My Hubby’s Annual Father’s Day Gift Guide

Well, it’s been a hot minute since he’s made an appearance around here, so it’s time to bring back my cutie-pie hubby to help us ladies with our Father’s Day gift ideas. I mean, try as I might, I’m much better at buying for my girlfriends, mom, or female relatives!

My hubby is definitely a guy’s guy and he likes all the things I know nothing about- like tools, cars, and sports.  And if you ask him what he wants for any holiday, he’s sure to say he doesn’t want/need anything, so shopping for him isn’t easy!

When WalMart asked to collaborate on a Father’s Day gift guide, I thought, sure- if my hubby can do the recommending!  It will definitely help me out for Father’s Day and hopefully, you too!


Father's Day Gift Ideas

Def Leppard T-ShirtExtreme Ownership BookGoPro HERO6 Camera

 KnifeBinocularsHarry’s RazorBostitch Tool BagCaterpiller Power Station Jump Starter

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Well Father’s Day is upon us yet again and so is my annual post on the topic of “Gifts for Dad.” This year my challenge was to find items at WalMart to aid and assist you in this year’s search. Frankly, after the trauma I suffered at the hands of last year’s aimless wandering through the untamed wilderness that was Nordstrom trip, this was no challenge at all.  WalMart really is a treasure trove of great gifts for dad, and with the beefed up online selection, you should have no problem finding something that will make dad happy this year.

Harry’s Razor

Let’s start with the Harry’s Razor. I actually went to Wal-Mart and purchased this razor to try out. To be fair, buying a new razor can be a dicey proposition with some guys. When it comes to putting blades on your face and throat you really don’t want to get too experimental, it truly is a situation of, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

I have used the Gillette Mach 5/Fusion since it came out and dirt was young. When I made the switch at that point in life, I was still using the fixed single blade disposable razors I had been using since the first hairs appeared on my face, and we were still sleeping in caves.

Honestly, I have had no reason to switch from the Mach 5/Fusion, I have never cut myself and overall I have always thought it did a pretty serviceable job. So when Megan asked if I would be interested in trying it out, while I wasn’t really jumping at the bit to switch, I decided I would for the good of you, the readers.

To my surprise though, this razor and blade have exceeded the Gillette in every single category. Price: the razor itself is the same price as the Gillette but the blades are 50% of the cost and in my opinion do a better job. Shave: the blades have more surface area and move around your face better than the Gillette. Trimmer: 1000% better than the Gillette for trimming sideburns, under the nose and right around your lips.

Bottom line: if your dad is an old school shave guy and doesn’t use an electric, I think this razor will likely be a significant upgrade from what he currently has.

Binoculars by Leupold

I love Leupold products so I’m a little biased about their quality and have never had any problems with any of the Leupold optics that I have owned. Binoculars are always a cool gift and usually we (men that is) always remember getting our first binoculars as a kid, I got James his own little pair of Tasco binoculars a couple of years ago and he loved them.

This Leupold pair are small enough that you can carry them in your pocket to sporting events or are perfect to keep in your car for those moments when you are on vacations in a national park and trying to see wildlife or other things from far away. They’re also good for spying on your neighbors or random people watching from afar if you are a weirdo and into that sort of thing. Wal-Mart has such a wide variety of binoculars that you can definitely find the pair that fits within your budget.

GoPro Hero 6

I know this is a pretty pricey item but it is well worth the investment. I bought one right before our Spring Break trip to Colorado and I absolutely love it! It has gone on every trip with us since being purchased and recorded every single one of James’ baseball games this year. I cannot say enough good things about this camera and the accessories that I have purchased for it. The picture quality for both still pictures and video is incredible and it has automatic stabilization so your videos don’t look like you have some uncontrolled nervous twitch.

One pro tip, get a large (1TB or larger) cloud based data storage account to store all the pictures and video, they take up a lot of space.

Gerber fixed blade knife

Let’s be clear: I like knives and I’m pretty sure your dad does too. They may not be for everyone, but I’m willing to bet the overwhelming majority of dads would be thrilled beyond belief to get a new knife for father’s day. Just like with the binoculars, WalMart’s selection of knives is deep and full of different price points for you.

Honestly, I probably could have done a post solely on the different types of knives available (note: I originally wanted to feature the fixed blade throwing knives by SOG but Megan thought it was a little outlandish and over the top). #aggressive! -M;) I don’t think you can go wrong getting dear old dad a new knife this Father’s Day.

Extreme Ownership book

This is an outstanding read. Yes, men are just like women and we are always looking to find ways to improve our lives. One of the co-authors, Jocko Willink, is a former Navy Seal and preaches accountability to yourself and don’t blame others for your problems. I have always been a big believer in not making excuses and living by that motto, but every now and then you need to find new ways to motivate yourself as you just seem to plateau or find yourself wanting to make excuses.

