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Good morning friends!  I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend with the people you love!  I absolutely got the biggest kick out of Jordan realizing the Easter bunny had come and her running to James’ room to wake him up and tell him.  It was the sweetest!

I’m also thankful that James appreciated his new color Bible as much as I thought he would.  He opened it right up and started reading during breakfast that morning.


I love it when y’all send me DMs, comments and questions.  I personally read every one and your thoughtfulness never ceases to amaze me.  Thank you for being the best readers a girl could have.

I recently got an email from Heather asking about the Tory Burch Miller sandals.  She was considering in buying a pair, but at the price, she wanted a detailed review, specifically, what style, color and material did I recommend?

SwimsuitJean ShortsSunniesMiller Sandals


This is such a great question that I decided to dedicate a whole post to it.  I figure if she had this question, I bet a lot of you do too!


I’m not usually one to spend over $100 on shoes – maybe boots – so I can totally relate to this question about the Tory Burch Miller sandals.  They are pricey and rarely go on sale, so when they do, better act fast because sizes go quickly in this popular iconic shoe.

Given that I live in Houston and get to wear sandals a majority of the year, I decided that the Tory Burch Miller sandals were worth the hefty price tag.

If you just can’t bring yourself to spend nearly $200 on a pair of flip flops, I get that! At the end of this post, I’ll share less expensive – but equally as cute – sandals and flip flops I recommend.

If you are interested in buying the Tory Burch Miller sandals, here’s my honest review:


For me, the cost per wear ends up being minimal because I wear my sandals so often- I show you lots of outfits later in this post.  Our weather doesn’t cool down until well into November, so the climate lends itself to flip flops, even when we want to be wearing boots.

The quality and comfort is also there. They’re made of a leather/synthetic upper and leather lining. The footbed has a comfortable foam cushion that makes wearing them all day a no brainer.

I bought my first pair of Tory Burch Miller Sandals at Nordstrom years ago and they’re still going strong without any obvious signs of wear other than at the bottom.


I think of patent leather as a bit dressier than the flat alternative, but if you like the look of shine better, go for it!  You can definitely wear patent for day.


The Miller sandals also come in Metal Miller.  It’s really just a matter of how casual or fancy you prefer.  I really do like the look of the metal ones- so EXTRA! 😉

If you love the look of the Miller Sandal, but don’t want to spend that much, the Tory Burch Mini Miller is another option.  They have a mini logo, skinnier strap, and glossy finish.  I think the white pair is so chic!

I’m not really a fan of the square toe Miller, but mostly because they don’t have the cushioned footbed that the classic style has .


Color is definitely a personal preference.  My first pair were the “Makeup” shade, a nice tan neutral that goes well with lots of skin tones.  I wear those with anything in my closet.  I ordered (then returned) the “Rose Gold”.  I absolutely loved that pretty metallic color, but I felt that they looked too similar to the Makeup shade.

But, I also have an affinity for light blue, so I bought the “Seltzer” and I like them so much.  They look espeically cute when you pair them with a fun nail shade.

Finally, I just bought the “Black Leather” and I’m really happy with those too.  I had stayed away from that color for so long because I was worried the dark color would be too stark a contrast against my skin, but I don’t think so now that I’ve had an opportunity to wear them.


I definitely try to take good care of my Millers by being careful not to wear them to ballgames or even the park where I know I’ll be walking all over the grass.  Having said that, they have held up really well and even my “makeup” colored sandals don’t have visible toe prints on them.

If you do need to clean the footbed of these shoes, I’ve heard that Saddle Soap and a wet toothbrush work wonders.


These sandals run small, so you’ll want to size up half.  I normally wear a size 6, but get a 6.5 in the Tory Burch Miller Sandal.


You can’t go wrong with the Miller sandal for practically every occasion.  Weather permitting, you can wear them with nearly any outfit in your closet.  They look great casually with cutoff jean shorts by day, then classy and elegant in a dress at night.  Jumpsuits, shorts, rompers and jeans all work with the Miller sandals.

Below are ways I’ve worn my Miller sandals over the years!


Jean ShortsTop

Embroidered tee and jean shortsEmbroidered TopJeans Shorts

Spring & Summer outfit - Eyelet top and jean shorts with flat sandals Similar Eyelet TopJean Shorts


Grey SweaterDistressed White Jeans

Weekend Outfit with white jeans and striped top 3Similar White Jeans

Striped top (1)

Stripe Top • Jeans • Sunglasses

Skinny jeans with striped tee and tory burch miller sandals

summer outfit ideas for momsStriped Top • Raw Hem Jeans • Tote


striped dress and Tory Burch Miller Sandals Striped Dress

Shift DressCrossbody Bag

Striped maxi dressStriped Maxi Dress

black dress and Tory Burch Miller Sandals Mini DressSimilar Wooden Bag

Spring & Summer outfit - striped maxi dressSimilar Maxi DressFan NecklaceSimilar Wooden Bag

Gibson x Hi Sugarplum Resort Collection - ruffle trim romper 3 (8)Maxi DressSimilar Wooden Bag

Dress • Blue Bag

summer outfit ideas for momsSmocked Dress • Blue Aviators

summer outfit ideas for momsMaxi DressSimilar Wooden Bag

Shift Dress

Spring and Summer fashion -racerback tank dress and wooden bag

Spring & Summer fashion - striped swing dress with pockets $35Similar Dress

Maxi Cover Up


Finally, here are a few alternative sandals that are less expensive, but equally as cute!

