How to Stay Positive & Cozy at Home

Good morning friends!  I guess we better get used to this new normal for awhile.  Yesterday was Day #1 of homeschooling (of at least 3 weeks) and it’s a lot!  I give the teachers so much credit for all the hard work they are doing to set up lesson plans and email us and check in.

We set up the formal dining room as the homeschool area – nothing fancy.  In fact, awhile ago I donated my dining table, so now we are making do with two card tables pushed together!  When I get a better sense of our daily routine, I’ll share that with you here. You guys know how I love a routine. 😉

So far, it’s breakfast, brush teeth, make beds and get dressed by 9am and start school at 9:00.  We worked until about 11:30, then it was 30 minutes of physical education (the kids played basketball outside). Lunch is at 12:00.  That’s about as far as we got, except, we typically eat dinner at 5:00, clean up, play outside after dinner, and I start Jordan’s bedtime routine around 7:00 p.m.

For me, I’ll have to be blogging early morning, during quiet time and at night probably.  It’s really hard to get on the computer when Jordan wants/needs my attention.  But, I have to keep working, especially as a divorced mom.

Speaking of, THANK YOU so much for your sweet comments on my Q&A post yesterday.  We really went there with divorce, coparenting and dating! I will do a Part 2 soon!


I’ve been thinking a lot about what I can do in my own home to stay positive and get though this social isolation.

Feel the feelings

One thing I’ve really learned in the last year is that it’s critical to let ourselves feel our emotions.  It’s okay to be sad and angry and disappointed about all the loss we’re experiencing.  If you need to have a cry in the shower, go ahead.  Let it out.  Stuffing things down only results in more pain later.  I also recommend starting a daily practice of journaling.  It doesn’t have to be long, and sometimes just a few sentences to clear your heart and head will do wonders for your soul.

By the way, all of your feelings are okay and “normal”.  Don’t let anyone shame or “should” on you!

I’ve found myself feeling all the emotions and I have to talk myself off the worry ledge from time to time.  Houston is probably going to be on Shelter in Place soon and it just freaks me out.

But, deep down, when I get sucked into the fear and worry and complaining I feel icky inside.  I know it’s not good.  Staying positive isn’t just masking the situation and putting on a happy face (though you can fake it til you make it), it’s about putting our collective good energy out into the world and overcoming, despite how we feel.

Being courageous even when we’re scared.  Here are some ways to stay positive to help get us through these next few weeks and possibly, months.

Keep the faith

Regardless of denomination or type of faith, many of us believe in a higher power that is in control.  He (how I refer to my heavenly Father) loves us unconditionally with our best interests at heart.  He is able to do things beyond what we can even ask or think.  His plans for us are to give us a future and a hope.  Though the sorrow may last for a night, JOY comes in the morning! He is good!  He’s got us in the palm of His hand.  We WILL be okay. We will come out of this even stronger and better than before.

Take news breaks

I know it’s scary and unfamiliar and strange and unknown, but watching the news 24/7 might only make you more anxious. I try to check twice a day- once in the morning and once at night.  That’s enough for me.  And of course, I talk to friends and family about it.

Worrying doesn’t solve anything, and I’m reminding myself of that too.  Staying informed, planning and preparing is good, obsessing over details we cannot control isn’t.

Savor small moments

Being forced to stay home puts us in a unique situation to notice the little things.  Maybe it’s taking a walk outside, or simply lying down to read a book.  Maybe taking a nap.  I did that yesterday around 3pm and it felt so good!

While I literally can’t work as much as I’m used to with my little one home from school, I’m ‘forced’ to notice all the little ways she’s growing up.  How she loves to play princess with me and put on pretend makeup.  How her little voice is changing.  They way she sits as still as possible so I can paint her fingernails pink.  These are all beautiful things.

*And then I always feel like I have to balance it out with, yes, there are still tears and timeouts.  It’s not all sunshine and roses . . .

See the good in humanity

Have you seen all the heartwarming stories about how kind humans can be?  People putting up paintings of rainbows in their windows for neighborhood walkers to delight in as they pass by, or the happy birthday signs so the little girl who had to cancel her party could still be celebrated as she walked her neighborhood.

