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Slowly but surely, we’ve been working on turning our playroom into the media room that it was always intended to be. We moved into our house about 6 years ago, and for the longest time this room was a big ole storage dump, but we ended up cleaning it up and making it work as a playroom a couple years ago.  Now that our son is older and he and Dad enjoy playing videogames together, we wanted to swap out the basketball hoop for a tv and bring in some seating so that the adults and kids can be in the room comfortably at the same time.  The room will ultimately be a playroom and media room since we realized that having a dedicated place for lots of the toys is actually nice and functional.Right before we moved into our home, one of the last things I had to do was choose paint colors for every room in our house.  The dark navy blue I envisioned for the playroom turned out crayola blue in person and I immediately knew it wasn’t what I wanted.  But, I didn’t have the energy to change it at the time before we moved in.  The blue looked so navy on the paint chip, but that’s why you can never go by those!

Choosing Paint Tip:  It’s better to buy a sample and paint it on a posterboard and put it in different positions in the room you’re painting to see how the color looks throughout the day and as the light changes.  

Below is how our playroom looked with the blue paint. Wowza! It’s actually not a bad blue, just not what I was going for.

Last Fall, we ended up painting the room a dark grey, Iron Ore by Sherwin-Williams.  I got so busy with the pregnancy, decorating Jordan’s nursery and my office, and then of course actually having baby Jordan here that the media room was put on the back burner and I never got around to sharing it with you.
So, starting today, I wanted to give you a peek inside, beginning with the change that the new paint made. It’s a very dark grey, almost black here since the room has no natural light; it just has double doors that open to our upstairs hallway.
It’s a much more calming effect than that previous shock of blue that used to hit you in the face when you walked into the room!


We ended up donating the basketball hoop since James wasn’t into it that much anymore and it took up so much space in the room.  I need to take some more photos this weekend to share what the room looks like now that we have a TV in place of the basketball hoop and the white Ikea expedit bookshelf housing most of the toys.  I love a fresh, clean slate!  There’s still more to do, specifically, we have no true seating in the room, but I’m hoping getting this up and on the blog will give me the push to give this room some more love and finish it up soon!  You can check out more of our HOME DECOR here.
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  1. Brave to paint an interior room so dark, but it looks great! We've been doing a lot of painting lately, and now they actually make vinyl-cling like sheets that you can paint and then move from wall to wall (so you can see how the underlying color could affect things) that we found really handy when picking our paints!

  2. Love the dark grey color. Perfect for a media room, and honestly will keep little fingerprints hidden as well.
    I had to laugh when you first said you were turning it into the media room, because I thought you were doing away with a playroom altogether. Having had two little girls, I can attest to the need for a playroom…think big ole chunky kitchen play set, strollers, baby dolls, beds, etc.
    LOL We always used our larger room above our garage and just by the top of our back staircase for a mixed use room. Worked out perfectly. I loved I could just shut the door and not worry about the mess from time to time rather than everything being all of the family room.

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