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Hi friend!  It’s almost the weekend, but this week I’ve been struggling to recall what day of the week we’re on.  I guess the Monday off has me out of whack!  You too?

I’m so smitten with the Drew Barrymore line of kitchen finds at Walmart!  I’m been a fan of hers since E.T. and remember how stinkin’ cute she was in that movie and then years later she made headlines when she jumped up on David Letterman’s desk! Do you remember that?  And guess what? Her birthday is two days after mine!


All of her cookware, appliances, and utensils are as joyful as she is, and also pretty, aptly named Beautiful.

Most of these appliances are designed with easy to use one-touch signature display.  It lends to the sleek design and also helps with swift clean up.  Everything is practical, useful and most importantly, looks BEAUTIFUL sitting on your kitchen counter!

When kitchen gadgets are this pretty, it makes me want to use them more!

Of course I’m partial to the gold and white, but they have other subtly hued colors to choose from.  I already have the air fryer and toaster, and I’m eyeing the immersion blender, handheld blender and crock pot.

The knives especially would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift and my Grandma Nola always swore she couldn’t live without her toaster oven.

Walmart Kitchen Finds


1 • Puree, blend, chop, whisk and much more with this two speed Immersion Blender.  It includes a chopper, whisk and 24 oz. measuring cup.

2 • The Electric Kettle boils 7 cups of water in just 7 minutes, keeps your water hot for 60 minutes, and has 4 different temperature settings.

3 • I fell in love with the Air Fryer right when we moved.  I realized I could cook Jordan’s beloved frozen chicken nuggets in 8 minutes at 380 degrees.  I’m also always throwing in potatoes, onions, and veggies in it because I love how they crisp up in the air fryer.  I’m so happy with this air fryer that it was in my March Loves Giveaway!

air fryer walmart beautiful drew barrymore

drew barrymore beautiful air fryer toaster pantry

Air FryerToasterSimilar Butter CrockOXO Containers • Glass Jar • Font Labels • Chalk Stickers

*Here’s a little sneak peek of our new pantry.  I haven’t done a pantry tour in our new house yet, but you can find our old pantry tour here.  I did share our new kitchen tour here,  with a video tour here

4 •  The extra large Griddle lets you make an army of pancakes and serve them hot all at once.  It also has a handy stainless steel removable backsplash in case you’re making bacon!

5 • The reviews are solid on this Stand Mixer that comes with a tilting head, 12 speeds, and a splash shield.  Would be perfect for my healthy banana bread recipe.

6 • More great reviews on this Blender for its strong power to puree, crush ice, blend smoothies and auto clean.

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7 • This modern Knife Set includes 12 100% stainless steel knives with razor sharp blades.  It also includes the wooden/white knife block.

8 • Not only is this Toaster pretty to look at, it has several preset settings like reheat and bagel to get the perfect toastiness!  My kids love it and use it almost every morning!  No crust please!

9 • My Grandma made everything from tuna melts to roast chicken in her Toaster Oven.  This one has 11 preset functions including convection and air fry.  Its large, 24 liter capacity can feel several people at a time, super convenient when hosting a party or large family dinner.

10 • I reach for my Hand Mixer often when I don’t want to pull out the heavy stand mixer.  This one has 6 speeds, including “turbo” for an instant burst of power.

11 • Do y’all love your Slow Cooker as much as I do?!  It’s such a stress reliever to throw your ingredients into the big pot in the morning and rest assured knowing that dinner is done by 5! I like how this one comes with a hanger it comes with for the lid.

Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili recipe

Slow Cooker Lentil Soup


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So tell me, which pieces are you wanting in your life?  And more importantly, what color would you choose?!

There’s still time to enter my April Loves Giveaway!  It’s a monthly giveaway I do for my blog subscribers as a way of saying THANK YOU!  You can sign up here!

Have a fantastic day friend!



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    Really really nice

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