person in my family to go to college and then put myself through law school. My parents had me at the age of 17 and didn’t have the means to support my education,  despite how hard they both worked. Growing up, I knew I always wanted to be financially secure and able to support myself. I worked as a lawyer for almost 10 years. It seems like a lifetime ago now! I still have my license but I put it on inactive status last year.

3. Although I try to eat healthy most of the time, I have a terrible sweet tooth and I am totally addicted to my Coffeemate vanilla caramel creamer. I  have it down to a science and I put 3 tablespoons in my coffee every morning. Recently my grocery store ran out of it and I couldn’t find it anywhere. It was a nightmare! Now I buy three containers of creamer at a time and put two in the freezer so I never will run out!

4. I have bunions the size of Texas. I used to be super self-conscious about them and I still don’t love the way they look, but something about getting older has helped me get more comfortable in my own skin. I went for a surgery consult a few years ago, and the doctor said I wasn’t a good candidate for the surgery, something about how bad mine are.  He also said I would have a huge scar at the top of my foot from my toe to my ankle, and I would hate that.

Dressing Room Review - high waist skinny jeans

White Tee XS • High Waist Skinny Jeans 25 • Bunions XL 😉

5. My favorite show of all time is sex and the city! I watched it so many times that I know every scene and every line by heart! Quiz me!


Jordan’s 2nd Birthday Party

I can’t believe that Jordan will be two next month! It seems like she is growing up faster than ever and we just celebrated her 1st birthday! She is talking up a storm and parroting everything we say. I was driving in the car the other day I was running late to pick up James from theater arts and in frustration yelled at the car in front of me, “C’mon dude!” Next thing you know I hear her little voice, “C’mon dude!” Glad I didn’t say something else! 😉

One of her favorite shows is Paw Patrol and we’re planning a Paw Patrol party at the house. I found these invitations on Etsy, as well as the cute number 2 cupcake toppers.

Paw Patrol Party Invitations

Paw Patrol Invites

Paw Patrol Printable

Paw Patrol Printable 


I have a big Dressing Room post for you with lots of goodies on Friday, but it’s too much for one post, so I’ll give y’all a preview here!

Spring Dresses

Are any of you as ready for spring as I am?! As soon as we start nearing February, I’m itching for warm sunshiny days! When I popped into Nordstrom the other day, I saw so many bright and vibrant colors that I immediately was drawn to. I already stocked up on some fun new earrings, but there were a couple bright dresses too!  And you saw that sunshiny bag I couldn’t live without here!

pink and red print dress

Off Shoulder Print Dress XS

Please don’t hate me if this dress is sold out in your size by the time you read this! It was too cute not to share and hopefully they will restock! The red and pink combo is just darling and the bold pattern has me definitely looking forward to Spring! How cute would this be for your next date night or a party when the weather warms up?!   It also has a cute detail at the wrist with a strap that wraps around your wrist to tie in a bow.

Pink dress

Pink Dress XS

This pink dress is also delightful and with the conservative cut, could probably make it into your workday if your office is  okay with bright colors.  Otherwise, it’ll be fun for a night out and I’d also love to see it with heels or these Tory Burch flat sandals.

From my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, I went ahead and ordered myself the Tory Burch sandals.  So many of you told me you love them and that the splurge was worth it because of how much use you get out of them and how well they last.  Lots you you have them in more than one color! I went with the tan to start, thinking those will go with everything, but the yellow sure are fun!

Tory Burch Sandals

That Yellow Bag

If you’re someone who likes to change out your bags with the season, this yellow bag is definitely spring and summer appropriate! It’s a gorgeous shade of yellow in person, which sometimes can be tricky! It’s faux leather that feels very luxe and the inside feels like a soft buttery suede. There’s a big removable zippered pouch inside with a zipper pocket into wall pockets for your phone and other things.  Here’s a close up!

