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Hi friends!  It’s almost the weekend!!  Yay for that!  And I got my sprinklers fixed yesterday, so I can water my bushes again!  Some of them are so brown from the freeze, but Jose said he thinks they’ll thrive again.  Remember, I just cleaned up the landscaping last Spring!  I’d hate for everything to die within a year! At least the patio still looks good!

Thank you so much for letting me know you enjoyed the Looks for Less post.  We all want to make the most of our budget and you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good!  Of course, sometimes you get what you pay for or maybe you have a preference for a certain brand.  That’s fine too!  I certainly wouldn’t kick any of these out of bed! 😉

I’ll give you the rundown on the looks below and you can decide which item you’d prefer.  I’d love to hear!

Looks for Less Spring

SPLURGE | EarringsLayer NecklaceDressCrossbody BagHeadbandSneakers

SAVEEarringsLayer NecklaceDressCrossbody BagHeadband (set of 4) • Sneakers

The more expensive dress isn’t a terrible deal at $54 (and I like the square neckline), but the less expensive Amazon version is really cute.  I have it in black, and the pink is perfect for Spring.

I had and wore the Gorjana hoop earrings forever, until one sad day when Jordan pulled one out of my ear and it broke.  I haven’t tried the Save earrings, but they look comparable.  My feather earrings are by that Humble Chic brand, and I was impressed with the quality of those.

At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much difference in the rattan bags.  I was reading about the Splurge Bembian bag and discovered they are handwoven from 100 percent rattan and feature a leather strap and bow-shaped clasp. Bembien is a collection of woven bags handcrafted by artisans from around the world. Ten percent of all Bembien proceeds go to Nest, a nonprofit dedicated to the social and economic advancement of artisan communities all around the globe.  That’s something to feel good about.

The less expensive bag is also handwoven in Bali with real natural grasses and genuine leather.  The purchase supports the art of traditional Balinese weavers with fair wages.  That’s cool too!  

I can’t believe the Splurge pearl headband is $150!  Does it come with real pearls?? I’m super happy with my inexpensive headbands!  They look luxe with the velvet and I’m smitten with the colors.  This set of 4 is only $12!

Looks For Less Cozy

 SPLURGE | RobePajamasHair TiesSilk PillowcaseSlippers

SAVE | RobePajamasHair TiesSilk PillowcaseSlippers

Oh yes, gimme all the cozy loungewear! The Amazon pajamas are really nice!  They feel super soft and lightweight on, with just the right amount of stretch.  I have the Amazon scrunchies and they are a dead ringer for the ones at Anthropologie.

You won’t believe the $9 price tag for the silk pillowcase.  I bought it and tried it, but couldn’t get used to sleeping on it, despite all the benefits that are supposed to align with sleeping on that kind of fabric.  It’s better for both your hair and skin.  But, I just love my soft sheets and the pillowcases that come with them, so that’s what I stick to!

Regardless, if you do want a silk pillowcase, the $9 one has over 150,000 positive reviews on Amazon and people LOVE it!

Patricia Green is known for quality footwear and slippers, so you probably can’t go wrong with the Splurge version, but I’m super happy with the save!

SPLURGE | SunglassesCardiganTeeShortsSandalsTote

SAVE | SunglassesCardiganTeeShortsSandalsTote

This is a good one!  Let’s talk casual outfits, compare sunnies and those sandals!

Not gonna lie, I really like my Rayban sunglasses, especially the mirrored version in the pink and blue.  But, if you’re one of those that is always losing their sunglasses or is hard on them and you don’t want to pay a lot of money for sunglasses, the Save version is a good option. They have nearly 18,000 positive reviews on Amazon and are only $16 prime. They also come in a variety of colors and metals.

I’ve been so happy with the Save cardigan that I bought it in several colors! 

Let’s talk about the shorts.  Since jean shorts are something I wear on repeat in the summer, I’m not above spending a good bit of money on a pair I will wear over and over. That being said, sometimes you luck out and find a pair you love for a really good price. These $34 shorts are a weekend staple and feel super comfortable on.  They’re not too long and not too short and come in several colors.

Years ago, I dedicated a post on Tory Burch Miller sandals and whether they are worth the splurge.  I concluded they were, especially given how often I wear mine in a warmer climate that allows for sandals most of the year. The quality and comfort is also there. They’re made of a leather/synthetic upper and leather lining. The footbed has a comfortable foam cushion that makes wearing them all day a no brainer. I bought my first pair of Tory Burch Miller Sandals at Nordstrom years ago and they’re still going strong without any obvious signs of wear other than at the bottom.

I will say, however, the Save sandals are really good and I like those too. They don’t have quite the same amount/quality of cushion on the footbed, so walking for long periods is more comfortable in the Millers.  

As for the totes, the splurge version is leather by Madewell and definitely good quality. It’s a vegetable-tanned leather that develops a gorgeous patina with time. The top zips closed and the straps are nice and sturdy.

The save version definitely is a fraction of the price at only $14, but it’s a faux leather and on the thinner side.  It won’t wear well for years like the Madewell bag, but it does the job.

What did you think of this Looks for Less post?  Do you think Miller sandals are worth the splurge?  What kind of things would you like to see in the next Looks for Less post?  

Have a fantastic day friends!  I’ll see you back here tomorrow with a new dressing room post! 

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  1. I always love a good deal but I do prefer the looks for less options above! Love all your posts! Maybe a looks for less on skin care and things around the house like furniture etc?

  2. Thank you for sharing these Looks for Less posts. I appreciate your discussion on quality. I’m trying to shop with purpose and intention, so purchasing something of high quality like the Tory Burch sandals makes sense to me since they will last a long time.
    I’d love a Looks for Less home decor edition

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