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Good morning friends!  I hope your week is off to a great start!  Real life talk- I got a mammogram yesterday, so if you’ve been needing to get one yourself, here’s your sign to go ahead and get it scheduled!  I’ve never had one hurt and it really only takes about 10 minutes for the imaging process.  Just do it!

Now let’s jump in and talk routines.  If you subscribe to my weekend newsletter, you may have read this, but I’m sharing it again for those that missed it.

It’s no secret that the last year of my life has been pretty challenging as I’ve walked in the divorced parenting shoes.  I can’t say it’s “harder than I thought” because I didn’t have any preconceived notion about what it would be like.  Let’s just say, it’s pretty freaking hard.  And that’s with being able to ask my mom for help sometimes.  I know not everyone has that support.

What I’ve realized this year is how important our ROUTINES are.  They help keep our house running less like a crazy town, and more like a soft place to fall. I wholeheartedly believe that routines help children thrive and feel safe because they know what to expect.  It also helps us stay sane!

Even if you’re not as “type A” or “strict” with your routines, you can think of them as a rhythm to your day.  We all have our morning routine because we have to get ready and out the door, and our evening routine because we have to eat/go to bed.


I’ve had a morning and evening routine for a long time now.  What’s new is that I’ve started implementing a WEEKLY ROUTINE, so that I know on what day I’ll be doing weekly tasks.  This helps me from constantly running a dialog in my head about what needs to get done and worrying about when I’m going to do it.

Now, I just know- laundry is on Wednesday and Saturday; grocery shopping is Saturday; and financial planning is at the end of the month.  Things are less likely to slip through the cracks if I have designated days for things.

Here’s what my Weekly Routine looks like for my personal/household life right now, but it’s subject to change as we go through different seasons of life.

MONDAY – am workout, Dinner : meatless Monday
TUESDAY – trainer workout & cardio, Dinner : Taco Tuesday or Italian
WEDNESDAY – laundry, cleaning, Dinner : leftovers or crockpot
THURSDAY – trainer workout & cardio, Dinner: Dad’s choice
FRIDAY – am workout, errands, movie night, Dinner : pizza
SATURDAY – laundry, make zero waste meal plan, grocery shop, sports games
SUNDAY – church, meal prep, lay out clothes for the week, make weekly plan

LAST DAY OF MONTH – create next month’s budget & review financial goals


Y’all asked for a printable to help create your own weekly routine, so I made one for ya!  You can simply write in your weekly tasks and I included a checklist for “to do’s” and a place for notes.  I hope it’s useful for you!

Weekly Routines

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I also have a DAILY ROUTINE that ideally looks like this, but of course, not always:

wake up & make bed
drink water & prepare two water bottles
meditate/pray 5 minutes
review goals
journal 10 minutes

pick up kids from school
put phone away
unpack backpacks

eat dinner together at the table
clean kitchen
prepare next day lunch
make hot tea
6:45 start Jordan bath & bed routine
light candles & chill in living room
9pm get in bed
plan next day
read meditate/pray 5 minutes

The thing about routines is that they are often readjusted during different seasons of life or for different days.  I’m not super rigid about every single thing, but having a general plan helps so much!


I helped James (he’s 9, almost 10) create his own morning/evening routine too. He wrote it out on a piece a paper that lives in his room. It helps foster independence and keeps me from having to remind him of things that need to get done.  That’s so critical for my well-being and his!


wake up

make bed

get ready (get dressed, brush teeth and comb hair)

eat breakfast & put dirty dishes in dishwasher

put lunch box in backpack & backpack in car


complete homework & put in backpack

shower & brush teeth

put dirty clothes in the hamper

lay out clothes for the next day

Wednesday – take out trash

I hope this is helpful!  I know it is for me and our household. I’m curious about YOUR routines- share in the comments so we can all benefit from each other. 

Also, what other printables do you want me to make!   I love to create them!

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  1. I also thrive on a routine. Being an elementary teacher for 16 years, has definitely taught me that kids do best on routines! I LOVE your idea of Jame’s routine- I need ti do that with my 10, 8, & 4 year old! I think they would really like it! For my 4 year old I’d make a picture schedule.

    Great idea! ❤️ (Mom-Wife-Teach)

    1. I know you! 😉 We love our teachers so much! Thank you for everything you do! James had a picture schedule when he was starting Kindergarten to help him get himself ready in the morning.

  2. I’ve been trying to subscribe to your newsletter and I’m getting an “oops something went wrong letter” – This has been happening for a couple of days. Please let me know how to get on your subscription newsletter list!

    1. I’m so sorry you had trouble subscribing. I’ve reached out to my tech person, so hopefully it’s fixed soon. I went ahead and added you myself! You should get my next blog post via email on Friday and the weekend newsletter on Saturday!

  3. Megan, been following your blog for years. I am also a divorced mom to a very active 11 year old girl. Between my career, traveling for work, and her on 3 sports teams, I don’t know how I would do it with out my mom (Nana) helping me. All my daughters friends know her, she’s the sweetest, often when she runs carpool she takes them to Starbucks. There are so many things to navigate through this process, it’s only been about 2 years for me, but each day I am learning. I keep a pretty steady routine at our house and I think that is really helpful. Your an amazing mama, and I think it’s great for the kiddo’s to see how hard we work (in and out of the home).

  4. I have to tell you this! I bought the Dyson sweeper from your suggestion and it has been great! I also got it on Black Friday. Sadly it stopped charging and when connecting with Dyson we were 2 weeks outside our warranty and the solution is a whole new vacuum! They offered 20% a new one. My gosh what an expensive fix if we choose it. I was so surprised they didn’t have a battery to purchase or a solution, until I poured over reviews and customer problems and this is not a new issue. Tons of people with the same problem. I have not had mine long either and it is mounted to the wall and all the attachments and basically $500 in sale, in two years to only have to buy another. Very sad. I say all of this just to share because you still promote it, and I agree it’s a good product, but the endurance was not for myself and others and may lead to unfortunately many unhappy customers. I wanted you to know!

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