The Perfect T-Shirt Bra & Best Undies

Ever since our bra and panty intervention, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect (and I mean perfect) t-shirt bra.  In my quest to find one I could honestly recommend and want to shout from the rooftops about, I tried on nearly every brand and style in my size at Nordstrom (and trust me, they have a ton to choose from)!

I’m a quick trier-on, and so many I tried were okay, but not THE ONE.  I wanted one: 1) with support for larger chests, 2) but still comfortable, 3) well made, 4) not digging in around the waist or shoulder straps, and 5) no bra lines or bulges showing through your top.  Basically, a magical bra that lifts the girls and at the same time makes you forget you’re wearing a bra while being seamless under your t-shirt. 

Challenging mission, right?! 
But, I stuck with it and I’m thrilled to report back with TWO winners!  The How Perfect Wireless Contour Bra, aka The Perfect T-Shirt Bra and the Flora Underwire Bra, aka The Super Pretty T-Shirt Bra.

White Jeans (25) | Peplum Tee (XSP) | Heels | Old Necklace (Similar ) | Bag | Pink Sunglasses | Bracelet 

I’m gonna start with the Perfect T-Shirt Bra – and I’m wearing it in these pics with the grey peplum tee.  Notice how there’s no bra line showing underneath.  Just smooth sailing for miles!! It fits TTS, I’m 34D.  This bra has ultrasoft fabric and is so smooth and seamless!!  It’s the PERFECT t-shirt bra.  The strap width increases with larger sizes.  I honestly could not believe how smooth and supportive this bra is because there is no underwire! Maybe it’s just me, but all of my bras have underwire and that’s probably what makes us want to tear them off at the end of the day.  
This one does have side boning, but it’s not at all uncomfortable.  I also like the deeper v-cut that makes it perfect for your wider v-neck tees. 
I came out of the dressing room gushing over this bra to the saleslady and she said she always recommends that bra too and everyone that tries it loves it!  It comes in a pretty light blue and also black, but I’m wearing the “naturally nude.” 

You know you love a top when you wear it two days in a row.  This grey peplum top is the one you saw a peek of here, but I especially love a grey and white combo.  
I showed you these white distressed jeans in my latest Dressing Room post and they are definitely a new favorite.  Even when we were taking these pictures my friend Tisha was all, ‘man those jeans make you look so good!’ ?  But, it’s not just me, the reviewers on these jeans say the same thing. And they aren’t hoochy mama if you know what I mean- they are more like a real jean, but slightly thinner and with some stretch.  And bonus that these jeans that are supposed to be crop, but on me (5’1) they are the perfect regular jean length with no alterations necessary!
This pair would be a white distressed jean runner-up if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly (under $60).  But, they are more jegging like and I’m not as crazy about that style because I have bigger/muscular thighs and I don’t feel like they are as slimming.
The released hem is a trend I’m happily embracing- super cute, no?!

But, before I get all carried away telling you about just the bra and jeans, I have to share the most comfortable underwear!  I realize this is a huge personal preference, but I’ve been so unhappy with my undies lately.  For some reason I’m not even sure why- I’m starting to prefer briefs over thongs. TMI I know, but if you can’t talk to your girlfriends about this, then who?! 
So, when I was trying on the bras, and chatting with the saleslady about how good the Perfect T-Shirt Bra is, I asked her to show me the best panty in the department that all the women love.  I told her that I’m used to wearing thongs, so I want something that feels great on, but with no panty lines at all- espeically since I wear tight pants and white jeans.  

She went directly to the Seamless Hipster Panty and said these are the ones she most recommends and wears and everyone else loves too.  So I told her I wanted to try them and I said I usually wear a Medium in thongs because I don’t like them too tight and she said these only come in one size/no size.
I’m thinking, well that’s weird that a pair of underwear only comes in a “one size fits most” and how can that be?  It sounds strange, right?  
But I gave it a shot.  
This barely there pair is a brief that is silky smooth and thin, but stays put without digging in.  I really couldn’t believe it when I put them on because they are so soft and light, but they have ‘bonded side’ kinda like a sticky tape, but it’s not sticky, to keep them in place.  I’ve never tried anything like it and they are just so, so good. 
They come in two more styles though- a bikini brief and a high waist.  
I bought several pair!  They are a definite MUST HAVE.  Totally seamless and no panty lines! ✌

So, I mentioned there were two t-shirt bras I found.  The second one, The Super Pretty T-Shirt Bra, isn’t wireless, but it’s so so pretty and comfortable!

I was worried that the pretty lacy overlay would show texture through a t-shirt, but it’s sheer enough to be invisible.  It fits TTS, 34D for me.

I’m wearing The Super Pretty T-Shirt Bra below and you can tell there’s no lumps or bumps and good lift.  I love this tee (sorry about the wrinkles #laundryprobs) and have it in white too, but The Perfect T-Shirt Bra is better for under white tees.

And I can’t do a bra post without a nod to my go-to strapless bra.  She’s like a good old friend and I would feel bad leaving her out! You need a good strapless bra so you can feel confident and comfortable wearing those cute off-shoulder and cold shoulder tops. If you’ve been reading long, you’ve heard me rave about it and even though I got it several years ago and wear it often, it’s held up great.  And it’s the only strapless bra I wear! It keeps the girls up and doesn’t slip or slide so you can put it on and forget it.

I’m wearing my go-to strapless bra with these outfits: 

It’s also good with a one shoulder dress like below.  This dress was too tight for me to wear with a bra, but you get the idea.

Dress 0P 40% off

 Have a great day, friends! ?

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  1. I am totally with you on the undies, I used to be a thong girl all the way and now I am not all that interested, not sure why but I am glad you shared that because I can relate! I'm going to have to try those bras, it's so hard to find good bras that are pretty when you have a larger chest. Thanks for sharing your search results!

    1. I'm the same! And I've always been more concerned with how a bra felt/fit than how it looked, but I'm so happy to have the best of both worlds with that pretty one!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am in need of both! I have worn Soma undies for years, as they have the "sticky" edges, so no riding up. Need to try these.

  3. Thank you for this fabulous post! Honestly you make it so easy for us busy mamas by keeping us up to trend. I know you spend a ton of time doing this and I so truly appreciate it!! Truly thank you!! I'm going to buy those bras and undies as well!!

    1. That is a really appreciated comment Vivian. I think people would really be surprised to know how much time and effort goes into these posts! But I love doing it! Let me know what you think of the bra and undies- I'm ordering more undies now!

  4. I love those undies too! Just found them at Nordstrom. Ever since I had my daughter 11 months ago I haven't wanted to wear a thong! Thanks for the post! Need to buy new bras and I will look at these!

    1. Aren't those undies good?! I'm with you- suddenly not interested in my thongs and that's all I used to wear for years!! Let me know if you get the bras! I'd love to hear what you think!

  5. Megan – THANK YOU! I just went to Nordstrom today and asked the woman helping me to bring the bras you covered in this post. And I bought all of them! I haven't bought a strapless bra in over 10 years because I hate always pulling on them and feeling unsupported. Not with the Red Carpet bra! I danced and jumped around in the dressing room and NADA 🙂 Can't wait to wear all of these. Thanks again!

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have a similar build and bust as you and I can NEVER find a bra that I love. I just received the prettiest t-shirt bra from Nordstrom and I am in love. It’s not only comfortable but it makes the girls look great without looking like they’re up around my chin if that makes sense LOL. Off to buy the other two now.

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