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Okay folks, only took me 4 days to finally have some time to clean out and organize our mudroom, but now that it’s done, I’m loving it!  Hopefully, it can function smoothly and stay this way throughout the summer.

My son was at school when I snapped these photos, but his backpack goes on the empty hook. 

You may remember the before:

A few simple changes made all the difference.  
First, I removed the pillows (even though I sewed all of them myself) because I figured they were contributing to the cluttered look.  Then, I decided what really needed to be kept in this room, removed the rest, and bought two more hooks. Since we got our original hooks via our builder, I couldn’t find the exact match at our local hardware store, so I went with a different style in the same finish (brushed silver). 
To make sure everything stays in its place, I made labels with my label maker and put them in bookplates from the Martha Stewart collection (had to run to the store to get more).  The categories in our mudroom are: Sports (I consolidated my son’s swim lesson and T-ball stuff into one bag), School (his backpack), James’ Jackets, Hats (my son’s), Mom (my scarves/jackets), Hats (mine), Gym (workout bag), Swim (pool bag), and my favorite- Car/Returns (all the things I need to put in my car to either return or give to someone- that miscellaneous errand stuff). 
My son and I wear hats a lot in the summer, and keeping them on a hook ensures they don’t get all squished.  When the weather is nice, I like to drive with the sunroof open, but don’t want sun on my face, so a hat is a must (along with sunscreen)!
This colorblock fedora fits really well and comes in other colors too.
Part of keeping this space organized includes keeping the contents of the bags organized.  These blue and white stripe and Ikat Stella & Dot bags are perfect for my gym bag and pool bag.  I’ve used them for about a year and a half and they’ve held up great. 
The gym bag contains: gym fob, iPod, sports towel, water bottle, small bag with mascara, hair bands/clips/bobby pins, bag of glutamine powder (for drinking immediately after I workout).
The pool bag has sunscreen, a visor, swimsuit, cover-up, flip-flops (in case I go after the gym), and magazines.  
I wish I could remember the vendor who sold this orange and white vinyl bag.  I got it at our annual holiday market and you get to choose your bag/monogram style and color.  Since this one is so heavy duty, I use it to transport things to and from the car, like returns, etc. 
Putting my son’s T-ball and swim stuff into one bag helped a lot.  I keep in his bag: (swim) towel, change of clothes, goggles, crocks and for (T-ball): baseballs, sports towel, hat, sunscreen (adult and kids), granola bar, water bottle, chapstick, gum, marker/pens/paper.
I keep my son’s shoes and my tennis shoes in the woven baskets (from Target).  I’ve got two pair for running the park, two pair for the gym, and two Skechers Go Walk (so lightweight and comfy) for everyday.  Flip flops are also kept here- just bought this pair.
I have kept my keys on this simple hook strip since we moved in and recently switched out my purse for a cross body bag (thanks Sista!) It opens in the center with a place to put money, credit cards, etc.  Makes it super easy to grab and go.  
I love a good AFTER! 🙂  
I also organized the things in the upper cabinets.  To see how to make the no sew bench seat, go here.  We’ve also painted the doors without taking them off the hinges. 😉 
keep in touch! 

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    1. Thanks Amy! We have summer stuff (beach towels, sunscreen, pool/beach toys) on one side and lightbulbs, batteries and various stuff on the other side. I need to clean it out and show y'all!

  1. Hi Megan, this mudroom looks awesome! Love the stripes on the wall and the coordinating cushions and rug! I'm going to use your tutorial to make the no-sew cushion as well! Just wondering where you bought the hooks and book plates! Such a great idea! Can the book plates be picked up at a store like Michael's? Are the upper cabinets custom? Thank you!

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