Yellow Bag for Spring

Yellow Bag

And I also found some great things for this tricky in-between time of Winter and Spring at Loft.  I’m typically an XSP in their tops, but if they didn’t have petite, I tried on the next smallest size. I would still go with XSP though.

LOFT elbow patch sweatshirt

Sweatshirt XS • Jeans • Booties 50% Off

The small patch of blue embroidery on this sweatshirt take it up a notch in the style department. The cut is also more chic than your traditional sweatshirt with a ballet neck and slight balloon 3/4 sleeves.  I really liked this one for casual days (most of my life)!

Loft pink cable knit sweater

Pink Sweater XS • Jeans

Although this sweater is meant to be boxy, the XS was way to big on me.  If you can get it in your size, the light pink is very pretty and feminine and would look great from now into Spring.  In the summer on cool nights, you could wear it with jean shorts.

LOFT striped top and modern skinny jeans

Blue Stripe Top XXSP • Modern Skinny Jeans 0P • Booties 50% Off

Again, my sizing was off here, and I needed the XSP, but this striped blouse has just enough detail at the arm to make it special and it would be a great top for the office.  Wear it with slacks or tucked into a skirt and the neckline is begging for a necklace.

Loft blouse and modern skinny jeans

White Blouse XSP • Modern Skinny Jeans 0P • Booties 50% Off

I love this little white blouse!  It’s silky on the front and t-shirt material on the back! The relaxed cut makes it flattering and easy to wear and it’s thin enough to be tucked in.

LOFT double strap satin camisole and grey skinny jeans

Silk Cami SP • Skinny Pants 0P • Booties 50% Off

First up, let’s talk about the silk cami.  My hair is covering it, but it’s got double straps and a nice v-cut in front.  I will say it runs big and the sides are cut low so either wear a cute bralette underneath or a cardigan over!

The grey pants are super soft and feel like suede.  They fit like a legging, but with belt loops and pockets, seem like pants. I found this pair to be very slimming and TTS.

LOFT double strap satin camisole and black crop pants

Silk Cami SP • Slim Trousers 0P

I want to do a thorough review of the Loft pants, but I’ll have to order them to get my size.  This pair of black pants in the Julie fit were very comfortable, but even the 0P was a little loose on me.  They were ultra comfortable though, and I immediately thought that these pants could easily been you ‘wear to work more than once a week’ pant because they are so comfy.

They are ankle length, which I think tends to look youthful, but still appropriate for work with a blouse or a fitted blazer. You can get away with a flat heel or heels with these pants and either would look good.

Snuggly Soft Coat

Grey Tank XS • Open Fleece Cardi XS • Modern Skinny Jeans 0P • Booties 50% Off

When I put this on, I seriously wanted to leave the store wearing it! It’s so fluffy and soft w pockets!! ✨ And the inside is lined with a soft t-shirt material! The good news is it’s machine washable & on big time sale now! I’m wearing XS, but would go w XXS or XSP!

Loft grey tank and modern skinny jeansGrey Tank XS • Modern Skinny Jeans 0P • Booties 50% Off

I was digging this t-shirt material camisole for sure.  It’s a super sexy cut (racerback) with a flowy fit and shirt tail hem.  This XS was a bit long on me, but it does come in petite!

The jeans are awesome!  They have an insane amount of stretch and conform to your body and LIFT THAT BOOTY!  Yes, please!!  I’m also a fan of the frayed hem and small v-cut at the ankle on the side. My regular oP is what I bought and they fit just right immediately, but I almost wanted to size up because they are so body conscious, but didn’t because I didn’t want them to stretch out.


