Nordstrom Sale Men’s Picks – My Hubby’s Back!

Hello friends!  How’s your week going?! Summer slacking has been setting in around here big time, but I guess it’s also kind of nice to just take the days as they come without the hustle and bustle and business of the school year.  Today, I have a treat for you because my cutie pie hubby is popping back in to share his picks for men from the Nordstrom Sale. Have at it babe! Just watch the language- I had to edit out the bad words last time! -M 


In the words of Eminem: “Guess who’s back, back again…” the husband’s back, so tell a friend. Also back is the anniversary sale from Nordstrom. How do I know? Because boxes and bags filled with clothes inundate my home along with the constant refrain of, “but I’m saving you money!” Hmmm. If you find yourself clicking away on your favorite items, don’t forget about the guy at the other end of the couch. Like me, I’m sure the male (or males) in your world could use a wardrobe and accessories update/replace. Accordingly, I have a compiled a list of items that I have found in this year’s anniversary sale for you to consider.

Mens Picks Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Men’s Suit save $200Tie ⋅ Check Dress Shirt

Wallet ⋅ Beard Lube ⋅ North Face Fleece Pullover  ⋅ Fleece Flannel Shirt

ASICS Running ShoeAthletic Shorts ⋅ Nike Hypercool Tee

First up, this fleece pullover by The North Face. As I sit here writing this, we are heading into the hottest part of the year for us with temperatures approaching 100 degrees and heat indexes well above that. Purchasing and contemplating the use of a fleece pullover is about the furthest thing from my mind right now unless I suddenly desire to test my heat stroke tolerance levels. We don’t have much of a winter down here in Southeast Texas, thus we rarely have use for heavy coats, but fleece pullovers are ideal. The North Face fleece has been sort of the gold standard for fleece pullovers so you can’t go wrong with this one.

Next is this John W. Nordstrom brand dress shirt. I wore it out the other night for a date night with my beautiful wife with jeans and a sport coat. The JWN brand is excellent quality and can be worn in business, business casual, or full on casual situations. Moreover, it is a check pattern so your dude can avoid the dreaded “striped shirt guy” syndrome. My wife wouldn’t let me link the article, but I think it’s pretty funny.

date night

Her Top

I bet your saying to yourself, “but didn’t he recommend a similar shirt for us in his Father’s Day post?” Yes; yes I did. I also recommended a tie in that post and I recommend yet another tie in this post to give you. You may think I lack adventure in my fashion choices, and while you may be right about that, the fact remains that I wear a suit and tie almost every day of the week for work. I need shirts and ties to mix it up. I’m willing to bet your man needs the same as grownup males can never have too many of these items.

Speaking of suits, you won’t find a better deal on a suit than this Classic Fit Solid Wool Suit by Nordstrom. Even if your man doesn’t wear a suit every day like me, he will need a suit on at least a couple of occasions during the year like a wedding or graduation. Should he try to tell you otherwise, you should ignore this statement of denial. If he hasn’t bought a new suit in quite while, this is the perfect time to update/replace.

mens suit Nordstrom anniversary sale

Do you even lift bro? If so, another item he can never have too many of: workout shorts. I don’t care what brand you buy, these things will eventually wear out. Pick up this pair of Nike Dri-FIT shorts and he won’t be disappointed. While you are at it, pick up this Pro Hypercool seamless shirt by Nike as well, because who couldn’t use some digitized camo in their life.

workout clothes

Her Top ⋅ Her Capri Pants ⋅ more here

Also, if you ignored my father’s day advice on shoes, I’m giving you a chance to redeem yourself. Chevrolet claims that their Silverado is “the longest-lasting most dependable full-size pickup on the road,” well I would say that Asics could make a similar claim for their running shoes and lucky for you you can pick these babies up during the anniversary sale.

mens nike

Jordan’s Crocs on sale (size 5)

mens asics

Jordan’s sneakers on sale (size 5)

Now onto shaving. For years, I bought basic shaving cream or gels from the drugstore or grocery store resigned to the fact that I would just suffer through the searing pain that was my daily shaving ritual. I have a course beard that grows at a rate that I am certain is faster than any human on this planet. A few years ago my wife picked up this beard lube by Jack Black and my life changed forever! Gone were the ingrown hairs and feeling that 90% of the skin from my face had gone missing. Do him a favor and buy this NOW! I know both you and he will say, $60 for some shaving cream, WTF?! (but we’re saving money!;) it’s $94 value!- M), I said the same thing when Megan brought it home for me but it is worth every penny for this life altering concoction.

