Packing Essentials for Spring Break

When it comes to packing for Spring Break, how hard can it be??  If you’re heading somewhere warm, all you need is a swimsuit, jeans shorts, and flip flops, right?! Well, maybe a little more than that!  We’re doing an impromptu two-day getaway and when I started packing, I realized I have a few essentials I’ll definitely be bringing with me.

I referred to the “Vacay Packing List” I created several years ago for reference, and since it was handy, I’m including it for you here.  It’s an exhaustive list, but helpful so you don’t forget anything!

I’m glad we’re out of the diaper phase, and our hotel will have lots of the toiletries and pool toys, so I don’t have to lug any of that.  Maybe a few toys for the kids to play with in the room, and a couple books to read will be good.

I’m not bringing a hair dryer or curling iron, opting to just let my hair air dry and I’ll be wearing a hat by the pool anyway.

No makeup, except for my beloved mascara, lipstick, and some simple skincare items.

A watch, a few bangles, sunglasses and a necklace are all I’ll wear for accessories.

We’re returning to San Antonio, and were last there two years ago.  I remember Jordan loved this little beachy area near the pool and cabanas.

Palm Print Swimsuit

Palm Leaf Suit • Hat • Sunglasses • Earrings • Choker • Cup

I wore the palm print Amazon suit, and this year I’m taking the pink ruffle striped swimsuit (see the blue one here), and a new Amazon cover up that just arrived.  It’s so cute, a v-neck tank style with crochet detail.

Packing Essentials, Stripe Swimsuit, CoverUp, Hat, Sunscreen, Lotion

Amazon SwimsuitAmazon CoverupGoodr SunglassesSupergoop SPF StickCeraVe SPF 30 Moisturizer

Of course, I wouldn’t head out without my sun hat and sunscreen.  I’ve been using the CeraVe sunscreen + moisturizer daily and it hasn’t broken out my skin at all.  My friend Manuela gifted me the Supergoop SPF stick and it’s perfect because it rolls on easily onto your face, neck and chest for extra protection throughout the day.

She brought it when we went on our girls’ trip to San Antonio years ago and we all kept borrowing it from her.

Packing Essentials, Floral Bikini, Tote Bag, Bangles, Sunglasses

Budah Girl BanglesHavaina Flip Flops (not pictured) • Floral Bikini TopFloral Bikini BottomTote BagGoodr Sunglasses

I figured I might as well bring a bikini too, and this is my current fave.  See it on here.  I like the way it fits, with ample chest coverage and comfortable, wide shoulder straps.  The little floral print is really cute and the scallop trimmed edge is a sweet touch.

I got the adorable beach tote on Amazon and the inside has a cute blue and white striped lining.  Goodr sunglasses are exactly what a trip to the pool calls for because they stay on your face so well and they’re polarized.  I also like how things look through the lens, nice and vibrant and crisp.

Packing Essentials, Cut Off Shorts, Tank, Tee, Sandals, Bracelets

Amazon TankAbercrombie TeeShortsSandalsAmazon Stretch Bracelets

Jean shorts are a must whether as an outfit or for over your swimsuit.  This pair is nice because it has distressing, but is layered so your skin doesn’t show through.  I’m glad I stuck with my true size (25).  Although they were pretty loose when I first tried them on, they shrunk a bit when I machine washed and dried them.  That’s great though- now they fit perfectly – still relaxed, but not too baggy!

The tank is an Amazon staple and the tee is a lovely basic v-neck style with a drapey fit.  I’m super excited about the new sandals.  They’re so cute with the silver grommets, but the tan goes with everything.  I’m guessing this is what I’ll be wearing most of the time – I don’t feel in the mood to get dressed up this time, and we’re only there two days, so I’m not bringing anything dressy.

LOFT JeansPulloverPearl Sandals

If it gets chilly, I’ll be set in jeans and a cute striped pullover.  I liked this one so much I got it in blue too.

Packing Essentials, fragrance mist, primer, lip oil, mascara, supergoop

Supergoop Eye Shimmer w SPF 30Lancome Lash PrimerAmazon Pink Matte LipstickBrazilian Crush Cheirosa 71 Hair & Body MistMaracuja Juicy LipBig Ego Mascara

Here’s my makeup look- the Supergoop Eye Shimmer is a cream eyeshadow with SPF 30 protection to keep your delicate eyelids safe from the sun.  You can simply swipe this on with your ring finger!  Also a gift from Manuela – thank you girlie!

I’m bringing my mascara primer in a travel size, and my Big Ego Mascara, along with the Meet Matte Hughes bright pink lipstick.  I LOVE this brand for when I want my lipstick to stay all day and not budge.  It dries matte, so if I want a glossier look, I’ll add the Maracuja Juicy Lip or wear that alone.  It’s really moisturizing and gives your lips a pretty plump.

I’m obsessed with the Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 71 Hair & Body Mist and love the scent, so it’s worth bringing to smell good!  It was on my Tuesday Goodies last week!


Radiant Cleansing Balm •  Vitamin C Serum •  Matcha Tea Toner •  Hair Towel

As for skincare, my paired down essentials list includes the Radiant Cleansing Balm, Vitamin C Serum, and Matcha Tea Toner.  I use the Cleanser and Vitamin C religiously everyday, and the Toner is perfect when you’ve been out and about, sweating, and reapplying sunscreen because it detoxifies, protects and absorbs excess oil.  I feel like it’s that extra layer of cleanliness I need when I’m on vacation or after working out. 

I figured I’ll have some down time in the evening to relax and do the Intense Hydrating Mask.  Since I’m letting my hair air dry, I’ll bringing my trusty hair towel with me.  It’s small and perfect for getting all the excess water out of your hair so it dries quicker.

Packing Essentials, Beach Bag, Sunglasses, Hat

Amazon Beach Bag (XL)Goodr SunglassesSun Hat

This beach bag holds a ton of stuff and is made of neoprene so it dries in a jiffy.

For undergarments, I had to have the most comfortable seamless bra and undies and pajamas.  I’ll probably be driving in my new favorite joggers (see them styled here).

Even though I packed light, I still couldn’t fit everything in my 21-inch carry-on, so we’re bringing Big Daddy!  I have the carry-on in white, and the big suitcase in pink and both are gorgeous and so user friendly!  I used our packing cubes in different colors to keep everything neat and organized and easy to identify. Plus, an extra one for dirties so I can dump it straight into the laundry when we get back.

If I have a chance to read, I bought two fiction books (this & this) based on Rhonda’s recommendation for a good beach read.

One last thing, Walmart+ to the rescue for snacks!  I bring easy things like granola bars, apples, oranges, pretzels, chips, and protein bars to snack on in the car and in the room.  Plus, peanut butter and wheat bread – my son’s Must Have!

Is your Spring Break this week too?  Do you have any fun plans?

Now let’s go kick Monday’s booty!

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