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Hi friends!  Happy Friday! I’m so ready for the weekend!  How about you??

This week felt so out of whack with the kids being home from school for two days in the middle of the week, and now we’re looking forward to a weekend with not much on the agenda.  Sometimes those are the best kind of weekends! 

It’s been a packed week on the blog with me opening up about dating after divorce, the best sales, the $25 sweatshirt I can’t stop wearing, and some new coziness I know you will love.

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Today I have what I hope will be a useful post for you.  I’m sharing some simple styling tips that will take your outfit from drab to fab! 

Of course, these are just things I think make an outfit look better, but if you prefer to wear things another way, that’s A-Ok! That’s why it’s called personal style!  

Some of the tips are minor things, little ‘zhushs’ here and there, but they can make a big difference in how things appear.

I would love to get your feedback on this kind of post and if you did think it was helpful, please let me know in the comments!

Jewelry Worn: EarringsNecklaceCuff Bracelet

ONE | Show Some Skin With Ankle Booties

Maybe it’s personal preference, and because I’m so short, but I think it looks good to show a little ankle between the bottom of your jeans and booties. For this kind of a look, I prefer a bootie that has a shorter front, as opposed to a bootie with a higher ankle. 

I typically save those higher ankle booties for skirts and dresses.  

 Colorblock SweatshirtPaige Denim JeansBooties

Sweatshirt Fit: I’m wearing an XS 

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 25


Well, how exactly do you cuff your jeans? Back in high school, I remember folding the jean on its side, then rolling up a couple of times so that is was super tight around the ankle.  You’d die of embarrassment if you wore a wide leg jean.

Now, I cuff my jeans so that any raw edge or hem shows.

To achieve that look: cuff the hem of your jeans up one time with a pretty wide cuff, then fold that cuff underneath, pulling down to your desired length.  Did that make sense?

I’ll be sure to do a video demonstration on Instagram Stories on Sunday!

how to cuff your jeans


Did you notice another thing I changed from the before and after photo above? I tucked in the front of the sweatshirt.  Such a simple thing to do, but I do it on nearly every top!

It’s pretty much universally flattering to tuck a T-shirt, sweater or sweatshirt into the front of your jeans, which has the effect of making your legs look longer. And I sure need all the help I can get in that department!

 Colorblock SweatshirtPaige Denim JeansBooties


What else did I do? I scrunched the sleeves up to about 3/4 length. This gives you a more cool vibe and also lets you show off your bracelets!

Cuffing your sleeves makes your outfit look more relaxed and less ‘proper’ than if you wore the sleeves all the way to your wrists.

Style Tips to Look Better in Clothes

Target Button DownWit and Wisdom JeansBootiesCircle Belt

Button Down Fit: I’m wearing an XS

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 0P


Start by unbuttoning the sleeve, then fold it up once in a wide cuff.  Then take the bottom and cuff it up again.

With the black jeans outfit, I also added a white tee underneath the button down to add more visual interest by layering.  The front tuck was perfect because a full tuck would have been too bulky with the tee layered underneath.

I’ll do a video on Stories for this too!


Adding a belt also gives your outfit a more complete look, than if you went without.  This double circle belt from Amazon and the 4-pack of stretchy belts are what I reach for most often.

But, I also love to add a leopard belt once in a while for a pop of pattern.

Style Tips to Look Better in Clothes


One final thing I did for the first outfit was to add a necklace.  I’ve been wearing this layered necklace from Amazon with the layered clasp from Bauble Bar.

But, this necklace is already one necklace with three strands.

Necklaces look great with v-neck tops, but also over crewnecks to break up the solid color.

layered necklace

Abercrombie sweatshirt and jeans


These bootcut jeans have the potential to give you legs for days, as long as you show off the whole legline and wear a pointy toe heel with them.

In the first photo, I’m wearing a peep toe bootie and left my shirt untucked with the sleeves down.  The peep toe is making my foot look a little stunted and my legs look shorter with the top untucked because you can’t see as much of my legs with the top untucked.

In the second photo, I tucked the top in, added a belt, scrunched the sleeves and wore them with a pointy toe bootie.  Now, my legs look longer than in the first outfit.

style tips to look better in clothes

Black PulloverItty Bitty Bootcut JeansBooties

Pullover Fit: I’m wearing an XS

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 0P

style tips to look better in clothes

TopItty Bitty Bootcut JeansHeels | Leopard Sweatshirt  • Itty Bitty Bootcut JeansBooties

If you wanted to wear bootcut jeans without tucking in your top, opt for a crop length or something that sits higher on the hips like the two options above.

Top Fit: I’m wearing an XS

Sweatshirt Fit: I’m wearing an XS

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 0P


If you want a change from skinny jeans, there are many straight leg styles available. I really like this high waist, button fly pair from Express with a little bit of distressing at the knee.

