Good Monday morning friends! I’ve heard from so many of you that want to wake up early, or do wake up early in the morning because, realistically, that’s the only time you’re able to fit your workout into your busy day.  I hear ya!  That’s me too!  I’ve found it’s too dark to run outside before the sun comes up, so I’ve been heading to the gym to do group classes.  I love them because, at that early hour, I don’t want to think about what to do, I just want someone to tell me! Being in a group class also ensures that you’ll actually finish the workout as opposed to saying halfway through, I think I’ve done enough and heading home.

zella workout tank with shelf bra

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zella workout tank with shelf bra (1)


But, if you don’t belong to a gym or just prefer to workout at home, I put together an easy-to-follow routine that you can do in the comfort of your own home.  Your body doesn’t care where you’re exercising, it just knows that you’re doing it. So, . . .

  1. Put on workout clothes all the way to your shoes.
  2. Play the music that gets you going.
  3. Push yourself.
  4. Stretch after.
  5. Follow up your workout with nutritious food.

morning exercises at home

morning workouts at home

Do each exercise for 45 seconds, then rest 15 seconds.  Do the set 2-4 times, depending on how long you have. Get warmed up with a few minutes of jumping jacks and running in place.


Calf raises




Tricep dips

Push ups

Jump Squats


Wall sits

You should be able to feel this workout the next day!

zella workout tank with shelf bra zella capri leggings

I also put together my top activewear pics from the Nordstrom sale, since I saw several pieces I already know and love.

HWH Nordstrom Sale 2017 Fitness

Lightweight Tank ⋅ High Waist Capri Leggings ⋅ Shelf Bra Tank

Low Impact Sports Bra (sold out) ⋅ Best Running Bra

No Show Socks No Show Undies ⋅ Ankle Socks

Everyday Sneaker ⋅ Best Running Shoe


I’m a relatively recent convert to high waist leggings.  This pair is thick and durable and feels amazing on.  And they have a cute little mesh panel at the back calf for added detail.  But even the seaming is thoughtfully placed because it gives you a nice proportion in the legs, waist, and booty.  It’s hard to see in my pics, but on the website it’s clear.

The Lightweight Tank is just that, nice and light with perforations to keep you cool. I like the thin racerback cut and how its longer in the back.

zella sports bra

I’m pretty sure this sports bra sold out, but it’s a solid, everyday workout bra for lower impact activities.  I’m wearing Medium here, but needed so size down to a Small.

Also, if you ever feel self conscious about your undies showing panty lines though your leggings or get weird bulges around your panty line, try these!  They are absolutely amazing, change-your-life pantiesSo, so comfortable on, you’ll forget you’re wearing them!

moving comfort sports bra

If you are going running or just want extra support for the girls, this is the sports bra to wear.  I had two old ones that I wore into the ground and finally upgraded when I saw them on sale.  The awesome thing about this sports bra is 1) it’s sized according to your bra size with hook and eye closures in the back so you can get a very accurate and comfortable fit.  I find they run TTS.  I wear a 34D bra, and I buy 34D in this sports bra. 2) The shoulder straps are thicker and padded so they don’t cut into your shoulders or hurt while you’re wearing it. And they are adjustable with velcro, so you can lengthen them or shorten as necessary.

Before I got this bra, I used to double up sports bras when I would run, but I hated it because I always felt constricted in my chest and like I couldn’t breath as easily.  Once I found this it was like the heavens opened!  Running is a breeze now and I only have to wear one bra!

You guys see me running around all the time in this comfy sneaker, but it’s great for workouts too.  And I swear by this running shoe.  It’s all I run in now.  I also just tried these no show socks and love them! They feel amazing on and cover more of my foot than my Nike no-show socks.  But, if your shoes rub your ankles or you want your socks a little higher, I love this pair by Zella.

I hope this helps motivate you with your morning workouts! If you have any questions, let me know! I love hearing from you!

And stay tuned, my witty hubby will be back on Wednesday, sharing his men’s picks from the Nordstrom sale. This should be good! 😉


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  1. I don’t know if you nursed with Jordan, but if you did, is there a bra you’d recommend for running that would work as a nursing bra?

    1. Hi Bekah, I did nurse Jordan and the running bra in this post would work because you can undo the velcro shoulder straps and pull the top down. 😉

  2. Can you do a post for workouts at the gym. I’m always in a rut as to what to do. Like cardio how many days. arms ? legs? back and abs? Along with some actual workouts. Thanks Megan

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these at home exercises! This is a huge help for me because I can’t do cardio after my ankle surgeries. I can’t wait to do these exercises! 🙂

  4. THANK YOU for the bra recommendation! I’m nursing my third baby and yowza do I need aalllll the support. I’m going to order this one while it is on sale!

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