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Hi friend!  I’m home from NYC and soooo tired!  Even just two days in the city kicked my butt!  My own fault for not getting enough sleep, but that’s how those kinds of trips go.

I will say I feel like the trip was very worthwhile and I LOVED the experience of getting to live stream from the Amazon studios.  It was such a treat to have a professional set designer, videographer and team of people working hard to make sure everything went smoothly.

I really appreciate all of their hard work and those of you who joined and left the sweetest comments in the chat!  THANK YOU for being there! ♥


So many darling styles here from one pieces, two pieces and those styles in between!  I’m especially crazy for 3 & 8!

Stylish Swimwear


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Gimme all the Spring sandals!!  Honestly, I’d love one of each!!

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Have a fantastic day friend!


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