My New Fitness Goal

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Hi friend!  I hope your week is going awesome!  I’m excited to share my new fitness goal with you.  It’s a goal I never dreamed I’d want to set, but here were are and I’m really pumped about it!  I’m also happy to partner with Kohl’s on this post and you’ll hear more below about how I’m relying on their active & wellness department to support this new goal.

During law school, I used to run Memorial park several times a week.  It’s a 3-mile dirt trail, lined with trees in central Houston.  I’ll never forget while studying for the Bar exam, my friends and I would quiz each other while we jogged around that loop at a conversational pace.

For most of that summer, we were chained to our desks buried in law books, so those evening jogs were really helpful as a physical break.

But, even though I went frequently, I NEVER ran more than those three miles.  That was back in 2004 and until 2022, I had still never ran more than 3 miles at a time.

Until now.

I got interested in running more after I listened to David Goggins’ memoir  on Audible.  The audio version is awesome because the co-author reads the chapters, then he and Goggins have a podcast style conversation where you get deeper insights into the material.

If you aren’t familiar with Goggins, he’s a Navy Seal and endurance athlete that pushes himself to be the “baddest man on the planet.”  His real life is incredible, especially considering where he came from and what he’s been through.

After finishing Can’t Hurt Me, I dove into Rich Roll’s book, Finding Ultra.  Rich Roll is a vegan ultra endurance athlete who transformed his life from a miserable alcohol-addicted lawyer to a person that dug deep to discover his passion and purpose in life.  His podcast explores meaningful topics with extraordinary people and I’m soaking up those conversations.

One day a few weeks back, Brian and I set out for a walk on a Saturday morning.  We didn’t have a plan, just wanted to get some fresh air and move our bodies.  As we got going and went pretty far from my house, I suggested we push ourselves to go 5 miles.  He was game, so we kept going.

Turns out, 5 miles is a LONG walk!  It drizzled on us but we just kept pace (he can’t run due to 4 previous back surgeries) so we just kept strolling.  Then, we had to walk the 5 miles home.

About 2 hours and 40 minutes later, we finally made it back to my house.  I don’t think I’ve ever walked 10 miles straight in my life.  But, it felt great!

And it made me wonder what else I could do.

The next day, this time by myself, I walked out the door again.  I wanted to see if I could walk and jog a little for 10 miles.

And I did.  Using my iWatch, I walked for 4 minutes and jogged for 1 minute until I had 10 miles under my belt.  It still took me over 2 hours to finish, but when I was done I felt so invigorated and excited to have accomplished that!  Not to mention, incredibly sore and thirsty!

Since then, I’ve worked my way up to jogging 7 miles and now I’m planning to do a half marathon, 13.1 miles.

sports bra • running shoessimilar running shortsvisor

I find that running is such a ‘you vs. you’ sport and it’s as mental as it is physical.  It’s giving back to me in ways I didn’t expect.  It’s pushing me past what I thought was possible and is having a momentum-building effect in my life.

Interestingly, I’m more productive at home and less likely to procrastinate on simple tasks like putting away the laundry.  It’s kinda like, “if I could run 6 miles, I could easily put the laundry away in 6 minutes.”

My perception of what’s hard is changing.  My perception of myself is changing.

I really enjoy a challenge and that’s why I’ve set the half marathon goal.  I’m such a newbie and novice and definitely have much to learn, but I’m excited about the journey.  My journaling has gotten deeper.  I’m thinking more about what my values are and how they align (or don’t) with my actions.

It feels like a very good step in the right direction.

I’m thankful to Kohl’s for partnering with my on today’s post.  They have a huge activewear selection of brands you know and trust.  Brands like Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, ASICS and more.

I’m currently running in either my Nikes or ASICS, and both are durable, breathable and have the cushion and support I need.   My go-to sports bra is this one by Under Armour.  I like it so much that I bought five of the black ones.

It’s also important to stay hydrated, so I always have a water bottle handy.  I like the wellness water bottle for helping you keep track of how much water you’re drinking in a day.   Those little markers have a way of making you want to meet your hydration goals.

I also take this multi vitamin every morning and was happily surprised to see that you can get it at Kohl’s.

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Have you ever run a half marathon?  Full marathon?  If so, I’m so very proud of you.