A few things caught my eye that are marked way down, so now’s the time to take advantage!

how to meal plan 8

Moto Leggings 40% off Sports Bra • Athletic Top • Pink Sneakers • No Show Socks 

I feel all strong when I wear this pair of moto style leggings!  I think I need a black pair next!  This pair is high waist, which I really appreciate because my tummy isn’t my fave, but if you prefer a mid-rise, this is the pair to get.

burnout sweatshirt

Burnout Sweatshirt SP 40% off

Just when I thought we were done with the cold weather, it’s getting so chilly again! I came from from taking these pics and changed immediately into this cozy soft burnout sweatshirt. ✨ Will be wearing it to bed too! ? It’s on sale 40% off now in a few colors!

plaid top

Plaid Top 40% off 00

J. Crew really knows how to tailer a button-down top.  I like to roll the sleeves casually and wear them with jeans, but they also look great layered under a pullover or dressed up, tucked into a skirt with heels.

sweet tee

Cozy Tee XXS • Grey Jeans 0R

I love this ‘Sweet Dreams’ tee.  It’s soft enough to wear as a pajama top, but cute enough to take out of the house too!

DressingRoomDetails - peplum top

Stripe Peplum Tee 40% off • Jeans 25 • Booties

One way to add interest to a basic tee is with a peplum hem. The material on this one is nice and soft and lightweight! It comes in 4 different colors/patterns and it fits true to size.

Loft moon and star sweater

Sweater XS 40% Off • Jeans 0P • Booties

Speaking of cute, how cute is this moon and stars sweater?? It caught my eye as being really fun and different. I would love it with some tall black boots, maybe some fun and funky metallic jewelry too!

Loft striped red sweater

Tunic XS 40% Off • Jeans 0P

This tunic is adorable and has a red hem detail.  It’s also long enough for leggings. #Yaaaaasss

green sweater

Sweater XSP

A mock neck sweater with flare sleeves will keep you warm and cute.  This one also comes in grey and cabernet.  I’d probably wear it with a long pendant necklace to add a little extra interest.

DressingRoomDetails - grey Sweater Loft

Velour Top XSP 50% Off • Jeans 25 • Booties

If you’re a texture junkie, you need to have this sweater!! The velour is so soft! It’s cozy like a sweatshirt, but super sassy being off the shoulder.  Dress it up for a night out or get SUPER cozy with velour joggers!  With all off-shoulder tops, I swear by this strapless bra!

DressingRoomDetails - blazer Loft

Open Hoodie XSP 60% Off • Cami SP 50% Off • Jeans 25 33% Off • Booties

I liked the versatility of this hoodie because it’s a good mix between casual and structured. This picture makes it look like it might be a blazer, but if I turned you would see that it has a hood on the back! It’s a little stretchy with pockets and a great outer layer for a colder office or being out and about on weekends. The dark charcoal color is nice because it can be worn with so many things.

DressingRoomDetails - poncho Loft

Poncho XS/S 50% Off • Cami SP 50% Off • Jeans 25 33% Off • Booties

This fringe poncho is a little long on me, but I love the soft color combo. It would look really pretty with all the black, tan, white and grey tops in my closet!! #neutrals

Bedroom Makeover

I’m super excited to get started on another home decor project!  We’ve gotten to a place in our house where we are pretty comfortable with it, but there are some tweaks here and there that I’m still itching to do. Our neutral master bedroom is pretty and definitely a relaxing retreat, but ever since I got a new mattress and taller box spring I knew the bed wasn’t quite right anymore. The headboard is way too low (53 inches) and I think this room can definitely take something bigger. The nightstands and mirrors could be more grand also and I’ve always wanted to see what the back wall would look like with a splash of wallpaper.


I’ve been kind of stuck in the inspiration department though and brought in my friend Aryn of Oyster Creek Studios to help me freshen up the space.  I’m so happy to have talented interior designer friends!! She came over last week and we talked everything through and I’m super excited to have her on board to help me pull this room together and give it a facelift. I will definitely keep you posted and be sharing sneak peaks along the way on stories!

New Barstools

After seven years with our good ole Target woven barstools, I finally upgraded and changed them out! I actually like the woven ones okay- they were very stiff, but the kids didn’t seem to mind.  My problem with them is that they shed and left little woven particles all over the floor all the time.  I’ve been lusting after these grey and white barstools from Serena & Lily for the longest time and I’m thrilled with them!

