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Hi friends!  I hope you are waking up feeling relaxed and refreshed!  We had an easy night in watching movies and eating popcorn, which was the perfect end to a long week and a great way to start this long weekend!

I have relaxing by the pool, cooking/barbecuing, celebrating both of my brothers’ birthdays, and a couple of easy organization projects on the agenda that I wanted to share with you!



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The kids are heading to a graduation party today, so I’m going to tackle a couple of organization projects I’ve been really looking forward to.

Yes, I’m one of those people who really enjoy organizing and making a space look pretty!  The Container Store is Organization Mecca and Brian and I went there last weekend to get some ideas and useful things.  I could seriously spend hours in there!  I love all the pretty storage and especially all the cute things for the office!

You might think I’m crazy, but I got legit GIDDY over the new kitchen trash can I found!

My previous trash can was a half circle shape, so not very big, and it had a huge dent in it for the last 11 years.   The other thing is, it didn’t work very well.  Every now and then the top would misalign and it wouldn’t open.

I don’t know why it took me so long to replace it, but I’m SO happy with the new one.  It’s huge (hold 14.4 gallons), rectangle shape, and you step on it to open the top.  Plus, the way it’s designed, you don’t see the can liner because it’s hidden inside!  You know I love that!

And, it’s super easy to change the bag- there’s even a liner holder inside the trash can.  #genius!

I guess you know you’re an adult when you get excited over a trash can!  But, James (who takes out the trash) said he likes it too!


I’ve been pretty good about keeping our garage pretty clean and minimal, but there is no set spot for our bikes and mine doesn’t have a kickstand, so it’s always falling down when I try to prop it up against the wall.

I looked at two options for storing/organizing the bikes : 1) a wall hanging bike rack, and 2) a floor bike rack.  The benefits of the hanging rack are that it keeps the bikes up off the floor, therefore providing more space. It also looks nice and clean because the sleek Elfa Utility Track mounts directly to the wall with just a few screws.  One drawback I read in the reviews is that the tires can scuff up your walls.

I ended up opting for the floor bike rack that sits on the floor because I wanted Jordan to be able to access her bike by herself.  With the floor rack, she can simply put her bike into the storage slot and pull it out when she’s ready to ride.  It also comes with a place to store our helmets.  Our garage is oversize, so I don’t need the bikes to hang on the wall to save space.

I’ll be sure to share on Stories how this works once I pick it up and get it into the garage.  Did you know that The Container Store offers curbside pickup?  That’s so convenient, especially when you have a big piece you don’t want to have to lug from the store to your car.


I’ve been wanting to spruce up my spice drawer for awhile now- complete with pretty glass jars and coordinating labels.  I know I’ll love how that looks every time I open the drawer.  I found the perfect spice drawer organizer while we were at The Container Store.

It’s bamboo, from the Marie Kondo line and fits my drawer perfectly!  I can’t wait to show you the “after” soon!


We’re planning on going to the pool on Sunday with Brian and his girls, then we’ll be off to celebrate my brothers’ birthday.  I’ve been looking for new swimsuits for me and the kids (especially since we’re going to Florida next month), and I found some super cute styles at JCPenney!

I thought it was darling that they had this palm print style for both boys and girls!  James and Jordan could coordinate!  And the swimsuits are such a good deal – right around $10!! 

I ordered the smocked blue two-piece for myself and I’m thinking the top will provide a bit more coverage than a traditional bikini.  You can also mix and match the bottoms.


On Monday we’ll be taking it easy and hanging at home.  I got the fixins for s’mores and I think that’s what I’m looking forward to eating most! But, we’ll be barbecuing too and I found an easy recipe for skillet baked beans to go with.

You know I’ll be using my Always Pan, and don’t tell Brian, but that’s what I got him for Father’s Day!  The blue one and I know he’s going to love it because he always comments on how much he likes mine when he uses it!  He’s gonna be so surprised!

I’m feeling incredibly grateful to have such a lovely weekend planned. I journal often, and when I look back, it’s clear what a journey it’s been to get to this place.  Sometimes, at the most random times, like when I’m driving, it’ll occur to me just how genuinely happy I feel right now.  It’s almost like I have to pinch myself.  I hope you are happy too, friend.

What are you doing this weekend?  Would organizing something make you feel good too? 😉 Whatever you’re up to, I hope you really get to enjoy it!


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Have a fantastic weekend friends!

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  1. I am genuinely happy for you. Your contentment radiates from you. I am hoping that I too can get to that place. If only I could shake the fear that keeps me from taking those first steps.

    1. I totally understand that. Sometimes we have to “do it afraid.” It’s baby steps though. You’ll get there and absolutely deserve so much joy and happiness.

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