I’d be grateful if you’d share any running tips, training plans and resources with me (and our community) in the comments below.

Have a fantastic day friend!

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  1. Good for you!! I ran a half marathon and a full marathon the year I turned 40. The NYC marathon was one of the best days of my life!
    My tips would be to make sure you stretch before and after and stay hydrated during your run. Also, make a great playlist. It will keep you going on those long runs.
    You’ve got this!!

  2. That’s a fantastic goal! I ran my first half marathon this year after many years of doing 5ks. It’s not easy but you will feel an incredible sense of accomplishment. Which half are you signing up for? I’m hooked now and plan to do 2-3 in the next year.

  3. You go, girl!! I jogged a half marathon (way back in 2012 or 2013, and I am still so proud of myself because I never thought I could run that far without stopping). I do need to restart running myself though – you’re right about it making you feel more productive the rest of the day and it gives your brain time to sort things. I really like Coach Jenny Hadfield’s training plans- she has them in all different distances and they are free on her website, and they do a great job of easing up the mileage to get you ready. Also for race day nutrition, I saved a Runners World article from a while back that worked well for figuring out how much to eat and hydrate before. I’ll try to find it and post later. Best advice is don’t try anything new nutrition or hydration wise on race day that you haven’t done in training. Happy running!!

  4. Thank you so much for this! I’ve ran 3 full marathons and 7 half’s. Then I got into CrossFit for several years and injured my foot. I’ve been “threatening” to start running again for months. This post I read this AM and i strapped on my shoes and went out using 4 min walk/1 min run. I took your post as a sign to get back out there! Thanks!

  5. I ran my first half this year as well! I would just say be SO, SO careful and conservative in your training and make sure you stretch a ton, before and after. I ended majorly screwing up my IT Band and ultimately my knee (having surgery tomorrow, eeek!) Buy a foam roller if you don’t already have one and use that 1-2 times a day to roll out your band. Good luck. Running is such joy to me and I miss it!

    1. Oh Meagan, I’m so sorry to hear that! LORD heal her quickly and restore her 100%. I’ll do that rolling, so thank you for sharing!

  6. Gret job!!! A half marathon is my ideal distance. Long enough that I have to train, but the training does not consume my life. You may get a TON of suggestions but the Hal Higgdon free half marathon trainng plan for beginners is so EASY to do and builds each week (with two taper weeks) so you can avoid injury. You don’t need to sign up for the extras… just follow the plan. (There is no speed work or tempo runs… It is easy to follow for beginners)
    ALSO for my long runs I put on back to back Peloton outdoor runs on my phone. They keep me motivated with the good music. I just don’t follow the ques if it is a slow long run day. Good luck!!

  7. Good for you Megan- excited to updates as you continue training.
    I wanted to tell you- growing up I really wanted to wear what I wanted to be able to run around and climb trees. I also really wanted to have shorter hair, my Mom had a vision of me in dresses, playing quietly indoors, and I suffered through sleeping in rollers in my long hair every night. I have noticed how you encourage your daughter to just be herself- she is a beautiful and clearly very happy and confident girl, and I think you are an amazing Mom!

    1. Thank you so much for that Mary. I’d love to dress Jordan up and do her hair in bows, but she’s not having it and I love who she is!

  8. That is a great goal!!! Running is like meditation for me and I love watching others around me discover running and the mental benefits of it. I’ve completed 3 full Ironmans, tons of marathons (including Boston), multiple 50K’s and even one 50-miler. There are no tricks to getting through the long distances, but if you get out there and complete the training plan you have, you will be successful. Don’t let yourself make excuses to skip a run, sleep in, “I will do it later”, etc. Get out there, do the work, give it your best and you will do great. Use positive self talk and know that even when your body is telling you to stop, you can keep going.
    You’ve got this! Running is addictive, such a great stress reliever and gives you time to think and reflect.

