Vitamix Blender- Worth It?

Last year I was considering purchasing a Vitamix blender and then was shocked to see how expensive they were when I visited the website.  I was so naive about the price!  I wrote about it on Honey We’re Home, asking people if they thought the Vitamix was worth it and got a lot of responses, mostly people encouraging me to make the splurge and others saying blenders that sell for much less will do the job fine.  I was still on the fence when I was at Costco one day and they had a Vitamix 5200s on sale (but now I can’t recall the exact price) so I went ahead and bought it.  Amazon sells a Vitamix5200s

for $449.99 ($100 less than the Vitamix website).

I have to say I love it!  I mix protein smoothies in it almost daily and they contain ice and frozen fruit, which blend up perfectly.  Perhaps a less expensive blender would also work, but I’m confident this one will last a very long time- it comes with a 7-year warranty.  

I will say, the downside of my Vitamix blender is it’s height- it won’t fit on the counters under our cabinets because it’s too tall.  We tend to keep ours out near the kitchen sink because we use it so often, and store it in a lower cabinet where it fits fine.  I just rinse it with hot soap and water right after each use, and lay it upside down to dry.  
One feature I really like is that it’s not that loud compared to other blenders I’ve heard.  Now, I want to venture outside of just making smoothies.  I know you can make soups, dips, salsa, and have even heard of chicken salad and dough.  
Do you have a Vitamix?  I’d love to hear what you are making in your blender besides smoothies.  
I’m considering pureeing up some veggies to sneak into my son’s food (maybe into his blueberry muffins or something like that).  Any recommendations? He’s the pickiest eater I’ve seen!
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  1. I received a vitamix as a gift. I too thought it was pricey for a blender but wow! It's well worth it. We mostly make protein smoothies but I've also made guacamole, oat flour, soup and I really want to make hummus.
    Thank you for the inspiring blog.

  2. Everyone in my family now has a Vitamix – they are awesome! We use them mostly to make perfectly blended margaritas though! They sell a new one now that is a wider, shorter pitcher so that it will fit under the countertops, but it is more expensive than the regular sized 5200s. I think they have them now at Williams Sonoma. I do think they are pretty loud, but you just cannot beat how perfectly smooth drinks and smoothies come out and how great it is at blending ice right in. Plus it works much faster than a normal blender. So worth the splurge!

  3. We bought a Vitamix last weekend and we use it ALL the time! Like twice a day. I've made smoothies, soups, salsa and a Dole whip so far. And everything turns out PERFECT! We bought our at Costco too, but we went for the one that's around $370, and it does all the same things but just doesn't have the automatic settings. I'm making the whole fruit margaritas tomorrow night!! Yipee!

  4. We love ours! I had tried convincing hubby to get one for years…he thought they were just over pricey smoothie makers. Then, all of a sudden, I find myself in WS with him Father's Day weekend and he is eyeing the Vitamix. Say what? Apparently, he did his research and learned they do so much more (ummm…and you didn't believe me, why?). So, home it came with us. We have made smoothies, protein shakes, soup, spaghetti sauce, grated cheeses, dough (we purchased the dry container and smaller wet one as well), pesto and several other things. Well worth the money. We have a Breville blender as well, and it beats it hands down when it comes to ice!!!

  5. I have a Blend Tec; it was expensive ~ close to $450 with the two size pitchers and different lids ! I love it and use it often. For anyone who thinks the less expensive warrior named blender is the same thing, it so is not. The Vita Mix and Blend Tec will both blend greens so minute, you cannot see any specks of them in your smoothies. If I use the right proportion, my little man never knows there is spinach or kale in the mix. I use mine to blend soups, make the expensive coffee drinks, rice flour and oat flours and nut butters. So worth the investment.

  6. I have a Blend Tec and use it all the time. It was pricey ~ around $450 with the two size pitchers and another attachment. For any one who thinks the lesser priced warrior named blender will do the same job, I tried it and it does't hold a candle to this one. The vita-mix and blend tec are much more powerful and can get greens so minute in a smoothie that you don't even see them. My little man never knows there is kale or spinach in his smoothies. I use mine mainly for the morning routine but I have used it to blend super smooth soups, the expensive coffee house drinks, nut butters and oat or rice four. So worth the investment.

  7. Yep, totally worth it. We have one and LOVE it. It's way better than just your joe blow blender. It can handle raw veggies like nobody's business. At this point I just do smoothies as well, but the possibilities are endless!

  8. Yes we have one and its ok! It bugs me that it doesn't fit under the kitchen cabinets and the black is kinda ugly, really stands out in our kitchen. I'm also annoyed that u have to chop most things before adding them like celery carrots and apple's which I wasn't expecting. but I do love that its easy to clean. I guess I'm on the fence about it. thanks for sharing your thoughts Megan! 🙂

  9. My 2 and a half yr old is a picky eater too and would not put a single vegetable in her mouth if presented in its natural form. I am fed up trying to offer her veggies and then found a book 'The Sneaky Chef' and figured sneaking pureed cooked veggies into her favorite foods. Check it out, you can buy used book for less than 5$ with shipping. I don't follow recipes to the T but I like getting ideas of what can be mixed with what.

  10. I make my own almond milk, rice milk, oat flour, powdered sugar, pesto, soup, and almond butter (if I don't have time to run to the store). I LOVE my Vitamix. We make smoothies daily & my kids have developed a love for green smoothies because of it.

  11. My husband has been wanting one for a couple years, but we have not invested in it yet. He wants it for cooking, I would use it more for smoothies. I have a Margaritaville mixer that I use daily for protein smoothies and love it, which is why I have not taken the plunge and bought a Vitamix. But I can see us buying one in the next couple months, once QVC/HSN brings them back. Thanks for the review, it helps solidify the value we might get from this appliance.

  12. We use ours almost daily for green smoothies and I kiss it every time. I also love using it for almond milk, mayo (especially the "paleo" mayo), and pureeing soups. It is such a dream!

  13. We/ve had a Vitamix for several years now. Love it! Use it every day for smoothies, and often for soups. Kids love that we can make them sorbet in it for a healthier treat than other options. We had the same problem with it being too tall to fit under the counter, but you can get a shorter blender container for it that will allow it to fit under most cabinets. I can say also, that they really do stand behind their warranty. I used it so often that a part broke underneath and the blade stopped turning, motor would start smoking because of it. They sent me everything I needed to fix it with no questions asked. Great customer service!

  14. Wow I wish the vitamix was that price here in Australia. I just looked up the price of them here and they are about $1000 – you have to buy the dry jug seperately as well! Similarily the Thermomix is $2000. I wish they didn't double the prices here!!

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