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Happy Monday guys!  We celebrated my son’s 4th birthday yesterday with a small party at home.  It was nice to keep it intimate and everyone had a good time and got to hang out and relax.  Being a mom is my favorite thing in the whole world and I feel like I am blessed with the sweetest little guy.  He picks me tiny “flowers” from the yard, sings with me in the car, and holds my face in his dirty toddler hands and says sincerely, “You are so lovely.”  Melts my heart! 

I recently shared some of my “new mom” stories at Small Fry Blog if you want to check it out. 

Since I got some nice compliments (thank you!) on my hair on my instagram (@honeywerehome), I wanted to share the tool I use to get those loose wavy curls- the Remington Styling Wand. It’s  inexpensive too- $21.50.

I’ve gotten pretty good at using it and it doesn’t take me nearly as long as it used to.  I heat the wand to 270 degrees (even though it gets much hotter) and using the glove, I just curl my hair all the way around in about 1 1/2 inch sections, away from my face, holding for about 10-15 seconds.  After it’s all curled, I shake it out and pull the curls apart a little with my fingers (it’s like a poodle curl right after it’s done) and spray with Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Hairspray. (A little goes a long way.) 

Hope this helps!

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  1. Happy birthday for your son! Your hair looks really nice like ! I love loose curls but for some reason my hair doesn't want to stay curl for a long time:D

  2. I will be buying this! Thank you for sharing! You are always so beautiful! Are you still working as a lawyer during the day? I always think, wow, Megan is the bomb.com at getting things done and looking good! Share those secrets, Mama 😉

    xo Melissa

  3. James has grown so much! I loved my time with my kids when they were 4 year olds. No longer babies but gaining independence as little kids. My daughter turns 11 this month and my son turns 9 in early April, time flies by so fast.

    I have a curling wand that has the mini cheater arm to hold the hair. I had originally bought a wand like yours and was too uncoordinated to do it. I had burns all over my arms, LOL

  4. Saw your breakfast room featured on the Pottery Barn blog today! Gorgeous. I'm actually looking to get those seagrass barstools from Target (they're currently sold out). How did the hold up with your little ones? A pain to clean?

    Loving your tutorial!


  5. Always love your hair!! And, after seeing pics of your sweet mom I can see where you get it from 😉 Kate has a curling wand (might be the same one) and loves it. My hair is still somewhat shorter (letting it grow for summer), so I haven't used one much.

  6. I have to say my son also brings me "flowers" from the yard and calls me "lovey momma" and they are highlights of my day. We are blessed to have such sweet boys 🙂

    P.S. Your hair looks great!

  7. I cannot believe how much James has grown! It seems like just yesterday he was a baby! He is such a cutie Megan and sounds like he has such a sweet heart. I love that he picks flowers for you and tells you that you are lovely. That is precious. You have beautiful hair!

  8. Very pretty hair! Can you explain how you use the wand to get the look of your hair? Also curious what type of highlights you have (what do you tell your hairstylist to do to get that blond)?

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