New Styles from Abercrombie & Gibson

Hi friend! Welcome to a fresh, new week! We had a lovely weekend, spent most of the day on Saturday at track and then most of Sunday at home relaxing.

If you can believe it, I’ve decluttered more than the 500 things last month and I’m feeling even lighter and fresher. I’ll be sharing a before and after of some of the spaces in my home soon so you can see the changes!

Parting with things has caused me to pause and reflect and be much more mindful in my purchases and the things I share with you. I’ve been struggling internally with my content because I feel this conflict inside – I’m realizing the great benefit of not having too many things in my home and life, yet there are things that I use and love and they bring me joy too.

I haven’t necessarily resolved this dilemma and maybe it’s not a dilemma at all – the two ideas can coexist beautifully. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that topic.

Do you enjoy my posts on intentional living, healthy recipes, fitness? Do you prefer fashion, outfit styling, sale alerts, home decor, organization? All of the above? I’d love to hear in the comments.

New Styles from Abercrombie & GibsonLook

For today, I have thoughtfully ordered and bring you new styles from Abercrombie and GibsonLook. At Abercrombie, I was specifically interested in a new pair of jean shorts and the high waist, casual pair I found are really good.

GibsonLook has lovely floral dresses that are perfect for Spring. You can use my code HONEY10 for 10% off sitewide at GibsonLook.

For Size Reference: I’m a shorty (5’1) and petite, weighing about 110.  I typically wear size 0p/25 jeans, XS or XSP in tops and dresses. 

Jewelry Worn: NecklaceApple WatchWatch BandDelicate Gold RingsGold Bangles


Gibson Green Floral Dress

Green Floral DressSandals (& Here) • Clutch

The soft sage floral day dress is garden party ready. It’s a flattering style with a smocked waist and cute detail at the trim.

Dress Fit: I’m wearing a XXS

Gibson Green Floral Dress

Green Floral Dress

Pink Floral Dress Gibson, Green Purse, Sandals

Floral DressSandalsPurse

This dress is so pretty with the lively colored petite florals, aptly called “wild boquet”. The dress is a v-neck wrap style with a coordinating tie belt and 3/4 length sleeves. The material is a soft poplin fabric that nice and cool on your skin and it has pockets.

I tried on and didn’t care for the blouse in the same color & material. It overwhelmed my frame with the voluminous sleeves. I should have taken a pic to show you. 🙁

Dress Fit: I’m wearing an XXS

Pink Floral Dress Gibson

Pink Floral Dress

Purple Floral Dress, Gibson, Sandals, White Clutch

Ruffle DressSandalsClutch

The “ruffles for day” wrap dress has tiers of soft ruffles, a flattering v-neck and flouncy skirt. I’m wearing the violet floral, and it also comes in solid blue and solid black with a clip dot texture.

Dress Fit: I’m wearing an XXS

Purple Floral Dress, Gibson, Sandals, White Clutch

Purple Floral Dress

Pink and Orange mini Dress Gibson, Sandals, clutch

Tiered DressSandalsBag

I liked the sherbet colors in this day dress. It has a notch neckline with cap sleeves and a fun pink/orange/light yellow swirl floral print.

Dress Fit: I’m wearing an XXS

Pink and Orange mini Dress Gibson, Sandals, clutch


Shorts Outfits

Crochet Top, Linen Shorts, Sandals, Crossbody

Crochet TopShortsSandalsCrossbody

I can see why GibsonLook calls these shorts the “favorite summer short.” They’re a chambray pull-on style short with a comfortable elastic waist and functional drawstring tie. To me, they’re a perfect flattering length- not too short and not too long (3 1/2 inch in-seam). And they are so comfortable!

You can machine wash them on delicate and lay flat to dry.

The shell style crochet top is from Abercrombie and also comes in black. I’m simply wearing a flesh-toned bra with it. This is my everyday, seamless t-shirt bra and some colors/sizes are on sale.