  9. Good for you! That damn Goggins – LOL!!! He made me sign up for my last marathon after reading his book. But honestly, so motivational. I still say “love the suck” to myself all the time!
    I have run 5 marathons and one half. I have been running since 11 years old, so we are old friends.
    My advise mirrors others. Stretching and rolling out your IT bands is critical in leg care and long distances. I also did ice baths, or even a cold hose down after a long run. PT apt. and compression sleeves on my legs as recovery really helped. Also Cryocare – 2 days after my last marathon I was running with no pain because I did cryo right after the marathon and right before. Hydrate, hydrate and not just water but electrolytes. Take in electrolytes before the race. You can never “catch up” on them. by the time you need them it’s almost too late. And train how you will run. Meaning be eating the snacks and drinking the drinks you’ll use on race day. Your tummy will thank you for it.
    Best of luck to you. I must say the part I love most about marathons was the training and just the time on the trail with me and my thoughts. And never forget your brain will try to stop you when your body has more. But I’m sure you know that after reading David’s book! Enjoy your training and enjoy your race! It will be something you remember forever! Good luck

  10. Go, Megan! I’ve done 3 marathons, and probably about the same number of half marathons; the last (and final) marathon in 2014.
    You have great advice here on Hal Higdon’s training, hydrating, and stretching. Based on personal experience I strongly recommend the stretching routine as well as keeping your core strong (which you already do) to prevent a potential muscle strain/pull. I paid the price for my casual attitude with a few pulled muscles in my lower back; not pleasant or quick to recover from.
    My energy and overall mental state were at their peak during my training. I miss that most of all.
    Eager to follow your progress and am rooting for you!

    1. The energy and mental state are my favorite parts. I have started stretching after running, but I could do a more formal routine. Thanks for that.

      1. If you have the nike training club app (free) there is a runner warm up and cool down stretch on it that you can start with. Sometimes I add in a little mini band work (like 2 minutes worth) to warm up my glutes. I recently found an instagram page of a Canadian group (strongerstrides_ is the instagram handle) that was some great warm ups and cool downs plus strength training moves that are beneficial to runners. One warm up move that I love and have found makes a difference for me is rolling out my foot on a tennis ball. In the summer when I up my mileage, I find my arches (naturally flat) get tight and doing this roll out before my runs really feels good and relaxes my foot. Since you do strength training make sure you place your running in advantageous spots. You wouldn’t run 10 km the day after a leg day work out right? Have fun!

  11. I used to run a lot when I was younger. I’d run 3 miles in under 20 minutes to start my workout and then 6 miles every Sunday and holidays. I was trying to break a 5:30 mile but only got to 5:31, lol. I thought about doing a marathon once (this was many years ago) but ran 15 miles in a session and was just bored so I never went beyond that. I used to do a lot of high impact exercises when I was younger and that led to bilateral knee replacements. Now running is not recommended and I miss it. Do what makes you happy but in terms of aging, I would just choose distances that aren’t as hard on my joints or walking in lieu of running for longer distances. I did a lot of damage on my back from high impact activities when I was younger. Currently, I am just trying to get back to normal. I had been exercising and feeling fine then in a matter of two weeks ended up with chest pain and an emergency triple bypass without any real warning signs.

    1. Dang, you were FAST!! I’m so sorry to hear about all you went through. I remember from years ago that you’ve been through tough times. I’m sending you all of my good energy.

  12. That’s so awesome!! Like you, I did figure shows years ago. I needed a new challenge after that, and fell in love with marathon running. My joints don’t allow me to run as much anymore, but I LOVE it when my body lets me! The Disney races are fun and very relaxed-a great place for you (and your kids) to run if you’re just starting out. Love your blog so much!! Good luck with your marathon!! ❤️

  13. So excited for you – you will do great! A half marathon is such a great distance – far enough to be a challenge, but not too far for the training to completely wipe you out. I have run the Aramco Houston Half Marathon many times – it’s a great race, especially if you’re local. There are several running groups in Houston, many of which meet Saturday mornings for long runs near Memorial Park. That is a great way to meet other runners at your pace! The groups start early, before the heat of the day, and as your runs get longer, it is definitely safer to run with a group! You have gotten some great advice, and I know you’ll rock your training and the half marathon!

  14. Hi there!!
    I would love to know what kind of belt you have around your waist? Can you run with that on? Thank you and good luck with your fitness goal, I’m sure you’ll rock it!!!

  15. Thank you so much for recommending “Can’t Hurt Me” – I absolutely loved it. I read it right after reading “Strong in the Broken Places” and both books really inspired me to do more with my movement. I’m currently recovering from C, and can’t wait to start exercising again and setting challenges for myself.

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