What’s YOUR verdict?!  Are the Tory Burch Miller Sandals worth it in your opinion? 

If you have a question you want me to dedicate a future post about, let me know in the comments or shoot me an email at :

Have a great week!

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  1. I am 100% obsessed with my Tory’s. I have the original Millers in 6 colors. I buy a pair a year when they go on sale. I have the patent and flat leather and I can say the patent definitely look newer longer. All my millers look new and I’ve had some for over 6 years and like Megan, I live in Texas and wear them almost year round. I’ve got a pair of Miller’s or other Tory Burch sandals on my feet at least 4 days a week. To extend the life of them and keep them looking newer longer, wipe the footbed with a baby wipe when you finish wearing them for the day.

  2. These sandals are very cute, but I don’t love mine and wish I would not have spent the money. The footbed it thin and not very comfortable to me and they honestly are too loose across the top of my foot and move too much for my liking. I tried a few different pairs on when I bought them to see if they had been stretched out and wish I would have trusted myself when I questioned if I would actually like them. For the $, I would absolutely recommend trying them on and walking around quite a bit to see if they are right for you. I do have a friend that loves hers, so it is absolutely a personal preference.

    1. I feel the same! Mine just don’t fit me well across the top of the foot, and I don’t have skinny feet. I initially sized up a half size but they were so big I exchanged for my usual size.

    2. I agree. I also don’t love mine. They don’t handle wear and tear very well for the price and the comfort level just isn’t there. I would not suggest.

      1. Hi…what is the difference between makeup and light makeup for color on the miller sandal??..thank you

    3. Yes! I also bought a pair of the mini miller’s and regular miller’s and I find them very difficult to keep on my feet. I bought a 1/2 size smaller to see if that would help but they just keep falling off. I love the style and brand but not the fit. 🙁

      1. Oh, I’m sorry they didn’t work for you! Can you wear other flip flops easily? I know some people just can’t do flip flop sandals.

  3. Just 1 more question about the Miller: do they stretch out after a while? I have a different style of Tory sandal and the straps stretched a bit so now it feels like they’re a half size too big – which stinks cause I love them!

  4. Just like your reader, I was on the fence this time last year. I decided to buy the makeup color and I wear them ALL. THE. TIME. They go with everything. If you’re still on the fence after ready Megan’s post, I say go for it. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks for the great post Megan. I wish I had this last year when I was debating and I would have pulled the trigger much faster than I did.

  5. Another Yay vote for Tory Burch Millers- I started with my MakeUp pair 4 years ago and they are still going strong- a couple scuffs on the edge but not noticeable when I’m wearing them. Honestly, so comfortable, I wore them while on a European vacation sightseeing and no issues with my feet hurting. Next pair- black patent, bought 3 years ago, and I love them just as much! I received Gold Spark Millers last year for my birthday and wear them less frequently but do love them- wore them Easter afternoon. OMG, I’m really obsessed with Millers! Next up for my collection will be the Vintage Vachetta Leather! To keep mine clean, I use baby wipes– works perfect and keeps the footbed looking new. I also live in South Texas so these get tons of wear. I recently bought the TB Miller wedges in Spark Gold and they are fantastic too for dressier occasions.

  6. I had gotten a pair of the Millers in my Trunk Club and they were a no-go for me. I live in Wisconsin and work in a corporate office… it would take a long time to get my cost per wear down. 🙁

  7. I have the sand patent Miller sandals, and I love them. I have had them for 4 years, and they still look brand new. Totally worth the investment. I am considering another pair in another color because I wear sandals so much (I live in Houston like Megan).

  8. Love my Millers! Have always been a fan! I have the patent tan color, which goes with so much, and I have the leopard, and I think I want another fun color! I can wear them to my office and I wear them allll….summer long!

  9. I have the white color and I wear them with so much more than I ever thought I would. I live outside Chicago so I probably can’t justify as many pairs as you Texas girls but they’re so chic and comfortable that I’m looking to add at least one more when they go on sale!

