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August 28, 2023

Hi friend! Welcome to a brand new week! We had a great weekend, full of time with friends and family, but it felt like it went quick! Monday comes fast, right?!


Today I’m excited to share some of my budget friendly beauty finds! These things have been part of my everyday routine for a long time now and all are available at one place, Amazon!

Amazon Beauty Faves


Shop Amazon Beauty Faves

12 Razor & Shave Gel

I’m sure shaving isn’t our favorite thing to do, but I can’t stand having hairy legs! For years, I’ve been using the Billie Razor and it used to be subscription only, but now you can get it on Amazon! I love how awesome the blades work to give you the smoothest shave, and you can buy refill razors.

One of the best parts, though, is that the razor comes with an adhesive holder that sticks right on your shower wall. So convenient!

Shampoo Bottles, Flamingo Shave Gell, Billie Razor

shower bottles

3Curel Body Lotion

I apply lotion to my entire body after every shower to keep my skin soft and smooth and my go-to FOREVER has been the basic Curel Body Lotion. I like how the scent is light and faint and it doesn’t leave any sticky residue.

4Facial Sponges

I’m a convert to these compressed facial sponges for washing my face. They are thin like a wafer, but expand when you get them wet and they gently exfoliate your facial skin. I use one side one day and then leave the unused side face up in my shower and use that side the next day, then toss.

5Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray

This is a leave in spray that you apply to your damp hair when it’s wet. It’s super lightweight and detangles and conditions while delivering hydration to your strands. It also help keep your delicate wet hair from breaking when you comb it.

Living Proof Triple Bond Complex, Living Proof Perfecting Spray

6Alastin Hydratint ProMinteral Sunscreen

I feel like this is a hidden gem of a beauty product! It’s a tinted sunscreen that provides SFP 36 protection, but also acts like a lightweight foundation to give your skin a flawless finish. I often use this in place of foundation and get the same effect!

Alastin Tinted Sunscreen

7Tatcha Lip Mask

The very last thing I do every night before slipping into bed at night is apply this Tatcha Lip Mask. It’s lusciously good and comes in the prettiest little pot that I keep on my nightstand beside the bed.

Tatcha Lip Mask
Tatcha Lip Mask, Bedside Table

8Olay Body Wash

I’m crazy for this body wash and it’s the one I’ve been using forever since finding it. It’s a cleansing and firming body wash formulated with Vitamin B3 and collagen. You get a pack of 4 20oz bottles with a fully functioning pump, so they last a long time.

I simply pumped the body wash into the shower bottle.

Olay Body Wash

9Clean Skin Club Towelettes

I cannot believe what a convert I am to these clean skin club clean towels. I’m not alone, they have over 14,000 5-star reviews. These are awesome because you use them to dry your face as opposed to using your bath towel that likely isn’t washed daily. When you dry your face with the Clean Skin Club towel, your face isn’t exposed to that bacteria.

I LOVE these! I use them to pat my face dry, then also use them while applying my makeup. Anything I need to wipe off goes onto the towel, and then I can fold it up and wipe down my wet sink with it.

The towels are ultra soft, 100% USDA bio-based (no chemicals), dermatologist tested and approved, vegan and climate pledge friendly.

I keep several in a bin by the shower, so I can easily grab one when I need it.

Bath Salts
Clean Skin Club Towelettes

10Living Proof Triple Bond Complex

I found a new hair mask that’s actually a leave-in treatment. I like that because instead of having to rinse, you just spray this treatment into your damp hair and style as usual.

The Living Proof Triple Bond Complex has been proven to make hair 8 times stronger and also prevents future breakage and damage. You just apply 2 pumps (more or less depending on your hair length, texture and level of damage) to your clean, damp hair – wait about 10 minutes – I do my makeup during this time – then style as usual.

Living Proof Perfecting Spray and Triple Bond Complex

11 Acrylic Stand

How pretty and useful is this acrylic stand?! Since it’s clear, it takes up no visual weight. I set it right on my bathroom vanity to hold the things I reach for often and don’t want to keep in a drawer.

Makeup Palette, Nars Blush, Chanel Perfume, Cuticle Oil, Bathroom Organizer

Are any of my budget beauty buys on your favorites list? What is your Number 1? I’d love to hear?

Now let’s go kick Monday’s booty!

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