Christmas Storage Solutions & How I Keep My Home Clean

Hi friend! I hope your week is going well!  Are you enjoying more down time or back to work?  My kids are home for Christmas break until next week, so it’s a little bit of both for me.

For now, we’re still enjoying our holiday decor and are in no hurry to take it down.  I think maybe Sunday, January 2 will be a good day since I can get the kids (and Brian) to help!


A couple of years ago, I invested in some durable and functional Christmas storage items and it’s made packing everything up so much easier.  Now I can easily identify our holiday things and they are safe from getting broken or damaged.


Ornament Storage  • Wreath StorageWrapping Paper StorageChristmas Tree Storage •  112 Ornament StorageFoldable Storage BoxesWreath Storage

Christmas Storage

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Once I put the holiday decor away, it’s time for a good, old fashion deep clean!  Nothing like a fresh start to kick your new year off on the right foot.

I always start with the refrigerator and freezer.  I take everything out, wipe and wash it all down, toss any old/expired food, and put the good stuff back in an organized way.

Clean Home Amazon

Steam MopBrush SetThe Pink StuffDust BusterDyson Stick VacGlovesExtendable DusterMagic EraserBar Keepers FriendBlinds DusterLysolMicrofiber Cloths

I also do a thorough dusting and cleansing of all the surfaces.  The blinds are easy to dust with this handy tool.  You simply side it over the blinds and then you can wash the removable cloths.  Higher places are easy to reach with this extendable duster.  It reaches up to 20 feet and is great for hard to reach ceiling fans and outside spaces.

For my marble counters, I just use dish soap and microfiber cloths to wipe everything down. You can also use the microfiber clothes with just water to clean mirrors and windows.  I machine wash them and hang to dry.

For my sinks, a sprinkle of Bar Keepers Friend and a scrub with a brush gets all the gunk and stains out.  The Pink Stuff is a vegan cleaning paste that can be used on almost anything from cookware to cooktops.  I like to use it on and around my faucets and scrub with the smaller brush.

The Magic Eraser is what I use to get so many things clean, like walls that have random marks on them.  They also clean doors really well.  You just wet and wipe.  It also removed all the crayon/pen marks from the plastic slide that Jordan wrote all over when she was younger. I also use it on faucets and cooktops to get things shiny clean.

Cleaning from the top down ensures that when you get to the floors, the rest of the surfaces are clean. I don’t use a broom, instead I rely on my Dyson Stick Vac which is genius and so easy to use because it’s cordless.  The different attachments make it a breeze to vacuum everything from your couch cushions to stairs.  I probably use this everyday, and it’s mounted on a wall so it’s easy to store and grab.

Sometimes, I opt for the convenient handheld Dust Buster which is a powerful tool for getting up crumbs in hard to reach places.

I’ve actually come to like mopping, especially with this Steam Mop.  It uses only water and steam to clean your floors and is safe for hardwoods.  It’s so refreshing to have clean floors!

Finally, I use Lysol on my trash cans, door knobs, remote controls and things we touch regularly to disinfect.

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Once Christmas decor is put away and the house is clean, you can thoughtfully style your spaces again in a new way.  I’ve been restyling my shelves in the media cabinet and kitchen and Amazon has affordable vases, vessels and books for doing just that.

Amazon Home Decor

Geometric VaseMade For Living BookEspresso Finished CrockBasketSucculentsMini Wooden StoolSmall PitcherRattan JugLive Beautiful Book

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Are you inspired to give your home a refresh?  I am! Have a fantastic day friend!

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