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Hello friend!  Welcome to a brand new week!  We’ve got lots on the agenda, so I’m glad I did a big ‘ole brain dump on Sunday!  It definitely helped get the day going with an action plan!

I can’t believe we’re nearly in September, but I always LOVE this time of the year when we’re looking forward to Fall!  My family got together on Sunday for an impromptu barbecue and it was so wonderful to hang out.  My brothers are such good people and so funny!

We’re also planning our Fall trip to Dewberry Farms and it’s got me so excited for pumpkins and cooler weather and Fall decor!  We go every year and it’s something we all enjoy- but sometimes it’s still really hot and we’re all sweating!

Today we’re rounding up your August favorites, everything from fashion to beauty and home! Let’s see what y’all loved this month!



1 • This Target dress was definitely a hit – it slips over your head and the A-line style is effortless and looks great on everyone. It even has pockets and is only $36!

2 • You’ll feel so good in the Ruffle Midi Dress. It’s great for day to evening!

3 • This Cardigan is so soft and comes in 6 colors. It runs large, so size down one.

4 • The perfect PJs!  Super soft, lightweight with lots of stretch.  Moonlight Dreams Pajamas

5 • I love how seamless this T-Shirt Bra is and doesn’t show under your thin knits.

6 • Ultra slimming and flattering, these jeans are a Fall wardrobe staple.

7 • We’re wearing this ribbed knit top for work and play.

8 • Cozy fleece joggers for under $20!

9 • This Crossbody Bag sold out quick during the NSale, but this one is very similar.

10 • It’s the leopard trim on this Nike Running Shoe that makes it so cute, but it’s also great quality and made for walks/jogs around the block!

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1This skirt is darling and so easy to wear! Nearly 8,000 women agree!

2 • If you like the look of no show socks, but need ankle protection, get these!

3 • Such a cute graphic tee for book lovers.

4 • These camisoles are great alone or for layering and they come in a pack of 4.  I also often wear them to bed! Fit TTS.

5 • The longer length is so nice on these activewear tops.

6 • I couldn’t get over how comfy these pull-on sweat shorts are!  They come in lots of colors and fit TTS.

7 • This Baby Doll Dress is easy to wear and lovely for work, church or a day date.

8 • How fun are these leggings?!  After I got the hot pink, I had to have the confetti dot pattern too.  They’re super silky on.

9Memory foam slippers feel like you’re stepping onto supportive clouds.

10 • I think it was the little embroidered heart that made this one a fan fave.

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1 • I have these little jars on my bathroom counter and they hold the perfect amount of Qtips and cotton rounds.

2 • This 26 Hanger Clip Dryer is so handy for

3Softest sheets ever and they’re on sale!

4 • This handheld vac isn’t just cute, it’s great for crumbs and dust!

5 • I can’t believe I didn’t get this pan rack sooner!  I used to stack my pans on top of each other, but this keeps them separate and easy to grab, plus they don’t get scuffed up.

6 • Every Sunday, I have a date with my steam mop.  It actually makes me want to clean the floors and it uses only water!

7 •  Something you don’t necessarily think about, but definitely want it when you need it is a First Aid Kit. This one has everything they need for minor cuts, scrapes, sprains and burns.

8 • I think all of our underwear drawers look a little bit better thanks to these handy organizers.

9 • For the college student or yourself, this laptop desk is genius and holds everything you need to keep handy.

10 • If you’ve ever had to get out of bed to turn off the light or turn on a fan, this outlet with wireless remote will change your life!

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1 •  If you’re skipping primer before applying mascara, you’re missing out!  I can tell a dramatic difference when I don’t use it! This one is a great, inexpensive one to try.

2 • The same brand mascara gives you luscious lashes- I wear shade “blackest black.”

3 • This creamy concealer formula doesn’t make me look 106, instead it brightens my undereyes and highlights the bridge of my nose, without settling into my fine lines.

4 • Where were these no bend hair clips when I was in third grade?! Cowlicks be gone and they leave no crease in your hair!  They also train your bangs to stay in place.

5 • Did you notice I took my nails off?  And let me tell you, removing dip nails at home is a gluey mess!  I’m letting them go au natural for awhile and this cuticle oil has made them look so good!  I use a tiny drop multiple times a day and it’s also prevented me from getting hangnails.

6 • I’ve been using this hairdryer brush for years and still love the easy, voluminous blow out it gives!

7 • How cool is this reusable oil absorbing roller?! You just roll it onto your face (whether bare or wearing makeup) and it eliminates any shine or oily spots.

8 • This Vitamin C Serum has 83,000 positive reviews and contains Vitamin E & Hyaluronic Acid.  Vitamin C and sunscreen are two things I apply every single morning to my skin.  It’s currently on sale $10 off with an additional $1 off coupon.

9 • I credit this scalp brush for keeping my hair healthy despite my piling on dry shampoo by the pound!  It also feels amazing on my head!  Even my son uses ones.

10 • The only over-the-counter retinoid that is FDA approved to treat acne.  It works by getting at the pore to treat existing acne and prevent new acne from forming.  You apply it to your entire face, as opposed to a spot treatment.  Be consistent and patient with it – it can a couple of months to see results, but it’s worth the wait. Also, a little goes a long way.  You only need a thin layer.  Bonus: it also helps reduce hyperpigmentation.

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I’m so excited to be doing my first AMAZON LIVESTREAM on Wednesday- September 1!  Mark your calendar and join me every Wednesday at 12 p.m. CT (1:00 p.m. ET & 10:00 a.m. PT).

It’s gonna be so fun because it’s interactive and you can chat with me directly in real time! I LOVE that!!  I hope you’ll come say hi!

I’m also praying for everyone in Louisiana and in the path of Hurricane Ida. Louisiana has suffered so many storms and they’ve proven to be such a strong group of people, but I know it’s never easy to weather a storm.  I hope everyone stays safe!

Now let’s go kick Monday’s booty!

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