Dining Room Lamp Makeover

Slowly but surely I’ve been working on improving the look and comfort of our dining room.  Over the last several months we’ve added a rug, mirror, drapes and moved our console into the room.  I also played musical lamps and brought in lamps that were previously in our living room.   The lamps (from Homegoods) have a nice shape and height, but they looked bland against the similarly colored walls and linen chairs.  After seeing Cassie’s (Hi Sugarplum) recent lamp debate and Janell’s (Isabella & Max Rooms) glossy lamp paint job, I decided to paint these lamps to give them some personality.


I just taped a plastic bag over the parts of the lamp I didn’t want painted.


And chose a blue I thought would compliment the drapes.


 I spayed a thick layer of spray paint on the lamps, but didn’t use any gloss.   What a difference!



Then I wanted to see how the lamps would look embellished with some ribbon.  I literally just taped the ribbon at one end because I didn’t want it to be permanent.
I like how the ribbon looks on the shade- but I think the color of the lamp and ribbon is too blue for the room.  I should’ve chosen a color with more aqua in it to compliment the drapes.
I will probably end up repainting these since it’s so easy to do and there is such a large array of colors of spray paints to choose from.  But I still wanted to show you this project in case you were like me and had never considered spray painting a lamp.




So easy.  And check out all the fun spray paint colors I found recently at Lowe’s.  Now I’m wandering around the house wondering what I can paint next.  You do that too, right?!

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  1. Hi there- love the lamps and yes, I totally wander the house sometimes looking for things to paint :). Have you considered painting your walls above the wainscoting? Our dining room is navy blue and I love it…the moulding really pops! One another note, I am not sure if you remember me, but we communicated months ago about the color of your hardwood floors…my name is Megan too as a reminder…well, we ended up ripping all the carpet out of our second floor and putting in hardwood and going really dark with the stain throughout the entire house…first and second. I LOVE it, but a total pain in the rump to keep clean (you were spot on about that!). I follow your blog and really like it…You have great style!

  2. They look beautiful! I love the shot of them with the drapes in the background! The room looks so gorgeous!!

  3. I love how those turned out! I can't resist spray painting lamps either – so many fab colors out there! Love those new Valspar paints – I haven't seen those yet!

  4. I also have a navy dining room…which I love so much. The wainscoting looks amazing with it. There are so many gorgeous shades of navy

    The lamps are beautiful. Maybe add a few pillows with navy and blue to your side chairs.

  5. Frist, the lamps look awesome, the color really pops! Second, new paint colors?!?! Now I have to make a trip to Lowes this morning 🙂 Wooohooo!!

  6. They turned out so cute…I love the ribbon accent. I've been working on our dining room as well so I love your inspiration!

  7. I think it looks great! Absolutely love the way you tied in the blue with the ribbons around the shade as well. Great job! And PS. yes… I have major trigger finger when it comes to spray painting, especially with so many great colors out there!

  8. I like that blue on the lamps. what if you found a small ribbon that tied in the peacock blue and light blue for the lampshades? then you have the best of both worlds!!

  9. It might not be the right blue, but I love how the lamps turned out! The ribbon is a perfect finishing touch.

  10. Love the choice of blue! I am spray painting a toddler bed for my nephew the same color! I like the silver bowl the best on the buffet 🙂 adding some turquoise lumbar pillows on the extra chairs would tie in the color from your drapes as well:)

  11. I love the colour of the lamps….I see what you mean that aqua would look good too….but I think these are more unique….but like you said, you can keep them like that for a while, then paint them!

    It is really amazing how just that one little thing can make a room pop!

  12. I love the lamps, Megan! The color and the ribbon looks fabuous. I really think that blue looks wonderful in your dining room. They pull out that royal blue color that you have in your curtains. Very pretty!

  13. I actually really like the color that you chose..but that's the fun thing about spray paint.

    I think I have an unhealthy addiction to spray paint (not in huffing, lol) but in spray painting everything I can get my hands on!!

  14. Great new look! Yep, if it isn't nailed down, it just might get spray-painted! Funny thing, I've turned The Man into a spray-painter, too!

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