Check out @goodnews_movement on Instagram – you’ll smile so big!

Welcome the opportunity to slow down

Think of it this way: In HIS timing, this will be over and we’ll be back to our normal, rushed, overscheduled lives, wishing we had “enjoyed” our time at home a little bit more.  Is that possible?

Stay connected through conversation and online

I believe we are meant to be social beings.  That’s why, even if I don’t “feel” like getting together with friends when the date rolls around and we’ve planned something, I try to never cancel because I know I will get so much out of being in their company.

While we are currently restricted from getting together in person, we can still text, call and facetime!  My mom doesn’t have facetime, but James figured out we can use the app Google Due to video call with her instead!  It’s awesome!

My girlfriends and I are talking about having a virtual happy hour soon.  We need it!

Exercise at home

I’ll be sharing some at-home workouts with you on my Stories so join me for that!


What have you been wearing at home lately?  Are you staying in pajamas all day, getting dressed like it’s your job, or a combination of cozy loungewear?

I wake up in my pajamas and have my quiet time, then change into workout clothes for exercise.  After showering, I take a few minutes to get ready for the day with a bit of makeup and freshening up my hair and put on comfortable clothes for working at home and homeschooling.

I may start out in jeans and a comfortable top, but before long, I usually change into cozy loungewear.  Here are a few pieces that will keep you comfy and cozy all day at home.

Along with this super popular and oh, so soft throw blanket! It’s under $40 and I have the vanilla color on my sofa.

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Lounge Pants • Without a doubt, the very first thing all of us reach for when being relaxed at home is lounge pants.  This pair is new at Nordstrom with over 600 positive reviews. They’re 100% soft cotton with an elastic drawstring waist and raw edge hem.  I love their name too, “Lazy Morning Lounge Pants” 😉

Long Sleeve Tee • I have this tee in the short sleeve, long sleeve and tank version, and its a fantastic basic.  I seem to want to cover my arms when I’m inside because I tend to get chilly and the long sleeves feel comforting, but the lightweight fabric keeps me from overheating.

Barefoot Dreams Pullover • Dang, this pullover is so good!  I tried it on at the store and keep wishing I brought it home!

Seamless Bralette • I’ve been living in my Amazon bralettes lately (I prefer them with the padding removed), but I love this shape of these with the thin shoulder straps.

Zella Jumpsuit • How cute is this?!  I’m all about just pulling on a jumpsuit – just one piece to think about!  This one is a soft terry material with pockets, a drawstring waist and ribbed cuffs.

Pajama Top & Bottoms • Gimme all the cozy pajamas!  I’ve still been living in this blue leopard set, but I like that these are a lighter weight.  It’s getting hot here!

Robe • Just out of the shower or over pajamas, a robe is a beautiful thing.  I’m digging the style and supersoft, drapey material.

Barefoot Dreams Cozy Shrug • I hadn’t seen this before, but I think it’s genius!  It’s the same comfort we know and love from Barefoot Dreams in an easy-to-wear shrug!

Slippers • If I’m at home downstairs, I’m always wearing slippers.  I hate how the hardwood feels on my feet – not to mention stepping on crumbs or dirt grosses me out.  These slippers are so cute and have a non-slip rubber sole.  They run small, so size up.

Flip Flops • I keep my Haviannas right by the back door so I can easily slip them on when I need to take out the trash or walk outside.  These are my go-to flip flops!


If you want a fun tee to help lift your spirts, I’ve rounded up some for you here.

Think HappyPink Is My Happy ColorLong Live Rock N Roll

Work Hard & Be NiceRolling Stone TonguesPalm Trees Ocean Breeze

Change the WorldRock N RollI Got This

How are you staying positive during this time?  Is there some scripture, quote or something you’re doing that has helped?  Let us know in the comments!

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Have a fantastic day!



  1. MelanieL
    March 24, 2020 / 10:15 am

    Your use of card tables put together made me laugh because is there a household in America right now without a card table set up for office, school or puzzles?!?! LOL Thank you for being here for us, I appreciate you. 🙂

    • March 24, 2020 / 11:56 am

      Whatever works, right?! 😉

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