Thanksgiving Brunch

It’s about this time of year that we start planning what we’re doing for Thanksgiving.  As you might know firsthand, it can get complicated to try to spend time with everyone on both sides of the family on one day, but we always make it work.  I have two brothers, both with significant others whose families are in town as well, and my hubby’s sister lives close and her husband’s family is also here.  So, we typically do Thanksgiving at my sis-n-law’s house in the early afternoon (with her now three kiddos, her husband’s parents, and my in-laws if they’re in town) and then head to my parents in the evening to be with my siblings and their kiddos.  But, this year it worked out best that we’ll do an early Thanksgiving brunch at my parents house, then head to Stacey and Frank’s (affectionally called Stank:) house in the afternoon.
As my brothers’ wife and girlfriend and I sat around the table last night plotting out the menu and who’ll bring what, we got excited about this new event and now we’re all planning to arrive still in our cozy pj’s.  On the menu is coffee (of course), mimosas (yay!), bacon/sausage and eggs (bringing omelet/frittata toppings too), pancakes (with strawberries and blueberries), and sour cream coffee cake.  We’ll all pitch in and they’re bringing griddles so there’s extra cooking space.  It will be fun to prepare this brunch together.
Have you made your Thanksgiving plans yet?  It seems late this year.  How do you decide who’s house to visit or when to stay home?
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  1. Stank…I love it haha! Well, I only have 1 brother and he is single and my hubby's family doesn't live here so that makes it a little easier since ALL of my family is in Houston. We've hosted Thanksgiving at our house for the past 2 yrs and love having people over so we will do it again this year. I have OCD so I usually make everything (for 20-30 people) and just ask my cousins to bring drinks/ice and dessert if they'd like. This is SO unhealthy, but it's a tradition that we eat fried turkey. Have you tried it? Delish! I love the idea of Thanksgiving brunch, though…maybe this will be a good idea for Xmas.

    1. Girl! That is huge! Ice and dessert only?! They could bring more than that! We fried a turkey last year and it was fun for a change! They did it cajun style and it was really good. But, we had an oven roasted turkey too. For 20-30 people, your turkey must be huge!

  2. What a great idea! I'm actually hosting for the first time this year! I will be in Toronto on actual thanksgiving for my brother's wedding. So I'm hosting the Sunday before with both sides of the family… Thankfully still only 9 total 🙂

  3. We do Thanksgiving brunch!! It's my absolute favorite meal of the year. We started doing it when I was little because my dad was in the Army and we were kind of expected to go eat with the soldiers in the mess hall (because they couldn't go be with their families). So we started doing a brunch as our family meal while we watched the parade and the dog show.

    I still do it today with my husband and kids, and whoever else is around. It works out well for me because the traditional Thanksgiving food is nothing I get very excited about, but I loooove a fancy brunch! I always make my mom's monkey bread, and this year I'm going to have my husband help me fry some sour cream pumpkin donuts. Last year, I made some awesome cranberry margaritas that are definitely worth repeating! Here's the recipes:

  4. Great idea! It is so easy to feel torn between where to go when you have extended family close by. For years we ALWAYS hosted as I am the only girl, but truth be told my little family of 4 got burnt out on the idea. Stressful and to be honest EXPENSIVE when you are feeding that many (no my family did not "help out" with dishes). My two older brothers prefer to do their own thing (one lives up north, the other a couple hours away). My youngest hates the whole fuss and such, so he usually plans a fun trip for his family (last year Disney to meet up with old friends). So that leaves us and my parents and sometimes the girls boyfriends. My parents wouldn't have a clue how to cook gluten free (nor does any of my siblings for that matter), so we choose to stay home. They are welcome if they want to come. I love the idea of a brunch, as sometimes the girls have felt torn when their BF family would like for them to eat with them as well. Definitely keeping this in mind for the future and even Christmas time.

  5. What a great idea – brunch in your pjs! 🙂 I am hosting this year – we recently moved back to my hometown so it will be 3 of my 4 sisters, one sister's hubby and my parents, and hubby's parents and one of his brothers is joining us too! My mom and I were just discussing the food today, actually. All we figured out for certain is that we'll have 2 turkeys – one with GF stuffing (I need that) and one with regular stuffing. And we decided we'd need several desserts- probably a pumpkin pie, and apple pie and a pumpkin cheesecake. 🙂 I feel like Thanksgiving is an easier holiday to host because so much of the food prep can be done ahead of time. It requires a little coordination so things are ready at the same time, but I can't wait. It will be so nice to wake up in our own bed this year and not face driving 7 hours back after it's over! 🙂

    1. That's a big group! I would like hosting though too- so nice not having to drive anywhere- especially 7 hours! Luckily, our family are all relatively close.

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