Tank Fit: I’m wearing an XS

Shorts Fit: I’m wearing an XXS

Crochet Top, Linen Shorts, Sandals, Crossbody

Crochet TopShortsSandalsCrossbody

Abercrombie Jean Shorts

Crochet Top, Jeans Shorts, Sandals

Crochet TopShortsSandals

And here are the Abercrombie jean shorts I ordered. They are the “curve love high rise 90s cutoff short” and I’m wearing the color “light” They also come in a darker blue wash, black and white.

These have a high waist, fitting looser in the thigh and hip with no waist gaping. The inseam in 3.25 inches.

They fit TTS. I ordered my true size (25) and also a 26, but the 25 fit perfectly.

Top Fit: I’m wearing an XS

Shorts Fit: 25

Crochet Top, Jeans Shorts, Sandals

Crochet TopShorts

Square neck Tee, Shorts, Sandals. Clutch

Crop TeeShortsSandalsWoven Crossbody

I also tried the square neck crop tee in two colors – grey and taupe. It’s fitted with a short sleeve and crop length, hitting right at the top of my high waist shorts. The material is AF’s soft cotton-blend.

Tee Fit: I’m wearing an XS

Shorts Fit: 25

Square neck Tee, Shorts, Sandals. Clutch

Crop TeeShortsWoven Crossbody

Jeans Outfits

Waffle Knit Sweater, Jeans, Sandals, Crossbody

Blue TopJeansSandals (& Here) • Crossbody

Gibsonlook jeans are SO incredibly soft and comfortable. This straight pair has a high waist and crop length with an undone hem. Otherwise, they’re no rips or distressing. Just a darker wash that’s easy to dress up or down.

They run large, so size down one.

The v-neck waffle top is relaxed and easy to wear – perfect for transitioning wear. The blue is a pretty color too.

Top Fit: I’m wearing an XXS

Jeans Fit: 24

Waffle Knit Sweater, Jeans, Sandals, Crossbody

Blue TopJeans


I like this “hibiscus” colored top for adding a pop of vibrance to your outfit. It’s perfectly polished for work, but looks good worn more casually with jeans too.

Top Fit: I’m wearing an XS 

Jeans Fit: 24


Square Neck Tee, jeans, Sandals, Crossbody

Crop TeeJeansSandalsSimilar Crossbody

Here’s a look at the crop top in grey with the GibsonLook jeans.

Top Fit: I’m wearing an XS

Jeans Fit: 24

Square Neck Tee, jeans, Sandals, Crossbody

Crop TeeJeansSimilar Crossbody

Crochet Top, Jeans, Sandals, Clutch

Crochet TopJeansSandals (& Here) • Clutch

And the crochet top styled with the jean.

Top Fit: I’m wearing an XS

Jeans Fit: 24

Crochet Top, Jeans, Sandals, Clutch

Crochet TopJeans


Romper, Sandals, Woven Crossbody

RomperSandals (& Here) • Crossbody

Y’all, this romper is so cute! It’s a utility style sans sleeves but with a collar and functional front buttons. The shorts are relaxed fit with pockets and belt looks. The tie belt comes with.

I got an XSP, but could have gone with a regular XS.

Romper Fit: I’m wearing a XSP 

Romper, Sandals, Woven Crossbody


Abercrombie Favorites

Abercrombie Style

12345 6789 10

Now let’s go kick Monday’s booty!

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Meet Megan

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  1. Lovely selection, I like everything but my favorite pieces are third floral dress, blue top and red top

  2. First of all- I love your hair- it looks so bright and summery! I really enjoy everything you post, but have found myself moving away from frequent clothing purchases and trying to shop my own closet. My favorite posts of yours are intentional living, healthy recipes, fitness. I think you are such an inspiration!

    1. Thank you for the hair compliment! I’m really enjoying it short and blonde. And it’s so easy to take care of and style. I appreciate your feedback on this topic Mary Ellen.