It’s likely also time to refresh or replace his casual shirt collection. Before he goes out and loads up on t-shirts from,,, or his alma mater, check out some of these choices from Nordstrom. As you may have noticed I wear a lot of raglan style shirts, a/k/a baseball t-shirts. These things seem to always be in style so he should get a lot of use out of this.

Somehow flannel shirts have become popular again and it makes my Xennial heart warm. This one from O’Neill is awesome and if you still own your Doc Martin’s you can throw them on and fire up a little Pearl Jam, Alive for good measure.

mens fleece and flannel

Finally, believe it or not, I have found a wallet. I have been ridiculed and maligned for my choice in money and card management; the venerable binder clip. This choice from Tumi though is one that, should I consider switching back to the traditional wallet, is at the top of my list.

That’s all I got for now, so until my next post I bid you adieu.

Thanks honey! And no, you may not link to that article!  It’s a family friendly blog!! Now that you’ve shown us the men’s picks, here’s what the ladies are loving! 


Circle Cardigan ⋅ had been restocked in grey as of Tuesday night, but they also make a robe! And I just ordered this blanket! If they don’t restock the sale Circle Cardigan and you HAVE to have it, it’s still available here in lots of colors and sizes, but full price.

“Forget You’re Wearing” No Show Undies (lots of colors)

Circle Leather Cuff Bracelet  (black/gold)

Packable Jacket (lots of colors/sizes left)

Best Running Shoes

Long Cardigan (limited sizes)

Bootcut Jeans (size down)

Ruffle Sleeve T-Shirt Dress (sold out) but I just ordered this cold shoulder ruffle dress that looks super cute!

Silky Bib Top

Perfect T-Shirt Bra

Skinny Mini Jeans (limited sizes)

Perfect All-Around Bootie

Hope all have a great day! 

*affiliate links used in collaboration with Nordstrom

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  1. Megan, I remembered this post was coming! Woke up and headed right over for this. Love your banter. He is hilarious!

  2. Love this!! I was laughing as I read your husband’s post. And might I add, it was very well written!! His personality shines through. He should pop in more often, miss Megan!

  3. I thought my husband was the only one who used a binder clip rather than a wallet ! 🙂 Great post once again!

  4. Your husband is so funny! We live in Houston too, and yes, a North Face is perfect for “winter!”

  5. LOVE this post! Your hubby reminds me of mine, doesn’t take himself too seriously! I love the pictures you chose for the post, my favorite is of Jordan crying only because we have one of my youngest daughter and my hubby like that. We were at the park and she wasn’t quite ready to leave so he had to swoop her up and carry her out having a tantrum! haha I ordered lots of the basics your hubby mentioned including fun dress socks! I’m going to have to try that shaving cream for my hubby!

    1. That’s what was happening here! We were heading to the pool, but she ran down the sidewalk and didn’t want to come get in the car! I like those fun dress socks- makes me smile to see them poking out! He said that shaving cream really changed his life! James calls his dad’s beard scruff his “thorns”! Ha!

  6. OMG! Does anyone say that anymore! I enjoyed your husbands posts! I did not really think of my husband when it came to the sale(except what to hide from him!?….Guess I need to pick up a few things for him. This was great. Hope to see your hubby on the blog more.

  7. Thanks for the picks! Has he been working out or is it a new hairstyle, he looks like he lost weight? Nice to hear from him!

  8. Your husband is absolutely hilarious, I love when he does guest posts on your blog! He definitely helps me buy for my husband for his birthday and Christmas-my husband definitely appreciates it 😉

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

    1. Thank you! He’s keeping a running list of other things he likes to do a post around Christmas time! He just got a bug-salt rifle, don’t ask! 🙂

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