Bedroom Refresh – New Bedding & The Softest Sheets

You’ve seen Jordan’s nursery all decked out for Spring and we’re sloooowly but surely working our way through our master bedroom refresh.  You might recall that, before starting on this makeover, our room looked like this.  Since then, I hired my friend Aryn of Oyster Creek Studios to help with the design and finishing touches.

Last week, you saw the wallpaper go up and the dressers being installed and now we have some of the bedding!  The wallpaper was so hard for me to choose on my own because obviously there are a million options, but once Aryn narrowed it down to several samples for me, I knew immediately that this one was my favorite!  I like the pale pink in there, but it’s not too feminine with the darker tan and the pattern wasn’t something I’d seen before, and that appealed to me too.

Now that the paper is all over that back wall, it definitely needs the accessories to finish it out so that it’s not so busy.  We have lamps and a mirror and hopefully a juju hat being added soon! For now all we have on the dresser is my mug warmer for my nighttime peppermint tea!! #necessities

Pottery Barn Bedding and softest sheets ever 1

Similar Dresser • Mug Warmer

I knew right away that all-white bedding would be the perfect soothing backdrop for the room.  We’ve been sleeping on our Target sheets forever and I thought they were just fine until I saw the reviews for these sheets (flat sheet & fitted sheet).  People were saying they were the best sheets they ever slept on, the softest sheets ever, and the so luxurious that they would have paid 10 times more for them!

It didn’t take long for me to decide to check them out for myself- especially since they were so inexpensive and I knew I could easily return them if they didn’t work out.

But, um, there’s no way these babies are going back!  They are truly as good as everyone says!

So here’s the deal on the sheets and why they are so soft and comfortable.  They’re made from 100% of the highest quality brushed microfiber 1800 and are wrinkle, fade and stain resistant.  You can see here how they practically look like they’ve been ironed, but they haven’t! #aintnobodygottimeforthat! 

I just pulled them out of the dryer after machine washing them and they were perfectly smooth.  My previous sheets would be so wrinkled, even if I got them out of the dryer right away!

They are also hyper-allogenic, so you don’t have to worry about that.  I swear our pollen has been so bad here lately, everyone (including me!) has been blowing their noses nonstop!

These sheets also come with a lifetime, money back guarantee.  I bought the plain all white sheets because I wanted a bright white bedding and no designs or colors that would compete with the pattern in the wallpaper.

Next, I added a white coverlet with a pretty texture on it.  I was so surprised that I found this Pottery Barn coverlet for less on eBay!  Just like you should be checking for coupon codes before checking out on a website, start checking eBay when looking for all kinds of things online.  Their Spring bedding event is going on now too.

I get antsy with the bidding option (I don’t like to wait), but 81% of all merchandise sold on eBay is new and 88% of items sold on eBay are  ‘Buy It Now’, so that’s how I shop..  They do have free shipping on 69% of their items (and over 1 billion listing at any given time) so definitely remember to ask yourself, “Did you check eBay?” and you might be surprised at what goodness you find!

I got the two matching shams also and here’s a better look at the simple, but pretty, texture on them.

Finally, Aryn suggested I get an all white duvet cover and fold it over the end of the bed for more interest and another layer on the bed.  Then, we’ll probably bring in a few custom Euro shams and a lumbar pillow to complete the bed look.  I know I’ve needed help making our bed all hotel pretty for years, and I’m excited to finally have it all together!

At least I have the soft hotel bedding part down!

Pottery Barn Bedding and softest sheets ever

Honeycomb Duvet & Shams • Super Soft flat sheet & fitted sheet • Memory Foam Pillow • Linen Duvet Cover

The Softest Bedding at the Best Price Honey We're Home

We still need a lamp and mirror for over the nightstands and I want to get a juju hat for over the bed.  I’ve always loved those!  And we might change up the wall color too because I’m feeling like the grey we have in there now is reading more warm tan and I want to lighten it up with a creamy white. This post will answer all your questions about the paint colors in our home.

bedroom design plan

Also, as you can see, our bed is too short for the room, but I haven’t pulled the trigger on that yet!  It will probably be the last thing I order!

What do you think so far? I’d love to hear your opinion! 

♥More neutral bedding options♥

*Thanks so much to eBay for partnering on this post! 

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  1. Love the simple bedding! The repeat on the wallpaper is too small and linear for my personal tastes (I prefer something more organic), but I look forward to seeing how you pull it all together!

  2. I love it so far! Definitely white bedding pops up against that wall, which I love your wall paper, btw, and brings lots of light into your room. #thatchandelierthough ? Can’t wait ‘til you are done with it! ?

  3. Are the sheets thick? I bought some micro fiber sheets for our guest bedroom and love the fact that they don’t wrinkle, but they are so thin that they are almost transparent.

  4. Do you love the sheets?! I was so surprised how inexpensive they are! I feel like I’m always buying way to expensive sheets. May have to give them a shot.

  5. Your hanging light is so pretty! I‘ve been scouring your posts to see if you mention where you found it, but haven’t found the info. U’d love something like it for my foyer.

    I came across your blog when googling Pearce Sectional reviews. I’m looking forward to falling down the rabbit hole and reading all your posts !

  6. Quick question – the coverlet you mention on this post is the same honeycomb duvet in your bedroom reveal? If so, are you using itas coverlet and not a duvet, correct? Trying to decide if I should get a coverlet vs a duvet… thanksin advance!!!

    1. We had been using it as a coverlet, but now as a duvet because I like the fullness adding the comforter into it added. Does that make sense?

      1. Yes, makes sense – thank you! I think it’s neat that you can use as both. Is there a patritcular insert comforter that you recommend besides the traditional down comforters?

  7. Hi Megan- you gave me the itch to re-do my bedroom. I have been single now for 2 years, and it’s time to make it special for me! I am going to have a makeup vanity desk because I always wanted one, a dresser and 2 nightstands. Would love your opinion as to whether you think it all should be match or not. I have seen bedrooms being done were the nightstands are wood, the dresser is mirrored, etc. what do you think? I like your white nightstands! Take care, Ellyn

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