February Loves

Hello again! Did yesterday’s daily planner help you at all? If you’ve printed it out and are using it today, I’d love to hear how it works for you!  Something about putting your daily plan on paper seems to make the day go more smoothly, right?! Today, it’s a new edition of Monthly Loves, where I share things I’m loving for that month, with the aim to highlight fun and fabulous things I swear by, some things I might want to try, great deals, and under $50 finds!  All perfectly appropriate for the flavor of each month!

February’s LOVES is filled with all kinds of pink goodness and a few more things that would make great Valentine’s Day gifts! Let’s dive in!


February Loves



Love LettersCandle • Twist Hem TopTruffles •  Water Bottle

Tassel Earrings • Lip Treatment • Wedges •  V-Neck Tee • Pineapple KeychainBag • Pink UGGs

Love Letters • If you’re like me, a compliment or word of affection goes a LOOOONG way!  This kit comes with 12 pages and 12 envelopes for putting a note of gratitude or a sweet sentiment into your love’s hands to read and keep as a momento.  For $15, you can’t go wrong.

Candle • If you’ve never indulged in a really good quality candle before, I urge you to try! It’s definitely a ‘self care’ thing for me and I feel so pampered and like I’m indulging in a luxury every time I light one of these.  They are particular great for 1) in the living room in the evening with the lights on dim for helping you relax and 2) on your nightstand in the bedroom before bed.

Twist Hem Top • I have this top in grey and it’s one of those soft and cozy tops that you want to change into as soon as you get home from work.  You’ll also want to wear it all weekend and even to bed!

Truffles • This heart shaped box of truffles definitely ups the grocery store box of Valentine’s Day candy! This one is pink champagne, but they also have a dark sea salt caramel truffle in a round gift box.  #yesplease!

Water Bottle • If you’re trying to increase your water intake, fill up one of these babies and take it on the go with you!  I haven’t seen one of these in this gorgeous shade of light pink, but I’m smitten!  A Swell water bottle keeps your water ice cold and fits easily inside your bag and car cup holder.

Tassel Earrings • Now that Jordan is nearing two (wait didn’t she just turn 1?!), I’m back to wearing fun earrings again and love how they add personality to your outfit! This pair is lightweight so they won’t kill your ears!

Lip Treatment • I discovered this amazing lip treatment when I got it in my Ipsy box a long time ago.  I don’t subscribe to Ipsy anymore, but this lip stuff was one of the best discoveries I made while I was a member!  I use it every.single.day (no exaggeration!) and #shameonme for not sharing it with you sooner! Sorry! It’s super soothing and moisturizing, but doesn’t later dry out your lips.  The smell is divine and there’s no weird flavor it it.  The tube lasts a long time and now I realized you can get it in a rose tint too!  I keep a tube in my bathroom drawer and put it on after I brush my teeth in the morning and at night.  But you can wear it any time and all day long! Try it and thank me later!

Wedges • I saw these espadrille wedges all over town last year, but never bit the bullet on them for myself- BUT, I also only saw them in tan and black, and maybe grey.  So now that I’m seeing them in pink, I’m thinking I want to try them! (They actually come in 10 colors!) Everyone raves about them being super comfortable and easy to walk in.  I’m thinking they’ll be great to wear with skirts, dresses, jeans, shorts and even joggers. Basically everything!

V-Neck Tee • I’m all about a tee, and this one by Madewell is a current fave.  I have it in this color and the nautical-inspired navy and white stripe.  It’s a nice lightweight material, and the V is just right (not too high or low).  It’s reasonably priced too at under $20.

Pineapple Keychain • Also at under $20, is this cute little gold pineapple keychain that might just make all that taxi driving a little more pleasurable!

Bag • This is the under $50 bag I shared yesterday and I’m liking it so much I made it a FAVE! The circle metal ‘bracelet’ handle is darling, but it also comes with a removable crossbody strap!  It’s a decent size (10×9) to hold the important things for running errands or a night out.

spring outfit with tan bag

White Jeans 25 (TTS) • Bow Back Sweater XSP (TTS) • Nude Heels • Tan Bag • Watch • Similar Link Bracelet • Blue Aviators

striped pullover and tan bag

Pullover XS • JeansBooties

Pink UGGs  • We’re going skiing for Spring Break this year and I need these pink UGGS!  How cute are they?!  I know they are legit for keeping your feet warm and it doesn’t hurt that they are simply adorable in that shade!

P.S. Any tips for taking a 2 year-old into the snow for the first time?  I’m more than a little nervous about how she’ll do on this trip!

Have a great day friends!

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  1. Love all of the pink, especially the Swell bottle!!

