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What kind of a fitness and fashion enthusiast would I be if I didn’t check out the athletic wear during Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale?!  I’m a particular fan of Zella because of the tried and true quality, but also because it’s cute! #ofcourse #priorities! I’ve been slacking on my running and workouts lately, and I keep telling myself I’ll pick it back up when school starts, so y’all hold me to that PLEASE!!  We should all commit together and do some kind of fitness challenge (not a bikini contest!) and encourage each other.  I feel like I need the motivation lately!I’m always on the hunt for the perfect running shorts and I found a new pair I’m crazy for – the Zella ‘daylight’ track shorts.  They are very lightweight material with perforated, vented sides.  I personally like the 3-inch inseam and higher cut sides.  They make my short legs appear longer.  The waistband is nice and wide and super comfy.

These are perfect for running outside on hot days, but I wouldn’t wear them on a strength training day because they are not lined.  Don’t want to flash anybody!
I only had one Zella jacket before THE SALE, and I’d really been wanting another one given how much I wear the first one.  This Zella ‘dharma’ hooded jacket is fantastic quality and the material is so soft – I wish you could feel through the screen!


The top I couldn’t live without is the Zella ‘layer me’ pullover.  Those long sleeve tops with holes for the thumbs have grown on me since I first started seeing them, but they took me some time to get used to.  You too?? The top has a cute criss-cross and nice wide neckline.  This might be an “oh, I’m going to workout . . . later” type of top in that you wear it even when you have no intention of going to the gym.  I won’t tell.


The back looks good too with a dip neckline and bottom.
If you’ve shopped your heart out already (looks around sheepishly) but haven’t yet gotten to the activewear, below are the Top 7 things you might want to order before the sale ends.  I can vouch for all of these except the leggings– I don’t have them (yet!) but they’ve gotten the best reviews, over 2500! It seems that everyone and their mothers, of all shapes and sizes, love these leggings.
I never ordered them because I usually get hot when working out so I prefer capris or shorts, but, maybe I need these for outdoor winter runs or as regular leggings with tops/tunics/sweaters and boots as many reviewers said.  They have smooth seaming, and stretch, moisture-wicking fabric.
I can personally vouch for the rest! Must-haves for sure!

1 :: Zella fresh tech tee $37.90 now, $58 after sale 

2 :: Zella ‘layer me’ pullover $37.90 now, $58 after sale

3 :: ASICS ‘GEL-Kayano 22’ running shoe $119.90 now, $159.95 after sale

4 :: Moving Comfort ‘fiona’ sports bra $32.50 now, $50 after sale 

5 :: Zella socks $15.90 now, $24 after sale

6 :: Zella Z6 tee $15.90 now, $32 after sale

7 :: Zella ‘live in’ leggings $33.90 now, $52 after sale


With all the purchases I’ve giddily, selfishly made for myself these last couple weeks, I make myself feel better if I include the hubby too.  He lives in Under Armour gear most of the time, (says they keep him cool in our sweltering heat) but now I realize that Zella makes men’s active wear too!He could use some new running shoes the way he’s been running miles and miles besides James as he learned how to ride a two-wheel bike without the training wheels.  I was a big Mom-fail.  I was running beside James holding onto his handlebars as he got going and then he kept YELLING at me, “Let go! Let go!” but I was too afraid he’d fall and I couldn’t let go!  Then we were both about to topple over.  After several rounds, he said he preferred Dad to do it. Felt like a big life lesson smacked me in the face with that one.  #propstoDad

1 :: Quarter zip pullover $38.90 now, $59.50 after sale in black, grey and navy
2 :: Patagonia quarter zip pullover $49.90 now, $69 after sale in black, red and grey
3 ::  Zella moisture wicking t-shirt $24.90 now, $39.50 after sale also in grey
4 ::  Zella moisture wicking t-shirt $24.90 now, $39.50 after sale
5 ::  Zella running shorts $38.90 now, $58 after sale in black and grey
6 :: Zella athletic pants$44.90 now, $65.90 after sale
7 :: ASICS sneaker $52.90 now, $79.95 later in navy/orange and black/white


Go get your man something so when the UPS guy shows up at your door (again!) you can smile sweetly and say, “That’s for YOU, honey!” 😉

The Nordstrom sale wraps up Sunday!  Check out my favorite outfits from the sale here and here and dresses here!

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