Family Spring Break Packing Guide

We made it through wedding weekend and my baby brother is successfully hitched! He and his beautiful bride are off on their honeymoon and we are getting ready for our Spring Break, which officially starts today!  Sweet James was the ring bearer in the wedding and he took his role so seriously!  I was so happy to get a chance to get some super cute pics before the ceremony started with everyone all spiffied up before Jordan had a meltdown and James was a sweaty dance floor mess!

James wore the grey rental tux to match the groomsmen and cutie pie Jordan was lucky to be gifted this gorgeous gold dress from our friends.  We couldn’t be prouder of both of them! They are just too cute together!  I’m often amazed at how good James is with her, given he’s just 7 years old and was an only child for a long time.  He seems to intuitively know how to be kind to her and gives her lots of grace when he could be getting annoyed.

Everyone usually says Jordan looks just like James or they both look like Daddy.  I don’t mind because he’s a cutie! It’s hard to believe Jordan is already 1!  She is so on the go and practically running now, so it’s really hard to get her picture.

Okay, so onto Spring Break!!⛱ I must admit that over the weekend while I’ve been alternating between doing loads of laundry, packing, getting a car wash, running to the grocery store for snacks, returning the tux, cleaning up and doing more laundry and packing, I’m thinking . . .  dang, it sure is a lot of work to go out of town to the beach for 3 days!  Are we sure we don’t want to just stay home?! 😉

We’ll come back midweek for a day, and then go to Waco to visit Chip & Jo.  I kid! I have no idea if they’ll be there, but Magnolia Market, here we come!


And how much stuff does a family of 4 need for just 3 days away?  The impromptu side of me says, just grab a swimsuit, jean shorts, flip flops and let’s go!  But the mom and realist in me is busy packing all the necessities that come along with traveling with kids.  And there’s a so. much. stuff!!!
Unfortunately, my husband had a last minute work commitment and won’t be able to come, but luckily, Grandma is available! so she’ll be coming with!  #thankGod #morefunwithGrandma
I’m a total listmaker and created a Family Packing List that I’ve been busy going through, checking off and shopping for, and it’s totally toddler friendly.  I hope it’s helpful for you if you like a list to check off things and make sure you don’t forget anything!


Below I’ll share a few fun things that are coming with, for both me and the kids.  Obviously, we’ll need swimsuits and fingers crossed the weather cooperates for it.  I tried on all these swimsuits here if you want a more detailed fit review, check it out.  I fell in love with the two one-pieces below, and those will be perfect for pool time and running around with the kids.

Blue Aviators | Swimsuit XS | Flip Flops

This gingham one has a removeable shoulder/neck strap and is so darling on.

Gingham Swimsuit (2) | old Pink Sunglasses (similar splurge | save) | Similar Hat

I have a bad habit of forgetting sunglasses, but these I already packed away.

You guys encouraged me to be bold and rock a two-piece, and I loved this one, but the smaller top I wanted to exchange it for isn’t here yet.


This coverup is super comfy with lots of stretch to it.  Definite must for the pool and beach.
As you know, I’ve been on a major jean shorts hunt since I practically live in them this time of year and throughout the summer/early Fall, but my old trusty pair don’t fit anymore since I’ve lost the baby weight and they don’t sell that same pair anymore.  But, I just saw this NEW pair that’s out now that is the most similar to my old ones- BlankNYC Boyfriend Shorts so check those out.  I’m usually a size 25 in that brand, for size reference.
And in the meantime, I have two others that I wasn’t sure about at first, but have really grown on me.
TOP :: High Rise Boyshorts (24) | BOTTOM :: Braided High Waist Denim Shorts (26) |
TOP :: These shorts are cute and I actually really like the button fly, but they felt too roomy in front when I first bought size 25.  When I exchanged them for the size 24, they were perfect.  They are a definite high rise, so if you don’t like that style, you probably won’t like these.  You can leave the shorts unrolled or cuffed.  Below, you can see how the shorts look with a top tucked in and out.
High Rise Boyshorts (24) Striped Tank XSP | old Sandals (new version) | Necklace (on sale)
High Rise Boyshorts (24) Striped Tank XSP | old Sandals (new version)

BOTTOM :: Braided High Waist Denim Shorts (26)

