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Year after year, as we decorate our homes for the changing seasons, we learn more about our style and perhaps ourselves.  What do we want our homes to say, what feeling do we want to convey?  If you’re a funky and colorful type of person, I bet your home reflects that.  Are you more modern or traditional?  I’m sure those elements creep into your home design too.  I keep coming back to inviting and simple decor.  I lean toward uncomplicated spaces with a coziness to them.  I tried to accomplish that with the addition of some Fall decor in our dining room- not that we’re seeing anything near Fall temperatures here in Houston.  I started my Fall decorating with the console table that I recently got from World Market.


I knew I wanted natural elements in the decor, so I bought some leafy branches from the grocery store.   Unfortunately, clippings from our yard aren’t that pretty.  The faux feathers in a candle holder round out the trio of vases in Fall-like colors.  I like all the different heights and shapes.  I’m always fond of creamy or white pumpkins, and this ceramic one works perfectly with the cream colored lamps.
On the bottom shelf, I used the same basket that was there before, just switching out the pillows and adding a green ombre throw blanket.
I like the calming color scheme here and had to remind myself I don’t have to do Fall with the typical orangey-reds, although I do like that combo.


A wooden bowl full of corks from wine enjoyed over the years is a personal touch I like.


Are you pulling out the Fall decor in your house?
Here is the SOURCE LIST:
CONSOLE TABLE // World Market
RUG // Pottery Barn (similar)
GEOMETRIC FABRIC FOR PILLOW IN BASKET // High Fashion Home, Dwell Studio Fabric
WOODEN BOWL // HomeGoods???


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  1. I just added this same table to our living room as a sofa table. I love it. I need to pull out my fall stuff too! I just might have to steal your look of a basket with pillows and blankets. That looks so cozy!! Well done.

  2. Your styling looks so pretty, Megan! I love the bowl of corks. Think I just tossed all of ours and now I am sad!

  3. Love this Megan!! These are the colors that I just love for fall and especially that pop of gold! Maybe if we fall decorate, we finally cool off from the Texas heat! Happy Fall friend!

  4. Love the look. I too love the more natural, earthy colors. Big fan of green, white and brown. Love the throw. I just picked one up in a similar color at West Elm and love it. Working on my console table in the foyer. Love the simplicity of it all. I am not a fan of a lot of "stuff".

  5. I really like the white ceramic pumpkins! I'm try to wait a bit before pulling out the fall decor, but all of these teasers of other people's home are not making it easy. Maybe I'll get to it this weekend…

  6. It's really beautiful Megan! Lovely colors. I like the calming feeling to it..so cozy and classy. I have not done any Fall decorating yet. The white pumpkins are fun that you found…love those.

  7. Gorgeous…and different…take on fall decor. Such a beautiful and refreshing look! This is why I am always drawn to your style…it is uniquely you. 🙂

  8. This is gorgeous! Very lovely. Question for you: How do you avoid feeling overwhelmed with all that you do? I have two small children and sometimes feel like the task of organizing my house (and keeping it organized!) is daunting, in addition to all of the day to day tasks. I would love your insight on this topic as you have a young son and really seem to have it together. I just finished reorganizing our guest bath and was so excited, but I started to feel stressed when I thought about all the work yet to be done. Would love your thoughts. Thanks!

  9. So beautiful! The combination of browns and greens is one of my absolute favorites, and with the cream and gold … *sigh*. Love it!

    Oh, an by the way, it's your fault I got started on Pinterest. 🙂 Because there are just so, so many beautiful ideas on your blog that inspire me.

    Thanks! 🙂 And God bless!

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