Behind the Scenes | Fitness eBook Photo Shoot

The fitness eBook is coming along and is almost ready for you!  I couldn’t be more proud of this project or more excited to release it to you in just two weeks!  We’ve set January 28 as the official launch date so mark your calendars!  Today I’m pumped to share the behind-the-scenes photoshoot with you!

Behind the scenes fitness photo shoot


As most of y’all know, the last few months Cari Shoemate and I have been hard at work preparing a fitness eBook that you can use to make this your best year ever!  We want you to be healthy and fit and have loads of energy to be excited about life!  In retrospect, January might not have been the best choice to shoot all the fitness exercises, given I did indulge and enjoy all the good food during December.  #holidays!

But, I followed our 7-Day Fitness Reset program and felt so much better after that.  It’s amazing how good getting back to it feels.  And once you get that momentum going, you are unstoppable!

Amazon Fashion Try On- Under Armor Sports Bra & Leggings

Under Armor Sports Bra • Leggings

Last Thursday we met up at a local studio in Houston, Cloud Break Creative, to shoot the photos.  We thought about shooting the eBook in my house or outside since it’s designed for you to do at home, but we wanted you to be able to clearly see each exercise without any distracting background.

Cloud Break Creative Studios

It really takes a village to bring a project like this together.  I’m so blessed to work with women I admire and that are real-life friends.  My talented photographer Tisha lives just four houses down from me and we always use our photoshoot time to catch up on life and laughs.  My Creative Director Shannon is super efficient, keeps me organized, and is a hoot to be around.  You really can’t beat that!

Cari was on it with all of the workouts we created and choreographed the photo shoot from beginning to end. Here we are going over the outline for the day while Tarek worked his makeup magic.

Cloud Break Creative Studios - makeup artist

While I was getting my makeup finished, Tisha and Cari went through the shot list and got the studio ready.

Cloud Break Creative Studios - fitness photo shoot


The eBook has 4 weeks of workouts plus the bonus 7-Day Fitness Reset.  That’s a total of 25 different workouts, and we shot all of those exercises in about 3 hours!  By the end of the shoot, I was pooped!  But honestly, I’m so passionate about this project that I was running on a combo of excitement and adrenaline.

Behind the scenes- fitness photo shoot

TankShorts • Under Armor Sports BraSneakersNo Show Socks

Behind the scenes- fitness photo shoot (1)

Similar TankShorts • Under Armor Sports BraSneakersNo Show Socks

Behind the scenes- fitness photo shoot (2)

Behind the scenes- fitness photo shoot (4)

OMG!!! How many more of these?!?!  These workouts are no joke, but we added modifications to make sure that no matter your fitness level, you can successfully follow them.

Behind the scenes- fitness photo shoot (3)


We invited a special guest, my good friend Ashley to join us for the Partner Workout.  I have to say I haven’t laughed that hard in a while and if you saw on Stories, you know why!  It’s always more fun to exercise with a friend, so we included that for you too!

Behind the scenes- fitness photo shoot (7)

Behind the scenes- fitness photo shoot (8)

Behind the scenes- fitness photo shoot (9)

Behind the scenes- fitness photo shoot (10)

This is where I was praying, “please don’t drop me!”

Behind the scenes- fitness photo shoot (11)

Partner workout

Ashley’s TankShortsSneakers

Fitness eBook behind the scenes

Cari • Me • Ashley


Last year, before I even met Cari or started doing the fitness challenges, I was telling Shannon that I wanted to create something of value beyond what I do on my blog.  I didn’t know at the time exactly how that would play out, but I put it out into the universe that I was open and willing to do more.

Maybe it’s getting older and wanting to live a life with more purpose and intention that’s fueling me.  I also know I want to spread my Grandma’s message of “take care of you” further. Now, I’m looking back and seeing God’s hand all over this last year, lining everything up so that this fitness ebook could fall into place.

That’s why this book is more than a kick *ss workout guide and meal plan.  It will definitely help change your body and get you leaner and stronger, but I want you to get even more out of it.  I’m on a journey of personal growth and I’d love you to join me on this path.  We want to be healthy and fit and strong, but also mindful of how we’re living our lives.  Are we living with joy and gratitude and kindness and making the most of everyday? No matter what your life looks like, you can make small changes to start living a passionate life that feels authentic to you with your personal goals in mind.

So, along with the workouts and meal plan, we’re including tips and printables to help you organize your life and help you make YOU a priority! Everything is customizable for your life and schedule.


I’m so grateful to Cari, Tisha, Shannon, and Ashley for making this eBook come to life!  And I’m incredibly thankful that you are interested in it! Remember, if you subscribe to my blog & newsletter, you’ll receive a discount code in the January 26th HWH Weekend Edition! That’s right before the Fitness eBook launches on Monday, January 28!

Be sure to join the private Honey We’re Healthy Facebook group too. This group is on fire and ready to do this with you!

Are you in?! 



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    1. Hi Shellie! It will be part of the fitness eBook! In the meantime, you can check out the fitness challenges we did this year! Just click the fitness tab at the top of my blog. Those are an awesome place to start!

  1. I am so looking forward to your ebook launch. I’ve been eating clean most of this month and plan to continue adding some of your recipes and fitness to my daily routine. Thanks for doing this for us and for your positive outlook on life, wellness, fitness, family….etc.

  2. Congrats Megan! It is fun to follow you, you are so passionate and I love it! My word this year is mindful and so I am so excited to be mindful about taking care of myself in addition to my family and others!

  3. Megan, this is such a wonderful project and it really couldn’t be more perfect for you! You are such an inspiration to so many and I can’t wait to see the end result! I love seeing women follow their passions and share them with the world. Teaching and coaching others is for sure your gift!

  4. The article not only provides valuable insights into the process but also exudes a contagious sense of enthusiasm that motivates readers to embark on their fitness journey. Kudos to the entire team for their hard work and for sharing this unique and empowering experience with us!

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