What made me buy this book was an online interview I watched with Jocko where he said if you really want to make meaningful change in your life, wake up a 4:00 am everyday and get sh*t done. (OMG, have we met?! -M) I have been doing that for the better part of the last 6 months and going to the gym. It really does make a difference with how you tackle the day and by the time you get to noon, you have already put in an 8 hour day of getting sh*t done.

If your dad is a reader and always looking for that edge, this is a great read to add to his library.

Bostitch tool bag

This is a simple, fairly inexpensive, yet highly useful gift for dad. You might say, “but it’s a tool bag, this is incredibly boring.” I’m going to give you a tip: what you say is boring is likely a whirlwind of excitement for dad. I can assure that if I opened this on Father’s Day I would immediately take it out in the garage and start packing it with essential tools for my next fix-it adventure, even if there was no fix-it adventure looming on the horizon. Being able to keep your essential tools organized in one place, whether it’s for your emergency bag in your car or just to keep under the sink as your quick go-to for in house jobs, is the opposite of boring.

Caterpillar Power Station and Jump Starter

This is a must have tool for dad. I love mine and bring it in the car anytime I leave the house. It has enough power to jump your car if you get stranded and there is no one else around to give you a jump. But it also has an air compressor to fill up your tires, sports balls, or beach inflatables. And it has both a USB port and AC outlet to provide power to your small electronic items.

You might be laughing and think why on God’s green earth would I ever buy this thing. But I’m here to tell you that it really comes in handy for so many things that the price truly seems small in comparison.

Def Leppard Hysteria T-shirt

Umm, so I might be a child of the ’80s and this is arguably one of the greatest shirts of all-time, whatever. Your dad might not want some sugar poured on him but that’s ok, fortunately WalMart has a huge selection of other t-shirts that I know he will definitely want. For instance, the Masters of the Universe t-shirt was also in my top 5 must have shirts from the online portal, don’t judge me.

So there you have it, the annual Father’s Day gift giving guide. As always, I look forward to hearing your feedback and commentary and hope that you find this post at least somewhat useful.


Babe, you did so good!!  And I think you underestimate our understanding of a good bag!  If you liked Jimmy’s post, please let him know in the comments!  I know he’ll be checking all day and reading every one! 

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  1. These are some great gift ideas, Jimmy. I know my husband would especially love the Caterpillar Power Station and knife. I love the Def Leppard shirt as well! 🙂

  2. Hey Jimmy! Reading this post at 5:30am and getting ready to get sh*t done! Thanks for funny read and for making Father’s Day shopping a little easier.

  3. Great job on the Dad’s Day post! Definitely some great ideas to think about for my husband and Dad!

  4. Great list Jimmy! I think your picks would be well received by most men – very practical, some fun and no “hipster fluff”. Nice job!

  5. As usual his post did not disappoint and covered all bases – humor, informative and helpful!!

  6. Thanks for the suggestions – I will definitely gift that razor to my dad and maybe even my husband.

  7. I know I can always look forward a great post from Jimmy! I know I am guaranteed a smile and a laugh as I read through his “picks”. Fantastic gift ideas! Thank you!!

  8. I can tell he has a good sense of humor! ‘When dirt was young!’ Omg! I plan on getting my hubby that knife, good find! Also, Jimmy can you recommend a good men’s cologne, please?

  9. I don’t comment… like EVER, but had to tell ya’ll, Mr. HWH is funny! His sidebar comments were hilarious and I laughed out loud enough that I had to share what I was reading to my coworkers so they wouldn’t think I was a crazy person. Oh and they laughed too!

    Also, I just bought the razor and 3 in 1 power station online, thanks for the recommendations!!

  10. I was so excited to see Jimmy was back at it! He just cracks me up!! Ironically, I was just looking at the Harry’s Razors for my husband last weekend, so the review was very timely! Based on this, I think we’ll give it a try! Thanks, Jimmy!

  11. Jimmy, this is helpful! There is no way I could choose a new razor or knife for my husband. He will be shocked at “my” skills!

  12. Megan, I get such a kick out of your husbands posts ! Thanks for the good ideas and Jimmy thanks for a fun read, I look forward to when you have a guest post ! There a a couple of things I will pick up for sure, it really is very helpful to get your insight. Have a wonderful Father’s Day with your kids !

  13. Great post. Your husband is funny.
    We own the jump starter/air compressor and my husband is always looking for a chance to use it. I agree that it would be a really good gift.

  14. This was great not just for dads but guys in general. I got some ideas for Christmas presents for my teenage boys. Thanks

  15. Thanks for the great ideas! After reading this post I am definitely convinced that you and Megan are sole mates…GSD and organizing!

  16. Great suggestions! Thanks for taking the time out from your ‘getting *hit done’ to write a post! LOL!

  17. I am a little late reading this, but I always look forward to your posts. I appreciate your wit and gift suggestions! Thanks!

  18. I enjoyed the post from your husband and appreciated the ideas and opinions! I have just joined because of the fitness challenge and love following you (instastories) and your blog!

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