Jordan’s One Year Recap

As a second time mom, and one that is over 40, I’m more aware of how quickly it all goes and want to soak in all the goodness of my babes in every stage.  I’ve already learned that it just gets better and better, so I’m not all, “I wish they could stay babies forever!” but I do love all those sweet baby things so much!  Doing things like a mother/daughter photo shoot when Jordan turned one was one of those things that might seem silly or frivolous or something hard to fit into an already busy day, around the nap schedule, but after getting the photos back, I’m so thankful we made the time to do it!   My friend Tisha captured Jordan and her sweet, playful personality so beautifully!

Jordan is just too delightful for words and has already changed and grown so much since these pictures were taken in late January, right before she turned one.

We got all dressed up in coordinating tulle and spent about 30 minutes playing around in a park near our house.  Seeing all her expressions in these pictures makes my heart so happy.

All moms know that parenting is wonderful, hard, fun, exhausting, beautiful and always changing.  It takes your strengths and weaknesses to new levels that you didn’t even know were there and amplifies them times 100.

I’ve had my fair share of parenting fails, but thankfully, we’re given grace to start anew each day.  I’m in awe of all the moms out there that are in the same boat, just trying to do their best each day.

Our kids mean the world to us and we love them so fiercely that it’s truly like wearing your heart on the outside of your body.  I hope you’re told on a daily basis that you are doing a good job.  That you matter so much to the little (or big!) people in your life!

With my first child, I did a monthly recap of his milestones here on my blog and to this day, I still love looking back and remembering everything and I also use it as a refresher since my kids are 6 years apart. You tend to forget so much unless you have it recorded somewhere!  As it often goes with second children, her monthly milestones weren’t saved into dedicated blog posts, but I wanted to share some of her milestones thus far here.

She started rolling at 4 months, which is when we transitioned her to her crib.
At 6 months she was sitting up and crawling.
She skipped “cruising” the furniture.
Took her first steps at 9 months and started walking at 10 months.
Now, at 14 months, she’s running and walking backwards.
And trying to jump.
She likes to climb the stairs with an adult behind her (but we have gates at the top and bottom of the stairs)!
She loves playing with balls.
And the remote control and phone.
She tries to “voice text”.
She says: Mama, Dada, ball, Hi!, go get, baby, bath, night night, uh-oh, baseball, up, no, for Mickey Mouse she says “Mi Mow”.
She uses sign language for “more” “eat” “all done” and “milk”.
She claps, waves “bye” and blows kisses.
She likes thrills like bouncing on your lap and being thrown in the air.
Her favorite video is 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and she tries to say, “No more monkeys” and points her fingers in sync with the song.
She gives big hugs, wrapping her little arms around your shoulders.
She loves bathtime with her big brother.
She only used a pacifier in the early months, but now sucks her thumb when she’s sleepy.
She cuddles under blankets on the couch with me every morning while she drinks her milk.  It’s one of my favorite parts of the day that can last up to 15 minutes of her sitting still being cozy!
She wakes up around 7am, naps around 10am and 3pm, and goes to bed at 7pm, sleeping through the night since 4 months old. #thankGod
She eats everything (but wasn’t crazy about avocado) I make and is getting really good at using her fork and spoon. She really loves chicken, omelets, yogurt, kiwi, strawberries, and always wants a bite of whatever we are eating.
She loves splashing around and being in the pool.
She’s super friendly and walks right up to people and looks straight into their faces.
She’s a little tornado leaving a path of destruction in her wake!

Have a great day friends!

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  1. Precious!! I just had my 4th baby at 36 (after 4 years of trying) and I felt so old to be having a baby. Now I realize how silly that was and I have days when I want a 5th. My older 3 are in elementary school and I know how quickly it all goes and that it only gets better with time. Beautiful photos.

    1. Oh congrats on your new baby!! I'm way older than you with a baby! I still want a third sometimes too but I think we are done.

  2. Love these pics and the post! Our first born, a little girl is going to be 1 in June! The first year has flown and she is just the highlight of our lives. Seeing you do this mother/daughter photo shoot has got me thinking I may need to arrange something like that! I always love hearing about your kiddos, And thanks for being such a transparent mom. It's a tough job, but oh so very rewarding!

    1. Do it!! It felt silly when I was planning it, but now that I have the photos, I'm so happy we did it! I planned the shoot for the morning when she had lots of energy and we just let her run around and play. The whole thing only took about 20 minutes!

  3. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! I'm so happy for your sweet family and have enjoyed following along over the years. I agree, there's no job more important than MOM! Happy Mother's Day to you!?

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