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Yay for the weekend friends!  I’m so thankful we started the 20 Minute Move Challenge this week.  If you missed it, I created a new (free) printable without the dates in the first column so you can use it whenever you want.  These last 5 days have already been challenging to get the 20 minutes in, but it’s also the best I’ve felt in a while.  I appreciate you so much for keeping me accountable.  I’m sharing every day on Stories, and would love to share you too.  Just tag me @honeywerehome for a shout out!

This week has been focused on healthy – What I Eat in a Day to Stay Lean, and Healthy Meals You Don’t Have to Cook.  And if you missed any April posts, you can get caught up here.


Today, we’re having some fun and taking it outside the kitchen and into the backyard!

Our weather is heating up and soon the only way to be comfortably outside is if you’re wet!  I got a little pool for our backyard and the kids have been playing in it nonstop.  I swear it’s the best $15 I’ve spent in a long time!

TowelsPeppa Pig TankiniSwim TrunksCooler

This little pool is worth its weight in gold for the hours of non-electronic time it’s provided for my kids already!  It’s 6 feet wide and 15 inches tall, small enough for tiny spaces and little kids and big enough to splash around in.  Speaking of big, I can’t believe how much both of them have grown!  They are nine and three now and the best of buddies (most of the time!)

Summer backyard fun for kids

Snap Up PoolFolding ChairsBeach BallsWagon of Sand Toys

James got Jordan good with this bucket of water! That will be much more refreshing in June when it’s sweltering at 8am!

But you better believe she got him back! 😉 Little sister always stands up for herself!

Our shade, the chairs and the cooler are all from Ozark Trail – which is exclusively available at Walmart. This brand has everything you need for any outdoor adventures.

Our outdoor time doesn’t stretch far beyond the backyard and the ball field lately, but you can find all the things you need for your summer camping trips in one place. They have multi-room tents and furniture if you’re not a fan of sleeping on the ground. Get yourself and the kids sleeping bags, backpacks and so much more.

My ShortsMy TankMy Flip FlopsFolding ChairsPop Up Canopy

Our backyard doesn’t get shade for much of the day, so the canopy is perfect for providing a little bit of relief from the sun.  It’s 10×10 with sturdy metal slant legs and a polyester cover that provides a lot of protection from the sun.

The canopy is quite easy to set up and take down – just me and my mom could do it and that’s saying something!

Of course, James wanted burnt orange “tawny” for his favorite college football team. #hookem It comes in a zippered case with handle, perfect for taking to the beach!

Summer backyard fun for kids

I can’t help but just stop and look at my growing boy sometimes.  He was just four months old when I started my blog and now he’s almost graduating third grade with a mouthful of braces!  I’m so proud of the person he is and love being his mom. ♥

Beach Balls

Before I get too sappy, we’ll keep it lighthearted and fun with popsicles! We can keep them and cold drinks handy in the super heavy duty Cooler from Ozark Trail.

It’s way more high performance than we really need for a little backyard play, but definitely does the job!  I like that it has drink holders in the lid and a large drain hole for letting out water.

I read about this feature in the description online – “Certified bear-resistant by the interagency Grizzly Bear Committee.” Is that a real thing??  I got curious and researched and guess what, it is!   But don’t confuse bear-resistant with bear-proof! 😉

These break apart popsicles are the kids’ faves! The first time I have Jordan a push up pop, she said, “Mom, you forgot to take the cardboard off!” Ha!

I should have had a popsicle!  I was too focused on getting my water in! Ha!  The tumbler obsession is real over here! 😉

I love how these chairs hold my big cup and have a little compartment for keys. There’s a back pocket on it as well so you’re basically bringing a little compound with you when you take these places!  They can get wet without any problems, then dry quickly.  I take them to ballgames too and they are definitely ready for the beach!

I’ve also been working on sprucing up the back patio.  We’re starting with a cute little “hello” mat and I also brought in some color with the pink hydrangeas.  I wanted to see how they looked and faired in this spot before adding more to the other side of the door.

Hello DoormatTowels

I’m looking forward to spending more time outside with the kids this summer. The pool, chairs and canopy are easily stored in the garage and we can put them up and away in no time for some fun at home!

I also ordered some new patio furniture and I’ll be sure to show you when it arrives!

Hello doormat

Hello DoormatFlip Flops

Our backyard may be small, but we definitely know how to have fun in it! Jordan’s crazy about bubbles and goes crazy chasing after them!


And she also loved this Peppa Pig tankini!  So cute! And I love that it’s easy off with the bottoms for bathroom breaks.

Um, I’m not sure the little wagon is meant for rides, but okay! It’s also a great deal and comes with a 20-piece bucket and toys to play in the sand or water.

You can see here how without the canopy we’d have no shade, so this is perfect for long summer days outside.

What kind of outdoor adventures do you have planned this summer? If you are in need of high-quality outdoor products at a tremendous value, I recommend shopping the links below!


Only 27 more days left of school, but who’s counting?! 

Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend friends! 

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  1. The flip flops are so cute and I love all the fun colors!

    Looks like James and Jordan are having so much fun – especially splashing each other! She is just adorable in the little wagon 🙂

    I’m planning to plant some hydrangeas too. I’ve heard in Texas the flowers go away when it gets really hot but they come back in the fall. I’ve noticed several of my neighbors plant them in a spot that get a little shade (like a side yard) and they seem to do really well.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I’ve gotten lots of good advice about the hydrangeas lately and we planted some in our side yard too. Hopefully they thrive. Everyone stresses that they need lots of watering and a little bit of morning sunlight.

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