The Halloween Rockstar

No one does Halloween like the uber-creative Stefanie of A Brooklyn Limestone In Progress. I’ve long admired the renovation she and her husband undertook of their home, but it’s her outlandish and always well thought-out Halloween decor that I look forward to every.single.year.  I’m sure her whole neighborhood does! Mrs. Limestone does Halloween in a big way, but she’s way too modest about how absolutely freakin’ fantastic it is!  She’s also a great photographer, and these are her images.   2008:  Spider Infestation HouseDecoratedforHalloween3 HouseDecoratedforHalloween WarningArachnidPoison StairSpiderClose   2009:  Climbing Skeletons SkeletonsClimbingonHouse1 SkeletonsClimbingonHouseDetail2   2010:  Haunted Freakshow HalloweenDecor14 HalloweenDecor13HalloweenDecor8 HalloweenDecor21 HalloweenDecor17 HalloweenDecor10 HalloweenDecor7   A Halloween Party Oh, you thought that after all THAT, she wouldn’t have the time or energy to bring the decor INSIDE? Wrong!  These photos are from Halloween 2008. Spread2 WitchesBrewBar SpiderwebCheesecake MouseSiloStairs SkeletonCenterpiece   Invitations And yes, there’s more!  Just wait til you see her personally-created Halloween invitations.  They blow my mind! 2008 HalloweenInvite_CLEAN 2009 HalloweenInvite6 2010 HalloweenInvite2010A Have a wonderful and safe Halloween!  I’ll show you on Monday the cutest baby pumpkin you ever saw!

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  1. Are you freaking kidding me! Those look like a movie set. They must be the most fun people to hang out with. Happy Halloween to you. Looking forward to seeing your sweet little pumpkin!

  2. Oh wow! I'm with Courtney on this one…it looks like something straight out of Hollywood! What fun!! And, the food…she makes Martha look like an amateur! Can't wait to see the pics of baby James the "pumpkin".

  3. I'm pretty sure my jaw just hit my desktop! WOW! Everything looks amazing and each year gets better and better!

  4. I'm a new follower of your blog and btw I love your blog! Thanks for sharing that. Look at those decorations! Wow! I bet that is a fun party!!!!

  5. I know, right?! Year after year, Stefanie makes me look SO bad!!

    She's got amazing talent, her graphic design skills make me envious!

    Glad you liked pixelimpress!!

  6. Thank you so much for the mention. Im knee deep in preparations right now so your kind words give me inspiration to finish up 🙂

  7. She has mad skills!! I thought you were leading up to showing us where your giant spider ended up!!?? Have a great first halloween with your sweet pumpkin!!!

  8. I don't even believe it. That is inthane in the membrane. Going to visit her blog directly!!! Thanks for sharing!


  9. She is unreal! I've always enjoyed her posts on decorations. And her invitations are phenomenal!

  10. Mrs. L really is amazing! I would love to see it in person. Great post!
    Have fun with your sweet pumpkin this weekend!

  11. All I have to say is that I bow to her creativity. UNBELIEVEABLE!! I can only hope to "copy" some of those fabulous ideas next year for our party. I have been bitten — and she provided the venom. I have to throw a party. It looks like so much fun.


  12. Wow, she out does herself every year1 Now that is someone with a lot of creativity and energy. It is Hollywood worthy that is for sure. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  13. Wow, Wow, Wow!! This has to be the best decorated house for Halloween I have ever seen.
    xo, Sherry

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