10 “Man Approved” Gifts for Father’s Day | A Post by My Husband

Hi friends!  How’s your week going? We are into our first official week of summer and we have one doctor visit down and one dentist appointment to go! I didn’t realize I scheduled them for the same week, but it will be good to get them over and done with for the summer! And I was looking so forward to some pool days, but we’ve had rain, rain, rain!  Some start to our summer!
Nordstrom recently reached out to me to share gifts for Father’s Day from their awesome men’s department. Y’all know I love to shop there and do so often.  I love the easy-to-navigate website with big, bright photos and of course the free shipping and free returns.  I was about 30 minutes into my Father’s Day gift research on their site, thinking, “I bet my husband would like this . . . or these . . . and he could use this (espeically since his “wallet” is a binder clip).  But, seeing as how I already gave him an early Father’s Day gift, I thought, “why don’t I just ask HIM to look online and report back with what men would really like!”
I can pick things for women with my eyes closed, but it’s so much harder to shop for men, espeically men who don’t seem to ever want anything! So, I put him to work and he personally chose the 10 things below and just maybe, your guy would love to unwrap one of these gifts on Father’s Day!
Please welcome my hubby to the blog, in his own words:

Well after a long hiatus from imparting my words of wisdom from the male point of view to my wife’s blog, I’M BAAACK!! It is of course that time of year where you must find an answer to the question, “what in the hell do I get for my dad or my baby daddy?” Lucky for you, I am here with the answers you seek. For this post, I have been asked to give my top ten list of items from Nordstrom for Father’s Day, so here it is:


#1 & #9 : First up are the two most expensive items on my list. At
$325 and $395 I realize that the Waxed Jacket and Twill Duffel Bag by Filson
may be non-starters for most people but, if your budget extends this far, believe me these are two items that just about every guy will love to have; get
a lot of use out of; and have a high WOW! factor upon opening. Filson has been
around since 1897, you don’t last that long as a company without making high
quality stuff that people want. So, while they may be expensive these items
will last a long, long time and make your daddy very, very happy.
#3 : Next up, jeans. Let’s be honest, it is hard to buy jeans for
someone else, especially dudes. Each pair has a different feel and you know it
when you find it. While I acknowledge that this is a risky purchase because of
what I just said, the flip side is if your dad is anything like me it is
impossible to even get him out to the store to try on a pair in the first
place. If you are inclined to take the risk however, go with Levi’s. Like
Filson they’ve been around for well over a hundred years. They know how to do jeans
and jeans that are (surprise, surprise) actually made of denim, not this fake
denim that some companies put out there. Go with the original, go with
#5 : Oakley Aviator Sunglasses; you can never have too many
sunglasses in my opinion. I keep a pair in each car we have because the last
thing you want is to be without your sunglasses while driving in the brutal
Texas sun. I only buy Oakley because of their quality, durability and
versatility. I can take them to the beach; I can wear them while coaching youth
sports; I can wear them while running, biking or whatever I am doing outside.
After a wipe down from the outdoor activities, I can also wear them with a suit
for work or out for lunch on the weekend and this fashion-challenged dad can
actually pull off some semblance of style.
#6 : Much like jeans, finding shorts that dad can wear and not be
a national embarrassment to the other family members is a challenge. I
recommend the Paramount Trail Shorts by North Face. They are not the
traditional cargo shorts that everyone loathes, nor are they the dad jorts that
have become the source of scorn and ridicule of most teenagers and wives. Instead,
these shorts fit nicely into the Goldilocks principle
and are just right.  Both you and your dad will love them.
#10 : And now it’s time for the ubiquitous socks recommendation.
Yes, socks are boring. Yes, it is so cliché to give socks to a man as a gift.
But you know what men need more than anything: socks! We wear through
socks faster than tires on a stock car at the Daytona 500. Yet somehow, we
refuse to acknowledge that our socks are in fact worn out and we will cling to
them until they literally disintegrate. I have found that these Under Armour Socks are great. They last a pretty long time (a key component in sock
purchasing for men) and the technology in these socks really do help to prevent
blisters if you engage in any kind of athletic activity. Buy the socks!
#8 : Men are also terrible about changing shoes as often as they
need to. The other day my wife saw I was wearing an old pair of sneakers that
she thought for certain had gone to shoe heaven long ago. The look of amazement
and disdain at the continued existence of these shoes and their presence in our
home was notable. The Terrix Skychaser Trail Running Shoe by Adidas is what I
recommend if you have an athletic dad (or even a wanna be athletic dad). They
are high quality footwear for both on and off the running trail.
#2 : I like to wear shirts like this Pro Hyperwarm HexodromeTraining Top from Nike while coaching my son’s baseball games. During the
spring, it tends to be just shy of a steam sauna here in Houston (this is the
lead up to our full-on broiler of a summer) and this past season a coach from
the opposing team came up to me and said, “I am dying of heat exhaustion just
looking at you.” Fact is, I wasn’t dying of heat exhaustion; these shirts are
perfect because they help regulate your temperature while also preventing you
from getting sunburned up and down your arms giving you the dreaded farmer’s
tan. This is the perfect shirt for any active dad who does a lot outdoors.
#4 & #7 : The last two items on this list, the Trim Fit Check DressShirt and the Diamond Grid Silk Tie, are also must haves for your dad because he
can never have enough dress shirts and ties. For someone like me who spends
almost every day in either a navy blue or gray suit, I need options in shirts
and ties and can never have too many. I don’t care who your dad is, at some
point he will need and get use out of one or both items.
I know shopping for the fashion resistant/challenged people
that we call dad is tough. We are terrible communicators (I am reminded of that
on a frequent basis) and if we do manage to string together words to make a
coherent sentence, we say things like “I don’t know,” “I don’t need anything,”
or “you don’t need to get me anything.” Statements like this only serve to
drive you crazy. So, this year don’t even bother asking the question,
just take it from me and you will be all set to give dear old Dad the proper
gift. Happy Father’s Day everyone!
Thank you babe for your input, I think it was really helpful and informative to hear from the horse’s mouth- so to speak! I had no idea you wanted socks! Ask and you shall receive! Ha! 
Please leave Jimmy a comment if you liked his post!  It will make him feel good!  ?