I feel like they definitely look better on me with nude heels and you can take advantage of the high waist with a tucked in or shorter top.

style tips to look better in clothes

TopExpress Slim High Rise Jeans (Was $79, Now 39) • Mules | Olive Puff Sleeve Sweater (Was $49, Now $24) • Heels

Sweater Fit: I’m wearing an XS

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 0S 

TopExpress Slim High Rise Jeans (Was $79, Now 39) • Mules | Jeans

I do like this outfit and the flat mules better with my Amazon skinny jeans.

Top Fit: I’m wearing an XS

Express Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 0S

Daily Ritual Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 25 (0)


Last but not least, let’s talk camo joggers! Such a great transition out of jeans or traditional cozy joggers.

The cool thing about these is that you can easily dress them up or down, making them weekend friendly or night out ready!

style tips to look better in clothes


Did you catch that I’m wearing socks with my sneakers in the first photo?! If you’re going to wear socks, make sure they are no show. Or get comfortable wearing your cute sneakers without socks- that’s what I typically do.

When you tuck in the top, it elongates the leg line and I also like scrunching up the cuff a little bit to show some ankle.

Tee Fit: I’m wearing an XS

Joggers Fit: I’m wearing a 25 

style tips to look better in clothes

Tank • Joggers • Heels | BeltClear Heels

You can also dress them up with a black top and heel. The black heel is fine, but maybe not as ‘edgy’ a look as I was going for here. By tucking in the top and accessorizing with necklaces and a belt, plus a clear heel, you are ready for a night out!

I hope this post was helpful for you!  I sure enjoyed putting it together!  I’m happy to do more like this if you want, just let me know!


I love seeing what y’all love every week, and here’s what topped your list!

fashion faves

SandalsPulloverJeansCoatFlip Flops

Amazon Top Sellers

TeesColorblock SweaterSkinny Ankle PantsCardiganCozy Pullover


Here are the sales worth checking out this weekend!

Nordstrom • New Markdowns include the popular Miller Sandals! Now just They were $228 now $171! Also my go to slides from summer are now $59!

Abercrombie • Up to 40% off sale styles, All this rain in Houston had me looking for rain gear. This trench coat would be perfect even for non rainy weather! 😉

Anthropologie • Extra 30% off sale styles.  Hoodie AND a dress?! Talk about comfort! Yes PLEASE!

Banana Republic • 40% off a regular priced item.  This long sleeve tee would work for so many outfits, comes in several color options!

Colleen Rothschild • 25% off sitewide with code BDAY25! You can grab some of my favorites including the Sheer Renewal Cream, Extreme Recovery Cream, and the Cleansing Balm

Express • Up to 30% off select styles

JCrew • 40% off cozy fall styles, use code COZY, This sweater blazer is so chic!

LOFT • 40% off Fall perfect tops or 50% off when you buy 2+ tops, Use code STOCKUP

Old Navy • Several styles on sale for as low as $6

Victoria Emerson • Up to 45% off select styles. Have you seen all the new Apple Watch bands?!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. I love how you did this. It reminded me of when I used to buy fashion magazines and they did the split screen with right and wrong way to wear something. Please do more!

  2. Megan – Thanks for this post! I love everything about it and the tips you share are so helpful. I would love to see more like this, especially:
    – As a woman over 40, how to wear trends and not feel awkward or like I’m trying too hard (because honestly, I won’t try THAT hard… but I still want to stay stylish)
    – Love the tips for shorter gals
    – Love the specific photos showing how you roll cuffs, etc.

  3. I like this type of post. Would like to see more, it’s surprising how a few changes can make an outfit look more flattering.

  4. Love this post! These are great tips and I appreciate the side by side comparison photos. Would love to see more styling content in the future too 🙂

  5. These are great- easy, simple changes that make a visual difference. Question: when you layer a tank/tee under a button-up shirt, do you fully tuck in the bottom layer when you’re doing a front tuck? I struggle with this MIGHTILY for some reason!

  6. Such a helpful post !! Please do more! Follow up question, when you tuck in how do you prevent the bulky look under your jeans from the fabric?

  7. Hi I loved this post. As an Aussie on a limited budget I find a lot of the fashion posts hard as we don’t have the stores and our dollar makes the clothes really expensive! But tips for how to make my clothes look better when I wear them is really helpful! Thank you so much!

  8. This was a great idea for a post. I’m STILL trying to get the front tuck down, but it just looks weird on me when the rest of the world looks so cool and relaxed when they do it.

  9. This was filled with so many good tips. I’m a shorty at 5’3″ and all of your tips are especially useful to me.

  10. Such a fabulous post! Love the side by side and the amazing descriptions that help me think about the things you are pointing out. I definitely saw myself in some of those “drab” before. Thank you so much!!! So… leopard belt, clear heels, pointy shoes are on my list!

  11. I love this post! I usually do most of these tips but it’s always good to have a reminder. I’m especially living posts with tips that aren’t specifically about buying new things, but about using things or clothes that you already own, but maybe in a different way. This is especially true for those of us on a COVID budget.

  12. Meghan, when you do a front tuck and leave the back untucked, doesn’t it bulk up the back part? or create an awkward transition on the sides? I haven’t mastered the front tuck yet, unfortunately

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