    We live in Minnesota so we are in snow for like 5 or 6 months out of the year:/
    I love Sorel boots for the kids and Gap snowpant bibs are awesome, even better than Columbia and the kids are usually in a winter parka or puffer coat from Gap. Just remember to grab that inner lining on the bottom of the snowpants and pull it all over and down the outside of the snowboots, don’t tuck the liner in the boots. Buy some water resistant snow mittens for her that zip up on the side and a super cute hat and you are good to go! Don’t forget sunscreen on the ski hills:) OH and sometimes our kids like those turtleneck neck warmer things:)

  2. Hi! Your daughter is going to LOVE the snow! Make sure you get a hat that ties around her sweet little face, it will help to protect those ears, and cheeks some, a good well made cotton is best. They breathe and allow the kiddos to stay warm, they’ll sweat, because they still have a metabolism! 🙂 I grew up in MN, and raised two boys here (now 20 &21). We’ve gone through many coats and this is the best time of year to get them because they are all being clearanced out. Mittens, make sure you get a string to tie them together through the coat sleeves or you’ll spend more of your vacation trying to purchase another pair, because they WILL get lost otherwise. Spyder is absolutely the best for gloves/mittens; they are a bit more costly but once your fingers freeze your done, same with toes. I always bought Kamik boots for my boys. They are the same as Sorel without the high cost attached, and the inserts can be removed for ease of drying. If necessary, you can always put a bread bag between the insert and the boot to help keep the inserts more dry. DO NOT TUCK YOUR SNOW PANTS IN! So many make that huge mistake! The elastic and all of it go around the outside of the boots, make sure the elastic is tight enough to hold it in place. Get Bib Snow Pants, not just the pull up pants, or you’ll have snow down the pants faster then you can say “pull up her pants!”
    Columbia coats were great for my boys, it gave them some versatility with the temperatures, especially on the slopes! It’ll also you to possibly use your after your done on the slopes with the zip out liner that turns into a light weight cute coat. I personally used them for years, but found the layers uncomfortable and cumbersome so switched to the down North Face, lightweight, water resistant, and super warm (never wash ANY winter coat with fabric softener because it removes the coating that makes it water resistant). It can get hot skiing, not that a 2yr old is going to be working up a huge sweat on the slopes, and that’s the last thing you need is overheating in the cold, it’s a good way to get sick. I coveted Spyder winter coats, but even for a full winters use I could never validate that price for growing boys, let alone for a vacation, you’d easily spend a 1/3 of your spending money on that coat. Seriously, whatever you get you’ll be fine. Many kids, including me, have survived with non-brand name anything and we were all just fine. I grew up and continue to (unfortunately ;)) live in -20+ degrees. Your daughter is going to be fine. Her body is mature enough to handle the cold appropriately, as long as she’s dressed for it.
    Scarves are dangerous, so if you do one, keep it to an infinity scarf, or one that goes under her coat and hat that covers the neck and comes up over the lower face. Buy everything 1 size larger than you think you need and dress in multiple light layers, COTTON! Never poly, it doesn’t allow for air circulation or breathing and that just causes one to sweat which gives you a chill to the bone that feels like you’ll never warm up, that gets really debated, because poly wicks the sweat away but does nothing with it so the kiddos feet get stinky, cotton doesn’t wick sweat but they breathe so I guess it’s a judgement call of what your daughter wears typically, and you know how her feet do in those socks, and I don’t find that the blends work any better. My boys’ feet would sweat horribly bad and then it wouldn’t wick or breathe. Good 100% cotton socks are about impossible to find these days, but you can find them, (light and layer). Best option is go for wool, you can get cute lightweight almost 100% wool socks (make sure they’re tall socks), and layer.
    For under you clothes, I like cuddle duds (long underwear) under my clothes, and as light as they are, they actually really do keep you warm, I think they come in little girl sizes; otherwise I always bought my boys Columbia tops with the little silver dots inside. “Special Technology” to help reflect core body heat back in, and wick sweat away, the one time I’m ok with poly. They work, we used them as soon as they came out and throughout their 6 years of very cold football nights with cotton turtlenecks over the top, then they’d have their pads etc; I’d have my multiple sweatshirts! I stole the ones they’d grow out of! 🙂 Very light weight, cost about $50 upfront but well worth it.

    I feel like I just spoon fed you with a dump truck, and I don’t know if you’ve already gone on your trip yet, or not, but either way you’ve got the information. I’ve just given you a variety of ideas to use so you can price out the best and use what works best for you, for where you’re going. Don’t worry as much about the name brand as what you put under your coats and snow pants (ideas for under snow pants-cuddle duds, then stretch pants, and finally yoga pants).
    There are levels that coats are rated at, it’ll give the temperature stating it’s good to +20 degrees F; however that isn’t going to keep you outside very long. If they don’t have a rating, then they aren’t worth buying. Just remember whatever the manufacturer says it is does for keeping you warm they are assuming you are using common sense to already prep yourself for the cold. Cotton, multiple layers, buy a size larger (they can always grow into it too, I’d always buy snow pants 2 sizes too big, you can hike those adjustable straps on top and the boots will always keep them from tripping at the bottom and they’ll never have problems with the pants coming over the top of the boots and getting snow in the boots! That ruins the fun fast with tears!) You’ll need the room for extra layers to put warm clothes under it and have room to breath, elastic draw strings are worth their weight in gold, strings on mittens are God sends, and enjoy every moment! She’s going to LOVE IT!! So will you! Hot Coco with marshmallows after coming inside is the BEST, especially by a fire!

    1. Oh my goodness Katie, that is so much good info! We haven’t gone yet, so this will really help! I’m also asking around to borrow things since we’ll likely just need them for this one trip!

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