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  1. Y’all! A binder clip? Now that’s genius. My hubby prefers the extra wide rubber band from my asparagus! They’re quite durable. Going to get him a fancy binder clip for father’s day…and something else nice from your list. Enjoyed your post, Jimmy.

  2. Thanks, Jimmy! This is a great list that I’ll be hanging onto for birthdays as well! I like all the different price point options here!

  3. Great job Jimmy! Great pic and I love that you speak fluent sarcasm. Lol. My husband does too! Have a great Father’s Day. And Megan what a great idea for a post!!

    1. Totally, I wish I was as funny! I had to remove some, um, let’s just say, questionable language, but other than that, it was all him!

  4. I loved his post! Especially the baby daddy part. Very Funny! It is so true, I ask my husband every year what he wants and he says the same thing. I don’t need anything. Jimmy was spot on! lol 🙂

  5. Fantastic post! Jimmy you have a gift for writing…clever, and funny mixed in with ten great gift choices! I enjoyed reading this! Megan you had the perfect idea getting your hubby involved in selecting gifts guys really want! Thank you!

  6. i don’t have a baby daddy and my own dad passed away a few years ago, but i can give two of Jimmy’s choices big thumbs up! Levi’s are definitely the way to go jeans-wise. pretty much any style, although i’m partial to 501’s for what they do for my fella’s tush ;). plus, they’re available with a wee bit of stretch these days, and the aforementioned fella refuses to wear anything else now.

    two, the shoes! neither me nor the fella have this particular model, but i gotta give it up to ANY Adidas shoes with Boost soles. i bought myself a pair of Stan Smiths with Boost soles, and they are without a doubt the most comfortable sneakers i’ve ever owned. so comfy in fact that i’ve been trying to pick another pair with those soles for a couple months now… and they just came out with Superstars with them.

    the list seems solid af, and i’m sure any dad would love pretty much anything on it for father’s day.

    1. Thanks so much Julia. My own dad passed away also, so I know how that feels. BIg hugs. I didn’t know about the Boost soles on the Adidas so that is good to know! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Loved this “guest” post! “We are terrible communicators (I am reminded of that on a frequent basis).” Too funny!

  8. Loved this post! Great ideas all around & Jimmy’s take on everything was cracking me up! I’m going to have to look into the Oakleys. My husband has a knack for needing sunglasses RIGHT NOW on road trips and ending up with a nice pair of gas station iGoggs. I’m guess I should just be thankful he doesn’t buy the ones with the flames!

  9. Ha! I love it!! And I love the part about communication. I am constantly asking my husband what’s on his mind. Hoping to get more than a “oh nothing”! They say women are complex, well my husband runs a successful finance department at a company, but answers “oh nothing”! Maybe that’s okay though, bc us women loveeee to talk!! Your hubby did a great job!

  10. Nice work, Jimmy!! You write so eloquently, especially for a Non-communicator! 😉 I will definitely keep these great ideas in mind for Father’s Day!

  11. Loved a man’s perspective! My husband wants socks too and does love the Under Armor brand. Thanks for the ideas 🙂

  12. Jimmy needs to guest post more often – he’s so funny and yet informative and helpful too!

  13. Wow-gotta say I loved this post! Going to be using these suggestions for both hubby and dad! Still laughing about the shorts section.

  14. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for awhile now. I like it so much that I get impatient waiting for new posts! Your husband’s post was awesome–super funny, well written AND great shopping suggestions for men. You guys are a great duo!

  15. Love the post, Jimmy! You are a great writer! I’d also love to see a non Nordy post (although they are my go to as well) for all things man. Yetis? Sports gear?

  16. I LOVED hearing your husband’s point of view-that duffle bag really is incredible. I think I’m going to go on and purchase it for my husband’s birthday since we don’t have any little ones yet!

    xoxo, SS

  17. I guess they all have the ONE pair that they always wear! My hubby has so many shorts in, so many colors, but never wears them. Speaking of shorts, when is the Nordstrom sale? I think cardholders get advance notice to shop? I love Christmas in July 🙂

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