  10. I love my Millers, I live in Florida so they can be worn about 8 months of the year!! My first two pairs were the Black and Tan patent leather, they go with everything from casual to even dressy. I then added the natural leopard patent which are nice because they are neutral and these are my favorite. I do have the silver but don’t seem to wear those as often. I will tell you that my teenagers both have a black pair and a brown pair both are the regular leather and they’ve held up and they wear to all of their school functions so it’s saved me from having to buy them a bunch of different shoes.

  11. Love my Miller sandals! The one thing I think worth mentioning is I have found them to run TTS. I found I did not need to go up a 1/2 a size. I wear a 7 in all shoes, and the size 7 Miller sandal fits perfectly. With that kind of investment, it would be worth it to go into the store and try them on, before ordering online. Just my two cents.

  12. These are definitely my go tos! I live in Vancouver and even though our climate isn’t as warm, I still find myself wearing them 10 months of the year. I have had so many pairs I don’t actually know how many I have had!

    I have had some wear out. I have worn through the soles and I have worn through the leather part your foot goes on (they will start to get creases where your foot bends and then if they get wet they will start to wear through and chunks of leather will disintegrate. It usually takes 2 years of constant wear for me to get to this point. I am obsessed with them however and they continue to be my go tos. I even wear them to and from work and change into heels st my desk.

  13. I HATE mine. I have the patent leopard ones and they are so uncomfortable. I’ve yet to wear them out of the house because just walking around getting ready they hurt between my toes so bad that I end up changing before I leave. I wish I had not wasted my money on them.

  14. I brought my first pair of Millers and the jury is still out, I am a fashion Icon that wear Louis Vuitton and Target in the same sentence. I do not discriminate between designers. I have seen these sandals on other ladies and wonder what prompted them to buy. Let’s be honest they are not the best looking but the name of Tory Burch will make you believe that they are high quality.

  15. Are you wearing the makeup or sand colors in the nude miller photos? I am ordering a pair and having a hard time deciding between the two. i cant tell which is which in blogger photos etc. specifically teh picture with the striped shirt, jeans and yellow bag: that’s the color i want?

  16. Hi! So glad I found your page. I just bought my first pair of Millers. I got the makeup color since they seem to go with everything. I have a question on the fit though. I bought the 7.5 and 8 so I could try both sizes. The 7.5 definitely feel better on the top , not as loose as the 8, but my heel goes almost all the way to the edge. Is that ok?? I think my foot will slide around too much in the 8’s. They look great on you and with all your cute outfits .
    Any info would be appreciated. Thank u

    1. Sheri, I have the same dilemma! I am between a 6.5 and 7, so I bought the 7 based on sizing reviews. The length is great, but the gap between the strap and top of my foot is HUGE! My foot floats around a lot in the sandal. And I heard that it stretches? Maybe cause my foot is narrow? The 6.5 hugs my foot more, but the length could be longer. Which did you end up keeping? Did you go with the 7.5 or 8? Would love to know your input!

  17. I just got my first pair in the orange that was on sale at Nordstrom. I wear thong sandals all the time and have never worn any that hurt between my toes like these do. I can’t believe that in all these reviews, only one person has said that. Do they get better, or are most people really having no problem? I have wanted them for so long and am so disappointed.

    1. I never had that problem and you’re the first one I’ve heard say that. Such a bummer- you definitely don’t want to wear shoes that hurt- especially when they are so pricy!

  18. I love my Millers! I live in Florida so I wear mine year round. I have the makeup leather and black leather sandals. I’m normally running errands with my toddler during the day so I picked leather for the casual look. The patent leather is dressier which is perfect to transition day to night with a dress, jeans or shorts! They are very comfortable! I have wide feet, I wear a size 8 and these fit perfect. I would say they stretch some. I bought my makeup sandals first and I can see the shape of them are wider than the black leather. I love that these cater to your foot because most size 8 sandals are too narrow for me. If you don’t have wide feet I see no reason why these would stretch. I can easily wear these all day because the comfort is that great. Worth every penny!

  19. I just got my first pair of Miller sandals in makeup. I’m usually a 7, ordered a 7.5 and ended up returning for an 8 since my heel was really close to the edge on the 7.5. My only concern is that they will stretch out and the 8’s will be loose. Do these tend to stretch out?

    1. 1-2 years and they stretch so far as to be unusable. The leather straps are riveted in and can’t be adjusted.

  20. Hey so after reading your blog and all the comments m a mil confused about the size . I am a 36 internationals/Asian size that makes it a 6 us size . Should I get a 6.5 or 6

  21. I would love the TB Miller sandal. I order a pr and even though I went down a size, the were way too wide.
    Can you suggest a narrow sandal? I have 2 or of flats and they’re perfect

  22. Great review, great looks and great Miller collection. I’ve been a Tory flats fan for 10 years now and about 6 years ago I bought a pair of black leather Millers. Not long after I bought another color and then another color. I guess I’m obsessed with them cuz I now have 23 pairs. I’m a feminine male so they work perfect with my fashion style.

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