Serena & Lily Barstools

They’re made of a lightweight rattan and woven plastic and are actually much more comfortable, especially the curved back. And I feel like the seat will be easier to wipe clean since James and Jordan both like to eat breakfast here now and lunch on the weekends.

Serena & Lily Barstools

Phew! Are you still with me?! That was a lot! Especially on a Monday! I sincerely thank you for being here and hope you go rock your week!

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Meet Megan

Hi! I’m Megan, mom to a thoughtful teenager and spunky young girl. We call Houston home and recently moved into our dream home. I traded my lawyer hat to become a full-time blogger in 2010. I love sharing my passion for affordable fashion, home decor, organization, & fitness to help inspire you to take care of you!


  1. Thank you for sharing the comment about bunions. I have them too and it’s so hard to see all of the pretty sandals and flip flops during the summer. Sometimes I hate summer for that reason. I’m glad that slip on sneakers and mules are popular this season because I always am looking for ways to hide them but still look cute! I always enjoy reading your blog.


  2. The Peeps were a huge hit with my guy. They were a stocking stuff a couple of years ago and he loved them so much he bought a second one to keep in the car.

    I don’t recommend bunion surgery unless you’re unable to walk. My mom’s surgery did not have a good outcome and the scar is no joke. I also know of other bad foot surgery nightmares – take care of your feet ladies! They work hard for us all day.

    Yes to Sex and the city!

  3. I got that coffee warmer for Christmas and it has been AMAZING! I work from home and got so tired of going up and down the stairs to re-heat my coffee.

  4. Hi Megan!
    Can you please post the veggie lasagna recipe you shared on Stories? It looks so good!

    Thanks so much!

  5. Might want to consider a second opinion on the bunion surgery, as the techniques have improved a lot in recent years (speaking as someone who had this done a LONG time ago!) That said, you are chasing after small children, and now would not be a good time. Generous of you, as always, to be as open as you are. Can’t wait to see bedroom plans!

  6. Bunions run in my family, and after I started running, mine started getting bigger and bigger. A friend told me about the toe spacers that you can get at Walmart or target so I started using them and believe it or not, they actually work if you use them consistently. I just bought the kind that comes in a pack of two for between your big toe and your second toe. I wear them anytime I wear closed toe shoes.

  7. This was a really enjoyable post! Thank you! You kept my attention the whole time! You and I are the same age and it was once I hit 40 that my bunions really started to develop. I love to run but I hate it because it just makes them worse and so painful too. How do you wear all those cute shoes?

    LOVE SATC! Who is your favorite character or who do you relate most to? I always liked Charlotte’s look but Carrie’s attitude.

  8. That coffee warmer is GENIUS! I can’t believe I’ve never seen that before – I am literally drinking cold tea as I write this. The only thing I’ve found was a thing called Coffee Jules (or something like that), which were metal beans that you put in your cup and keep hot drinks at the perfect temperature for longer. The problem is that they take up considerable space in your cups! Also, I think you have beautiful teeth! I wish mine looked like yours! <3

    Eva |

  9. love everithing…especially the coffee warmer, beautiful and is perfect for cold days…I love your style selction and that birthday invites are amazing, I’ll suggest them to a friend of mine for her daughter birthday too:P

  10. Great post! I’d love to hear how the bar stools hold up over time and how easy or hard they are to wipe down. I’ve been wanting the chair version for my kitchen table but am worried they’ll be gunked up quickly by my three year old’s sticky hands 😉

  11. I am pretty new to your blog and I look forward to checking it out daily. How did you get started blogging? Is it your full-time job, and how did you know what steps to take to do so?

  12. Hi Megan, I just had to tell you how much I love my coffee warmer. I work from home and I was constantly going into the kitchen to reheat my coffee since I like to sip on it throughout the morning. It is pretty on my desk and works so well. It really is the simple things in life!

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