I really liked these but they are short, short! At first I thought they might be too short, but they are super comfortable on and I’ve washed them and they have totally grown on me.  If you like a super short short, get this pair!  They are soft with a great front distressing and the braided waist is a cute twist.
Braided High Waist Denim Shorts (26) | Tank | Booties (size down 1 size) | Necklace
I figure I may need a sweater for chilly nights on the beach, so I’m bringing this chunky knit one that feels like the perfect combo of slouchy chic.
I recently found an awesome pair of skinny cargo pants that will be great if it’s cool.  They are just comfy and easy to wear, and should pack well. They come in 7 colors and regular and petite, but even the 0P could use a nip in the waist on me.  (I’m 5’1, about 105 pounds).
I feel like it’s almost illegal to travel anywhere for Spring Break or summer without this adorable, easy breezy tank dress.  It’s totally figure flattering with a shift shape that makes it perfect for lunch or dinner out and the racerback style is perfect with either my racerback bra or a cute bralette.
Dress | old Sandals (new version) | Necklace (on sale) | Similar Wrap Bracelet
For the kids, I found Jordan this sweet tank and bubble shorts set that go perfectly with her purple sandals.

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Courtney surprised Jordan with this sweet red and white polka dot and ruffled swimsuit for her birthday.  How cute is that?!  Of course, Jordan looks adorable in anything, but swimsuits are especially cute!
I seriously die over Jordan in this little rashguard! I couldn’t believe how stinkin’ adorable she was in it!  It’s silky smooth and fits her like a glove.  The color and pattern are just darling on her!  Some of you caught this little one in action on Stories and agreed! She is one year old, about 20 pounds and wearing the size 6-12 months.
James is pretty easy to dress most of the time, but he usually prefers wearing pajamas (who can blame him?!) so his wardrobe is actually pretty light. He needed a new pair of swim trunks and likes to wear a swim shirt, so I found him the two below.  They weren’t a set, but I think they go well together.
Couple tees, shorts a hat and flip flops and we’re good to go.  I’m also packing jeans and a long sleeve shirt too.  You just never know how the weather will be on the island, so you have to be prepared.
Of course, I don’t travel without my very favorite jean jacket and this big, lightweight tote.  It holds so much and is so cute!  You can customize it in your favorite colors/patterns.  They have some awesome new colors and patterns to choose from, but be careful- you might be on their site awhile playing around and creating your favorite style.
So, I was up late last night getting us all ready to go, and so far we have:
1 Carry-On :: Clothes & Toiletries
1 Bag :: Toys
1 Bag :: Snacks/Bottle/
1 Bag :: Swim Stuff
1 Bag :: Laptop/iPad/Camera/Chargers
1 Stroller

So much stuff to pack for just a couple days, right?!  When is your Spring Break? Do you have any fun plans?

Happy Spring Break! ?
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    • March 15, 2017 / 2:51 am

      Hope that list helps!

  1. March 13, 2017 / 6:51 pm

    Hi! Completely off topic for this post – but I found your media centre (IKEA hack with crown moulding) on Pinterest and MUST KNOW which pieces you used. Do you have a blog post of the original build? I could only find one about painting the background. It's gorgeous!! Thanks

    • March 14, 2017 / 3:00 am

      Hi Kathryn, i'm not sure what you saw on Pinterest, but our media center was built in when we built our house. It's not an IKEA unit. That would be awesome though!

    • March 16, 2017 / 6:04 am

      Thanks for the reply! My mistake based on what someone commented on Pinterest assumed it was IKEA. Gorgeous.

  2. March 14, 2017 / 11:20 am

    loving this post, love the packing list and loving clothes in all the pics:D

    • March 15, 2017 / 2:51 am

      So much stuff to pack for just a few days!

  3. March 14, 2017 / 4:22 pm

    Love the list! thank you!! am I spying black with navy here twice? (Shoes with lovely navy dress & hat brim with adorable swim suit) Or is it just my iPad? If so can you explain the "rules?" Are they both a neutral?

    • March 15, 2017 / 2:54 am

      Yes, definitely mix navy and black! The dress is more blue, but the swimsuit is navy.

  4. March 18, 2017 / 11:23 pm

    Will you be doing a post on what you did (where you stayed/ate) in Galveston? We're relatively new to TX and I'm thinking of surprising my hubs with a little trip for his birthday in April. Would love some tips!!

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