  3. Hi! I actually like reading/seeing “all of the above” topics. I enjoy seeing the latest fashion and decorating ideas so I can do little updates here and there, but the organizing and declutterring posts help keep me grounded. I try to donate older or less used things when I purchase new things. I also enjoy seeing your healthy eating and exercise posts because I am an “older” woman and need the encouragement. Your posts are inspiring…please keep them coming 😊

  4. I love this question! I totally agree that there’s a real tension between new things and taking care of what we already have! My favorite posts of yours are fitness, home organization, life updates, travel recaps. I love it when “links” happen naturally — a product that you truly love and use regularly will resonate with me personally more than just a “haul” type post. And I still read blogs because the bloggers themselves are inspiring/interesting/relatable, so I love reading posts about what makes you you!

    1. Such a sweet compliment Amy Grace. I am also working on using what I have before buying more – specifically, I have lots of hair products, skincare and body wash – but also pantry items.

  5. I’m so glad you asked this. I read very few blogs anymore because most have become just links or obviously paid content. I understand the links pay the bills so there will be those posts – and that’s ok ! But I don’t usually stick around long on those. I love your content bc you mix it up and include topics other than shopping. I do try to minimize new purchases (my husband would roll his eyes at this – I said I try!!!) and find life is less stressful with less stuff. But I really love hair, beauty, travel, fitness content . If there are products you love that’s just a bonus ! I love that you’re honest too – when you don’t love something you admit. That makes me trust you ! I think you’re just adorable , honest, and fun. Love your blog !

    1. Thanks Lisa, this topic has been weighing heavily on me for a long time now. That’s why you’re seeing more decluttering & how I save money posts and I plan to keep the more intentional and thoughtful posts coming. I glad you enjoy my blog! 🙂

  6. Thanks for such a thoughtful question. I definitely have been shopping to just shop a lot less and I’m trying to be more intentional about purchases, especially clothing. The idea of fast fashion and its impact on the environment has caused me to just pause before purchasing. Maybe when you’re showing new clothes you can talk about what you liked but didn’t keep and why(ie…you have something similar already) or how to incorporate one new piece with older pieces from your closet? Yours is one of the only blogs I read consistently so thank you from a long time follower!

    1. I’m so happy to have you here for so long Hanna! Honestly, I’m now returning a lot of the items in a try on ‘haul’. I just already have so much and I do purchase those clothes myself. Also, after decluttering, I love the space in my closet. I still keep a few things – like the Abercrombie jean shorts and the pieces from Gibson I recently shared. I hope the “what I wore” posts give you a good idea of the outfits I’m actually wearing on a daily basis.

  7. I am piggybacking off all of the other comments and saying the same…I am trying hard to shop less and cut back in this economy and I appreciate you asking for input. I’m sure it’s tricky since sharing links is how you keep this going, but truth be told, I have been skipping past posts that are only try ons… (however never give up the Nordstrom try ons with Ali Sean! Those are my yearly favs!) I absolutely love your fitness, food, home and mom content… you are so inspirational! I would love to hear more about parenting a tween/ teen boy as we are approaching that milestone over here, just a thought! Thanks so much!

    1. Ali-Shaun will LOVE hearing this shout out! I’m going to pass on the compliment to her Jen! Oh man, parenting a teen is new territory. Watch this you tube video from a teen parenting “expert”. I cried watching and it really validated how I feel, especially the advice “not to take it personally”. Teens have a lot going on in their head, heart and body, and it won’t last forever!


  8. Your business is selling to others, so it would be tough for you to stop doing that in your blog. I think you write well and enjoy other things you speak of besides the endless fashion posts.

    1. It’s true, commissions from affiliate links make up a big chunk of my income, so at this point, it’s a balancing act. I sense changes coming along in the future, just feeling it all out right now . . .

  9. Hi Megan! I found your blog in 2012 I believe. At that time, it was mostly about decor, organization, productivity, and the like. Those have always been my favorites! While I read each and every post, I definitely prefer ones that aren’t fashion related. I understand that as blogs and content creators have blown up, companies like to partner on those fronts but I do miss when most of the blogs I read were about home and lifestyle more than outfit posts. Regardless, I will continue to read anything you put out 🙂

    1. Thank you for this feedback Kaitlin. I love those kinds of posts too and would like to share more of that in the future. Knowing you enjoy that content helps so much!

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