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This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. Although I often share my organizing tips with you, it’s been a long time since we’ve chatted about cleaning tips.  I admit to being a “neat freak”, but I’m a neat freak who also appreciates and enjoys  living in a home where you know kids are present.  So, while we tend to have those little boy messes to contend with, and lots of legos found in the most interesting places, for the most part I like to keep our house clean, clean, clean.

Our morning and evening routines are still in full effect (most days) and I’ve come to rely on waking up to a semi-clean house.  I don’t spend a lot of time cleaning, but do give the top three areas attention quite often.
My top three areas to keep clean in our house are the bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms.  A quick clean of each room doesn’t take that long and it feels so much better to just get it done!
Going to bed in a clean room at night helps relax and set the tone for the best sleep.  Except for the occasional pile of clean laundry I didn’t get to folding during the day, our room typically stays neat and tidy, with only those things in the room that belong in there.  It makes it really easy to clean with a quick dusting of the nightstands, mirrors and lamps.  Other than that, it’s just vacuuming the carpet and we’re good to go.
One thing that I never used to do, but LOVE to do now, is make my bed.  I don’t know why a person who likes a clean home so much wouldn’t make the bed, but I only recently became a morning bed-maker.  I think the nice bedding and decor in the room make me want to see a properly made bed.  Then, anytime I walk into the room throughout the day, it just feels more complete and easy to start the day in a productive way. You can see more of our bedroom and sources here.
Quick Home Cleaning Routines - starting with make your bed! Such a great way to end the day.
Probably like you, our kitchen gets so much use, especially right now when my husband is on a meal plan where he eats six specific meals a day, which means lots of cooking for me and we haven’t been going out to eat much.  I’m also eating as healthy as possible since we have a baby on the way, so again, lots of cooking going on here.  Pots and pans and dishes are in heavy rotation and are constantly having to be washed.  But the other main duties include:
1. Clean sink
2. Wipe counters
3. Wipe appliances
4.  Sweep floors
I recently had the opportunity to try The Home Depot HDX line of cleaning products and they worked really well without breaking the bank.  I didn’t even know The Home Depot had a line of cleaning products until they reached out, but given my “neat freak” status, I was excited to give them a try.  These products are sold exclusively at The Home Depot-  just look for the signature bright orange color!
HDX has everything from all-purpose cleaner (that smells really good and fruity) and antibacterial disinfecting wipes to wood floor cleaner.  One thing I’m a big fan of for getting rid of stains in the kitchen sink is the HDX Easy Eraser.  You just wet it a little bit or use it on a wet sink and give it a scrub and the stains disappear.  You can also use it on furniture and walls.
Quick Home Cleaning Routines - a clean kitchen sink finished off with the HDX Easy Eraser
All the cooking we do causes grease to accumulate on our kitchen hood.  I used the HDX Citrus Degreaser and one of their microfiber cloths (love those things!) to wipe the hood squeaky clean.  It can get pretty grody up there.
Quick Home Cleaning Routines - for bedroom, bathroom and kitchen
Finally, I used the HDX All Purpose Cleaner (love the smell of it) and an HDX microfiber cloth to wipe down the counters.  Keeping our counters clean and clear is a daily work in progress!
Quick Home Cleaning Routines - for bedroom, bathroom and kitchen
You’d think I had a toddler at home instead of a 5-year old child with the way he spills food and crumbs on the floor everyday.  He eats his breakfast and afternoon snack at this counter and never fails to make a mess.  I have to sweep everyday, but I really liked how the HDX broom and dustpan combo swept up the mess.
Quick Home Cleaning Routines - for bedroom, bathroom and kitchen
If I’m feeling ambitious, or I see that it really needs it, I also dust our chandeliers and light fixtures.  The HDX fluffy duster made this job really easy.
Quick Home Cleaning Routines - for bedroom, bathroom and kitchen
It feels so good to have everything all neat and tidy. And no crumbs on the floor! I listed all the sources in our breakfast room in this post.
Quick Home Cleaning Routines - for bedroom, bathroom and kitchen
We’ve got 3 1/2 baths in our home, but we only really use the master and the half bath downstairs.  James likes to shower in our bathroom, so his is only usually used for brushing teeth at night.  To keep our bathroom clean on the quick, I do the following chores:
1.  Clean sink
2.  Clean tub
3.  Clean toilets
4.  Wipe counters

5.  Wipe mirrorsI don’t do these daily, but usually once a week on Friday or Saturday.

Quick Home Cleaning Routines - for bedroom, bathroom and kitchen
Like I’ve mentioned above, I love using the microfiber cloths for so many jobs, including cleaning the mirror and faucets with the HDX glass cleaner.  It left no streaks and dried quickly.  Do you happen to notice how tall our counters are in our house?  Or maybe I’m just too short!
Quick Home Cleaning Routines - for bedroom, bathroom and kitchen
Quick Home Cleaning Routines - for bedroom, bathroom and kitchen
I was super happy to find this nifty dusting tool at The Home Depot.  It’s an adjustable duster that also expands up to 60 inches and it has two sides, a micro-terry side and a cleaning mitt.  You can remove the mitt and wash it too.
House Cleaning Tips - love this bendable and expandable duster!
The only way I could clean our large chandelier in our stairway before was to use a hook to pull the chandelier to me and then try to wipe it.  Not cool!  I hardly every did it.  But this Microfiber Flex Duster let me stand on the upstairs hallway and reach the chandelier safely.  Nice!
This tool would have come in handy that time I noticed a pair of little boy socks in there! 😉
Quick and easy home cleaning routine, focusing on the top three areas of your home to keep clean
Do you have a quick cleaning routine?  Have you tried the HDX cleaning products? If so, what did you think?
keep in touch! 

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I acknowledge that The Home Depot is partnering with me to participate in the HDX cleaning products program (the “Program”). As a part of the Program, I am receiving compensation in the form of products and services, for the purpose of promoting The Home Depot.  All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words.  My post complies with the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines.


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    1. How do you manage all this and work outside the home full time? My husband works 60+ hours a week, so I don't expect him to do any cleaning. I have a 40-hour a week job, so basically it is weekend cleaning for me.

  1. I clean the kitchen every night after doing the dishes, but the rest of the house has to wait until the weekend. I do love it when the bed is made, but I rarely do it.

  2. I had no idea they had their own line of cleaning products. We prefer eco friendly, no scent products here due to allergies. And yes, there is something about a made bed that just makes the entire day better.

  3. I did not know that Home Depot had its own line of cleaning products. I'm going to check them out, particularly the long duster and the broom. I think that many brooms are poor quality so I'm looking forward to trying this new broom.

    I have always made my bed first thing in the morning. I learned that from my mom and must say I can't stand an unmade bed.

    Megan, I am petite like you and have trouble reaching the tops of the bathroom mirrors. We need a long-handled microfiber tool.

  4. Thanks for the review of the products. I just want to make sure, for your sake – do the erasers that you reviewed contain formaldehyde, like some of the other big name ones? Expecting mommas are cautioned not to use them…just want to make sure you knew, just in case 🙂

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